The Internet of Things Podcast - Stacey On IoT
The Internet of Things Podcast - Stacey On IoT
Stacey Higginbotham, tech journalist
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One of my favorite pods
Congrats on 300! I’ve been listening since early-pandemic, and so glad I did. Entertaining and informative every week, thanks so much and keep up the great work, Stacey and Kevin!
Great Podcast
Great up to date information on the latest products with awesome guests.
Maria Chirstina
Improve the audio quality, limit the ads!
I really want to enjoy listening to this show but just can't. Only one third of the show is actual news/content. The rest is either an advertisement disguised as a story, or a boring phone interview. The audio quality is so awful, I usually end up shutting it off whenever they go to someone talking over the phone. It's 2020 - use VOIP! If people can't understand the people speaking, they won't listen! Why hasn’t this been improved yet?
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Breath of fresh air;.
Enjoying hearing & feeling technology increase life of hardware.
Thank you. I appreciate. There is phone number. : DD
needs a lot of work
I love Stacy’s expertise and professionalism but this podcast drives me insane. Every time it starts, she’s “super-excited” for no particular reason. Her sidekick Kevin is grossly under-informed and comes across as a clueless nerd. It took both of them 2 years to figure out the real name of the Amazon Echo, referring to it instead as “Madame A” so they wouldn’t have to say “Alexa” (which would set off listener devices). Dumb. They’re supposed to know this stuff. Then a good half hour is wasted every episode as Stacy lets corporate PR people drone on and on over the phone giving them free, uncriticized publicity. Yawn. But even worse, the audio makes me literally nauseous since they seem to be running some kind of software algorithm that removes all the silence and pauses, making everyone sound like they’re overdosing on Adderall.
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Joey J
IOT isn't my thing, but this is some informative stuff
I don't care much about IOT stuff, but I enjoy how Miss Stacy and Mr Kevin present the information with "real world" application. Not just "look at this cool thing to put in your house that you can talk to." Nicely done, team. Also, I love the intro/outro music. ((fist bump))
Ant Pruitt
We Try IoT Gadgets So You Don’t Have To
That is essentially the show but I appreciate the incredibly deep knowledge the hosts have of the consumer IoT space, and to a lesser degree, the industrial side.
Et c'est parti.
22 min in and they are still with ads
Listening for the first time excited to listen to the interview and they keep rambling with other stuff and a bunch of ads.
Wyze interview
Great interview. Appreciated everything she said. I wish we had more companies like Wyze. Definitely going to buy the outdoor version when it’s released.
Sponsor misspoke again...
I went to the netgear Insight site, not seeing how all the things he speaks of makes sense? Interesting sounding product but how it is different from any other router?
I love all the information and insight this podcast brings to keep me up to date on all IoT news.
I do appreciate some of the information being shared but is not a member of OutKast...he is apart of The Black Eye Peas. I am sure it doesn't matter to you but you did decide to share the information the least you could do is do a quick Google search especially if you're not sure. Maybe all Blk musicians look and sound the same to you but unfortunately for you there are some who are in there own lane and Will is one of those people. Just saying...
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Bebe Jugo
Great podcast to learn about IOT
I listen to Stacey's IOT podcast frequently and it helps me to stay on top of the newest developments and tech standards in hardware design plus security and privacy. Stacey is very smart and keeps all of her content relevant to today's market. Keep up the good work.
My go to for IOT info...
Love this podcast! Interesting, informative, and entertaining.
Great podcast
Been listening to this for a while now and I really enjoy it. The conversations are natural, the hosts are enthusiastic about the topic and it's easy to listen to. Even the ads (which are generally disguised as interviews) I don't mind. Well done.
Great insight
a must listen for anyone in the iot business
Occasional Raver
Great show for Iot
Stacey and Kevin do a great job. My favorite part are the reviews of smart home stuff, but the big company stuff is interesting too. Keep up the awesome work!
Biz research
Love the podcast
Great talk about home connected products and much more
Just Awful!
I find Stacey Higginbotham opinions appalling. She comes across as a racist/// (shocking)
Updated review
Eprisode 73 was done very well, I appreciate your insights to the smart home and how easy it is to install everything. You made it sound like anyone can do it, thank you! The devices are becoming more and more available and easier to install. Also, it's great that I am not the only guy in Southern Pa that tries this stuff! Great job! Thank you! Wade
The content is ok but the audio quality is unbearable and the hosts have zero regard for talking into the actual microphone. I wanted to like this show but can't get past the unbelievably bad job they do with the actual medium they're publishing on. Stick to text or learn how to make a podcast. Please.
Jason DeFillippo
I love this show.
This is such a great show. I love the hosts, witty and down to earth. The current news about the latest IOT stuff is great to have weekly as well as a deep insight into a particular facet of the industry with the featured guest.
Wish it was better and shorter
This podcast would be vastly improved by being cut in half. I really want to hear about the things that they’re talking about, but I lose interest as the conversations are rambling and long. A good, tight edit would really help get to the point. It really feels like it needs to be 20 minutes instead of 40.
Highly recommend
Enthusiastic and current information and insights on the Internet of things. Perfect blend of technical info and analysis, I.e. for nerds , consumers and business people trying to just understand this stuff
They tried to block me
They weren't and can not block me accessing all engine searches in my internet. With voice and actions. Action shows the Real. Talk is cheap and not worth anything. Actions make a person reliable. Talk is just talk nothing is reliable or expected from talk but lies and wishful thinking. With out Action talk is worthless
Skylar D. Bruton
Great podcast with unexpected insights
I listen to many podcasts. This one stands out for the quality of questions and insightful takeaways that I can apply. I especially like how they combine business and home so each episode is relevant for my work or personal life. Very cool.
Jason D Texas
Great insight on internet of things
This is a fantastic podcast on the Internet of things. Engaging guests and unique analysis. A new favorite podcast for me.
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