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The Irish Rally Podcast
Kevin Regan
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Fun and informative with an aim to provide coverage of Irish Rallying giving all Irish Rally fans a show to listen to which provides news, results, learnings and a bit of craic!
'The Whole Person - Life Beyond The Stages' - Ep 7 Frank Kelly
We know just how exciting and entertaining he is behind the wheel of 'Baby Blue' but this time we figure out just exactly who Frank Kelly is as a person.A beacon of enthusiasm, fun and positivity, here we learn about other aspects of Frank's life that provided challenges and his development into the character that we all love today. ★ Support this podcast ★
Oct 5, 2023
1 hr 36 min
The Road to Barbados Part 2 - Barbados Rally Carnival 2023
In Part 2 of 4 we speak to our very own Toni Kelly and Sarah Hall who are teaming up to compete in Barbados!We chat to Toni about her 10+ year hiatus from the sport and the thoughts of getting back into it.Sarah gives us a flavour of her professional and competitive backgrounds.We discuss the key dates in terms of getting there.And much more! ★ Support this podcast ★
Sep 30, 2023
32 min
S4 E23 - Diary of a COC
A feature length episode on the role of Clerk of The Course has been on the agenda for some time and we finally get to it!Graham Scallan took on the role of COC for the recent Wexford Stages Rally.Here we get an open, honest and transparent account of how a Rally is run in modern times.It's an extremely insightful listen. ★ Support this podcast ★
Sep 21, 2023
57 min
S4 E22 - The story of Ireland's newest World Rally Champion - William Creighton
He's had a week to soak it all in and here we get to chat to Ireland's recently crowned JWRC Champion William Creighton.We delve into the mindset.Trusting the process over a period of time.Giving up not an option.Dreams as a youngster.All this and more ★ Support this podcast ★
Sep 19, 2023
19 min
The Road to Barbados Part 1 - Barbados Rally Carnival 2023
Barbados Rally Carnival has all the hallmarks of a cracking experience over two weekends starting in late November and into early December.Greg Cozier has been involved in all things Motorsport in Barbados for quite some time.In this first of a 4 part Mini Series we get in an insight into the History of the Carnival, we remember the RPM coverage and we go into just how affordable it is for Irish competitors to go over for it. ★ Support this podcast ★
Sep 17, 2023
31 min
S4 E21 - Interactive Show post Ulster Rally & Jim Walsh Cork Forestry
Terry Hegarty and Anthony Nestor joined us to answer comments from our viewers and listeners.Talk of WRC rounds, WRC stars in Ireland, Event timings, Sprints etc some things among the agenda! ★ Support this podcast ★
Aug 22, 2023
1 hr 4 min
S4 E20 - Live Interactive Show post Cork 20
Join us as we reflect on the Cork 20. Get your comments in. Please donate here to Aria's Donegal to Dingle Trek : ★ Support this podcast ★
Aug 8, 2023
1 hr 10 min
'The Whole Person - Life Beyond The Stages' - Ep 6 Andrew Nesbitt
You've heard of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden?! Well this episode sees Toni Kelly alongside Andrew Nesbitt for a spin along some of Andrew's favourite stages in Donegal!It's a super story where we see another side of Andrew and in doing so we ride along some of the best stages in the world!Sit back, relax and enjoy! ★ Support this podcast ★
Aug 4, 2023
1 hr 53 min
S4 E19 Chat with the talented up and coming Craig Rahill & Conor Smith ahead of Sligo
Craig Rahill and Conor Smith have been turning a few heads over the past couple of years.Despite being only 19 years old, Craig is lighting it up in class 11R and is harbouring big hopes for the future.We caught up with the duo for this weeks Podcast ahead of Sligo. ★ Support this podcast ★
Jul 9, 2023
16 min
S4 E18 Moonraker/Ravens Rock Review & Lots More With Tommy Hayes
You will go a long way before you find a more passionate rally man than Tommy Hayes.Tommy joins Toni for a great wide ranging chat about recent events, thoughts on coverage, TV and lots more. ★ Support this podcast ★
Jul 5, 2023
43 min
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