The Inward Guide
The Inward Guide
Hether Gage
A series of conversations about modern spirituality.
Creating Habits and What Can Happen When You Commit and Follow Through
Are you looking to create new habits? Do you have any personal goals that you'd like to achieve and are having trouble starting? Or have you set out to complete a personal goal and then found you've fallen off the bandwagon after a couple of days? Relax, you're OK. You are not a failure. You're human and this is all part of the journey. In this solo episode, Hether shares her experience of following through with a personal 40 day commitment and how that shifted her perspective. How following through has created a new found mindest to finally commit to 3 months of no alcohol. Tune in...Turn Inward. Mentioned in the episode: May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts For Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness   Follow on IG @theinwardguide Connect with a healer at   Music: The Babe Rainbow - Peace Blossom Boogy The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Feb 27, 2023
16 min
New Year Energetics and Choosing Words to Embody in 2023 with Hether Gage
Happy New Year! Hello 2023! In this episode I get share how 2022 rounded out, my soul retrieval experience at a sitting retreat, and how small steps and actions that I've taken have been a springboard for what's to come in 2023. Why it's so important to follow those intuitive hits and what words (yes, words!) that I'll be working with this year. Turn in friends....we're here to guide you inward Mentioned in the episode: Antara Retreat with Jan Birchfield Prism Oracle Deck Music: The Babe Rainbow - Peace Blossom Boogy The BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Vespucci Julie Andrews - I Have Confidence, from The Sound of Music Soundtrack
Jan 11, 2023
34 min
A Conversation With Maxine Dillon, Energy Healer and Creator of Blue Star Guidance
A conversation with Maxine Dillon - Energy Healing Practitioner and Creator of Blue Star Guidance, a healing practice that specializes in supporting artists and creative professionals. Maxine shares her story of how she left a 16yr career in fashion that no longer felt aligned both energetically and physically, to pursue a new path in the energy healing space. Maxine has always known she was an HSP (highly sensitive person) and began to work with an energy healer to heal her health conditions.  As Maxine began to heal and see profound change, this led her down the path of discovery to begin training and work with clients on her own. Listen in as we dive deep into Maxine’s practice that centers around supporting creatives and artists to connect with their intuitive gifts resulting in a new approach to how they work, truly connecting with their why.  We discuss intuition, what it means, and where it comes from, the expansion and contractions of our creative process, and landing on our YES! She shares her insight in that all artists are healers and they hold a healing medicine within, and how connecting with our bodies to identify core needs can create outer change.  We also find out how the name ‘Blue Star Guidance’ came to be. So good! Maxine offers an incredibly transformational group course called ‘You Are A Healer’.  A supportive, safe space for those working in a creative field or on the brink of a career change looking to weave their intuitive gifts into their practice to share with the world.  I was blessed to have taken the course in 2021 and can’t say enough great things about it.  The work is healing, inspiring and Maxine’s guidance is energetically potent. I hope you find this conversation inspiring and find yourself wanting to know more, especially if are feeling stuck and ready for change. Enrollment is open for the next Blue Star Guidance YAAH course, which starts in February 2023. We’re here to guide you inward. Connect and work with Maxine Dillon at Blue Star Guidance Follow Maxine on IG at @bluestarguidance Learn more about Sri Yantra or Shree Yantra Music: The Babe Rainbow - Peace Blossom Boogy The BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Vespucci F.J. McMahon - Early Blue
Nov 9, 2022
49 min
The Inward Guide / A Conversation With Ruby Sheng Nichols, Akashic Records Channel & Intuitive Guide of The Shift
