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IAP 160: Conversations on Columbus: Conclusions?
56 minutes Posted Oct 12, 2020 at 6:03 am.
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Show notes

Happy Columbus Day, everybody!  That is, if you’re one of the folks who still celebrates Columbus Day because, appropriate to today’s often contentious designation, we’re presenting the sixth and final segment of our “Conversations on Columbus” series exploring the life and legacy of Christopher Columbus!

This week is our attempt to tie a nice big red-white-and-green ribbon around this complex discussion by bringing you the conclusions that host John Viola has drawn over the course of these six episodes and dozens of hours of interviews, research and contemplation around Columbus and his future in the American popular consciousness.

We’ll examine what the debate around Columbus is really about… the man, the myth or the moment in time -- the Columbian Exchange, and how each of those facets to this complicated issue warrants a unique and patient exploration.

If you’ve joined us for all five previous episodes, or if you’re finding us for the first time,  we can certainly promise you an episode -- and a series -- that will leave you looking at Columbus and Columbus Day far more closely than before!