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The Inner Cup
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Come let us pour you up some of this fire content. He's Sauce Miyagi and I'm Cee Da Future and this is The Inner Cup Podcast. We talk sports current everts battle rap music gaming and anything we find interesting. Thanks in advance for listening and tell a friend to tell a friend. Don't forget to hit the APPLAUSE BUTTON. We thank you for your support!!! Want to hear a certain topic discussed? Any advice? Questions, comments, or complaints? Email us at Support this podcast:
URL Halloween Card Recap and The Ripple Effect of Mook vs Brizz...
In this week's episode we discuss: URL'S Halloween Card and Cee has an interesting theory on The Ripple Effect of Mook vs Brizz with the Sauce and Kra-Z. --- Support this podcast:
Nov 5, 2020
45 min
Quitter's Never Win... Winner's Never Quit!!!
In today's episode with our new co-host Kra-Z we discuss. URL's Halloween (Anniversary) Card, Tsu Surf Quitting Battle Rap, T.I. vs Drake and Iron Mike vs Roy Jones Jr. --- Support this podcast:
Oct 29, 2020
56 min
Ultimate Madness Week2 Recap
Ek v Holmzie Danny v Tink Da Demon Nunn Nunn v Mr Wavy Bill Collector v Mike P Ya'll enjoy ! --- Support this podcast:
Aug 18, 2020
27 min
Week 2 predictions. Rookies v Vets talk
Hope Y'all enjoy --- Support this podcast:
Aug 15, 2020
45 min
Ultimate Madness bye week recap
Ultimate Madness bye week recap Follow us on twitter @theinnercup 1:15 Shotgun Suge v Jeg The Nitewing 9:07 Suge Clip 14:25 Rum Nitty v Drugz 25:51 Chilla Jones v Jerry West 31:20 Summary --- Support this podcast:
Aug 12, 2020
35 min
King JBG Cloud Nine
King JBG pulls up to discuss his new EP and also his progression and passions. --- Support this podcast:
Sep 27, 2019
12 min
The Hollows were DEFINITELY LOADED🔫!!!
Today Sauce and Cee give a breakdown of the Most Star-studded event in battle rap history. The Return of Grey Hoodie Lux and Lean Hollow. --- Support this podcast:
Aug 13, 2019
30 min
Country boy Outtakes Pt.2
Are the cowboys in trouble ? Or are they just trippin ? Stop leaving strangers in your house alone, and man ol man Texas football is a beauty --- Support this podcast:
Jul 30, 2019
23 min
Can You Pick Up Chopsticks With Toothpicks?😂
Today we discuss: •Loaded Hollows • Quantum Physics Rant • JC With 9 Rounds • Tsu Surf Back to Back Classics • Aye Verb's Next Move --- Support this podcast:
Jul 30, 2019
1 hr 15 min
What are friends for ?!? Club Walgreens
What’s good family, it’s sauce and Cee back with another episode, in today's episode we Sauce and Cee discuss. • Jail Inmate/Employee Relationships • Are We Really Friends?? • Remember when YOU WERE YOUNG AND DUMB!!! • Complexion Stereotypes in the Melanin community Links to the the topics are below if y’all were interested. Questions?Email us Follow us on Twitter @theinnercup Young N*ggas wildin Female & prisoner --- Support this podcast:
Jul 23, 2019
33 min
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