A conversation with Ruby Sheng Nichols – Akashic Records Channel and Intuitive Guide of The Shift. I’m so glad that souls like Ruby exist and absolutely loved our conversation.  She’s extremely down to earth, creative, fashionable, funny, oh and majorly expansive for those who are ready to make the jump to follow their calling. Our chat felt like talking with a long-time friend. Ruby shares her journey of deep self-healing which started after becoming a mother which then led her on the not so linear path to becoming a healer.  Born of Chinese descent, Ruby is an Akashic Records Channel and creator of the The Shift, whose mission is not only to help others on their healing path but to help close the gap in wellness for  BIPOC by joyfully reclaiming their sacred healing practices. We talk about what it means to follow those intuitive hits and how they can lead you on your path of destiny, honoring your gifts, and finding the courage to speak up and be a voice in an industry that has smaller representation. Ruby expresses the need for joy and how that is a huge component to the healing process, how she is reclaiming her heritage, joyfully honoring ancient traditions and modalities, and creating courses and spirituality practices that are accessible to the BIPOC community.  Ruby recently launched ‘Remember Who The Fuck You Are’ a 12 week program that’s all things experiential, multi-faceted for full embodiment, and so supportive in personal transformation. Listen in friends…I know you’ll enjoy this heart opening episode! We're here to guide you inward. Book an Akashic Records reading with Ruby Follow Ruby at @TheAlmanaq (travel business) Music: The Babe Rainbow - Peace Blossom Boogy The BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Vespucci Maxine Nightingale - Right Back Where We Started From  
Oct 18, 2022
1 hr 7 min
The Inward Guide / A Conversation with Briona Jolie, Spiritual Mentor, Channel, and Animal Priestess
A conversation with Briona Jolie - Spiritual Mentor, Channel, and Animal Priestess Briona is a force of light and intuitively guides clients to reconnect to their wild soul in order to live a life of magick and freedom. Having grown up in the wooded areas of New York, she instantly connected with nature and the spirit of the wolf after several visits to the local Wolf Conservation Center. This experience would forever shape her future as a spiritual mentor and Animal Priestess. We discuss how Briona left her job as an art teacher and fully stepped into her gifts as an intuitive. How she helps others to let go of their ‘tamed self’ aka the ego, and the power of ‘rewilding’ or shedding the conditioning and embracing the free self. She shares tips on how to discover your personal soul animal, and how working with animals can help you connect to a higher wisdom, innate animal instinct, and your inner leader. Briona shares her offerings of Animal Ancestry Courses, Rewilding Readings, and mentorship programs. She also informs of her latest endeavor into shamanism and we can't wait to see how this evolves her enchanting practice. Listen in, this episode is loaded with divine animalistic wisdom.  We're here to guide you inward. Connect with Briöna at Follow on IG @brionajolie Follow on Facebook  Youtube Briona Jolie Wild Wolf Tarot Music: The Babe Rainbow - Peace Blossom Boogie  The BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Vespucci Erin Wrae - Duchess, Aquarium Drunkard Lagniappe Sessions Vol. 2 Follow The Inward Guide on IG Visit for the directory of healers and light workers    
Sep 30, 2022
52 min
Mini Solo Episode with Hether Gage
Hello listeners! It's Virgo season and Summer is winding down. Hether Gage (me!) gives a little update about what's been going on personally and shares the intention behind The Inward Guide and how it came to be. Thanks for turning in. Follow us on IG for the latest episodes and updates @theinwardguide Music: The Babe Rainbow - Survival In The 21st Century    
Aug 22, 2022
13 min
The Inward Guide / A Conversaton With Lara Elliott, Reiki Master & Integrative Healer of Lara Elliot Healing
A conversation with Lara Elliot - Reiki Master, Acupuncturist, and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practioner of Lara Elliott Healing. Lara is a Reiki Master and Integrative healer based in Los Angeles, CA. She is an accupuncturist and has not one, but two Master degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine, New York and as of recent, California.  Listen in as we talk all things Reiki. Reiki, comes from the Japanese word meaning universal light force energy. This 'Tenohira' palm healing modality can help to release blockages and trauma from the body and bring an openness to the heart. When we bring awareness to ourselves from a place of compassion, we become more attuned to our soul purpose.   Lara is incredibly gifted and radiates pure light. We discuss how she found Reiki, and how this shifted her away  from a career in fashion and led her on the path of the healing arts. We dive deep into Reiki, what a Reiki session involves, what a certification entails, what exactly is a Reiki Master, and how anyone can become attuned in this practice. Reiki is the golden thread that weaves everything together. Turn in...You can honestly feel the love and energy pouring out of the airwaves in this truly special and informative episode. We're here to guide you, inward. Connect with Lara Elliot Healing Follow on IG @laraelliott1 Maharose in NYC Follow us on on Instagram for the latest episode updates @theinwardguide Visit out directory of healers at Music: Dwight Twilley Band - Looking For The Magic The BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Vespucci Mochas - City Sun
