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The Intellivisionaries - Episode 10 - Treasure Of Tarmin / Minotaur
4 hour 55 minutes Posted Jun 29, 2014 at 1:51 pm.
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Show notes

The Intellivisionaries - Episode 10.  Join us as we go "deep" into the dungeons of Treasure Of Tarmin / Minotaur.  We interview designer / programmer Tom Loughry.  We also interview Scott Nudds who is currently programming Boulder Dash for the Intellivision (coming soon from Elektronite / First Star Software), and William Moeller joins in for part of the interview too.  Rick gives us another programming segment, and we include our usual feedback, news and fun ("George" is back too).  See you on level 256!

*Note there are some audio issues with Tom Loughry's interview due to a bad line.  It was cleaned up as much as possible, but is not perfect.