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The Intellivisionaries Podcast
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The Intellivisionaries - Episode 17 - Math, Word and Learning Fun
4 hour 53 minutes Posted Feb 28, 2015 at 10:41 am.
Turn on the tube TV insert [educational game of choice] and go!0:00:27 - The Intellivisionaries Theme (Extended Mix) by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen0:05:26 - Welcome0:11:16 - Intellivision TV commercial (free TV)0:11:46 - Corrections & Thanks0:17:17 - George (landfill)0:18:08 - Feedback0:32:52 - Aleks [NOT] On Intellivision0:33:13 - George (Nolan Bushnell)0:34:56 - RGR Promo0:35:12 - News0:48:19 - News - Live Guest: William Moeller of Elektronite1:07:07 - News (continued)1:13:38 - Intelli-Virgins: Lock 'N' Chase1:44:52 - George reflects1:48:31 - Listener Interview: Karen Overstreet2:33:00 - George reviews Word Fun2:36:36 - Intellivision TV commercial (Burger Time)2:37:07 - George reviews Math Fun2:40:31 - Intellivisionaries Promo2:40:39 - Game Review (part 1)3:24:37 - Interview: Kimo Yap (Math Fun)3:59:36 - Game Review (part 2)4:03:26 - Interview: Dave Warhol (Learning Fun I & II)4:11:23 - Game Review (part 3)4:21:40 - Will & Margo review the games4:35:46 - George calls Victor4:37:46 - Inty chip-tune break: "Leaving Taramis" by Jochen Hippel)*4:39:25 - Game Review (part 4)4:42:53 - Wrap Up / "Treasured" by Paul 'Nurmix' Nurminen4:47:25 - Outtakes (music: "A Long TIme Apart" - Atari Falcon Virtual Synth)4:51:22 - George (final thoughts)* Intellivision music player by Arnauld Chevallier
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Show notes
In this episode, we review the Mattel and INTV Corp. 'educational' games Math Fun, Word Fun, Learning Fun I and Learning Fun II.  We interview designers / programmers Kimo Yap and Dave Warhol about the games.  We also have a listener interview with Intellivision enthusiast Karen Overstreet.  The Intelli-Virgins are back discussing Lock 'N' Chase, and of course there's Feedback, News, the Odyssey 2 and lot's of George.  So sit back and have Fun and Learn!