Apr 28, 2022
1 hr 39 min
The Inward Guide / A Conversation With Nicole Torres, Energy Healer and Transformational Self Worth Coach of Ouroboros Healing
A conversation with Nicole Torres - Energy Healer, Emotion Code Specialist, and Transformational Self Worth Coach of Ouroboros Healing. Nicole is a Latina woman and healer extraordinaire, living in the greater Los Angeles area. She is the type of soul that is so loving, a warm hug, gentle, yet fierce. One can't help but feel those best-girlfriend vibrations in all that she exudes. In this episode we discuss the many facets that make up Ouroboros Healing. We get into how Nicole got started on her personal journey of self healing, which quickly catapulted her into developing a course for empowering women to stand in their worth. We talk about her spiritual tool kit, and all the modalities she gathered along her healing journey. Nicole specializes in Emotion Code Healing and shares with us what that entails, and how profound this modality can be in helping one release emotions, issues, or memories that take up energetic space in our bodies. We dive into what an Ouroboros Healing Course can offer and how we as women have the capability to break toxic relationship patterns,  rediscover our magick, reclaim our self worth, and most importantly to feel worthy of love. Turn in...feel the goodness that is Ouroboros Healing and share with a fellow soul who may be in need. We're here to guide you, inward. Connect with Ouroboros Healing  Follow on IG @ouroboros.healing Referenced Topics: The Sway Test Emotion Code - Dr. Bradley Nelson The Spirit House Collective Follow us on Instagram for the latest epidsode updates @theinwardguide Music: Dwight Twilley Band - Looking For The Magic The BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Vespucci F.J. McMahon - Black Night Woman    
Jan 31, 2022
43 min
The Inward Guide / A Conversation with Wild Women Founder, Renee Huang
A conversation with outdoor maven and Wild Women Tribe founder, Renee Huang. WWT empowers women through transformational outdoor experiences.  A space created by Huang to bring like-minded souls together to share growth, positive energy, network, engage in cathartic healing workshops, all while spending time in nature. In this episode we talk about the self-discovery and connective experiences that happen during a Wild Women Tribe retreat.  We dive into what it means to speak our truth as vulnerable as that can be, why putting yourself first is important, how being present with ourselves is essential especially in this digital age, the power our divine feminine, leaning into trust vs. battling fear, the importance of rest, AND how WE are OUR own healers. Renee is an all around being of light and Wild Women Tribe is a truly special experience.  Turn in…it just might be the type of adventure you’re seeking. We're here to guide you, inward. Connect with Wild Women Tribe  Follow on IG @wildwomen_tribe Referenced Book: Women Who Run With The Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés Follow us on Instagram for the latest episodes updates @theinwardguide Music: Dwight Twilley Band - Looking For The Magic The BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Vespucci Cat Stevens - Wild World
Oct 2, 2021
39 min
The Inward Guide / A Conversation with Azalea Lee, Crystal Therapy Healer of Place 8 Healing
In this episode we converse with Azalea Lee of Place 8 Healing.  Azalea is a Crystal Therapy Healer, artisanal jewelry designer, and author of the recently released book, The Crystal Workshop. We talk about Azalea’s introduction to crystals, her pivot from working in an industry that no longer aligned with her soul purpose, and of course all things crystalline energy.  We dig into how to go about purchasing stones, the do’s & don’ts of working with these magical forces of Mother Earth, what a Crystal Therapy Session entails, and the top three stones that Azalea highly recommends to start out with.  Turn in if you’ve ever been interested in working with or happen to be a crystal owner. This episode is loaded with so much no-nonsense goodness & dispels any brouhaha, woo woo, mumbo jumbo that you may have heard about crystals…and you just might want to Marie Kondo your current crystal collection. We did. We're here to guide you, inward.   Connect with Azalea here: Place 8 Healing The Crystal Workshop Book   Follow us on instagram for the latest episode updates @theinwardguide   Music: Dwight Twilley Band - Looking For The Magic The BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Vespucci Tommy James & The Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion
May 10, 2021
1 hr 20 min
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