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The Intellivisionaries - Episode 21 - Deck The Shelves with New-Brew Multis!
3 hour 44 minutes Posted Sep 26, 2015 at 3:34 pm.
Turn on the tube TV... then... turn it off again?
George gives the rundown of this episode
The Intellivisionaries Theme by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen
What have we been up to?
Ryan 'S1500' Waltrip (1)
What have we been up to? (continued)
SNES Podcast promo
'Pod Secret' (TV commercial parody)
Intellivisionaries Promo (1)
Feedback (continued)
Shelving Time!
Feedback (continued)
N.I.M.O.S.T.A.P.R.T. (Throwback Network)
Inty chip-tune break: "Illusions"
George plays Scattergories (1)
UK Mike / Retro Gaming Roundup promo
Listener Interview: Greg Goodwin (aka 'doctorclu')
Ryan 'S1500' Waltrip (2)
Listener Interview (continued)
Intellivisionaries Promo (2)
RVG promo
George plays Scattergories (2)
Kimba The White Lion
Expo Talk: Rick - Replay FX 2015
Ryan 'S1500' Waltrip (3)
North and South Park
Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen
Outtakes (music: Atari STE "Sea Of Color" - Dead Hackers Society)
What did Ferg say!?
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Show notes
In this episode, we review... nothing!  That's right, no game review this time around (part of the format changes), but we still have a heck of a show... We interview the guys behind Throwback Network (Rob O'Hara and Sean Johnson) in our 'Mentions' segment.  We also have a listener / Intellivision hacker interview with Greg Goodwin (aka 'doctorclu").  And there's Feedback, News, and George.  Our guest Corrections person is Ryan Waltrip (aka 'S1500') from Classic Console Gamernews.