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The Intellivisionaries - Episode 25 - Zaxxon / Space Raid
3 hour 31 minutes Posted Mar 2, 2016 at 2:58 pm.
Turn on the tube TV... and play Zaxxon or Space Raid!0:00:06 - George: episode rundown0:00:44 - The Intellivisionaries Theme (Extended Mix) by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen0:05:40 - Welcome0:24:30 - Rob Luther / Retro Junkies promo0:24:40 - George - sorry 10:26:35 - Feedback0:41:28 - Channel F Files promo0:41:47 - The Odyssey 20:41:53 - George - sorry 20:43:00 - News0:55:16 - French Intellivision TV commercial0:55:44 - Listener Interview: Clay "DJ CK1" Kriese (80 of the 80s Podcast)1:23:52 - William puts us in our place1:24:24 - Listener Interview (continued)2:07:18 - George - strange candy?2:09:06 - RGR promo2:09:17 - Deep Dive Game Review: Zaxxon2:38:49 - Wendell Brown promo2:39:02 - RVG promo2:39:29 - George - you keep tuning in2:40:23 - Deep Dive Game Review: Space Raid + next game to be covered3:10:37 - Greg Polander (SNES Podcast) promo3:11:00 - George - sorry 33:13:16 - 80 of the 80s Podcast promo3:14:12 - Interview: Oscar "Nanochess" Gutiérrez (Space Raid)*3:21:17 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen3:24:39 - Outtakes (music: "Sharpness Buzztone" by Jean Seb Gerard)* Thanks to William Culver for helping with the 'Nanochess' interview!
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Show notes
In this episode, we review two games; Coleco Zaxxon and ColectorVision Space Raid.  We hear a bit about what went into Space Raid from the designer / programmer, Oscar "Nanochess" Gutiérrez.  We also have an interview with the creator and one of the hosts of 80 of the 80s Podcast Clay "DJ CK1" Kriese (he's also a big Intellivision fan).  And our usual Feedback, News and George (who STILL seems to be a bit upset with the Atari 5200 Super Podcast for some reason).