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The Italian American Podcast
The Italian American Podcast
IAP 164: "Live" Q&A Show with Special Guests from The New Neighborhood, Part 2
44 minutes Posted Nov 9, 2020 at 6:37 am.
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Show notes

This week we're bringing you Part Two of our first ever “Live” question-and-answer episode direct from our “New Neighborhood” online membership group!

The New Neighborhood is a place for all Italian Americans… a vibrant, close-knit community centered around our private Facebook group, where our most passionate listeners and supporters gather together each day to maintain and deepen their sense of Italian American identity, culture, and traditions through interactions with hundreds of other passionate Italian Americans from across the nation, and five of the hardest-working podcast hosts in Italian America.

And in this episode, we’re picking up where we left off by bringing these incredible men and women right into the show, inviting them to ask the questions they’ve been waiting to get answered. Because this is the Italian American Podcast, we blew right past the hour-long session we had scheduled and ended up spending two hours answering thought-provoking questions, getting to know our most avid listeners, and -- of course -- finding ourselves all over the map of Italian American history and culture.

So if you enjoyed the first half of this wonderful evening of personal memories and provocative discussions about our Italian American identity, history, and values, you'll love sharing in the second hour, where we start to ramble and wander into that familiar territory we all love as we dissect the ins-and-outs of our Italian American life!

And, if you'd like to join this lively community, visit our website or to become a Neighbor today!