The Import Export Podcast
The Import Export Podcast
The Import Export Podcast discusses industry topics with experts in the import/export industry. We chat with industry experts to discuss the current challenges of global trade and give insight into how the industry is evolving to create digitally connected supply chains. The podcasts also gives listeners tips on how to improve their supply chains for the future of global trade. This podcast is brought to you by IncoDocs, streamline your sales and export documentation at Free Import Export Resources:
Rising Shipping Rates and Container Loading Software for Exporters
Since 2020, International shipping rates have been consistently rising in trade lanes all over the world.  This has forced exporters to look at ways to maximize efficiency and reduce shipping costs. In this episode, Lukas from EasyCargo3D gives insight into the rise of shipping rates and how container loading software is used by exporters to maximize loading space, ensure safe load distribution, and reduce shipping costs to remain competitive in today's changing market.  Read more here: Topics Covered: What factors have contributed to record high freight rates How container loading software eliminates manual processes, increases efficiency and reduces shipping costs How to save SKU details to insert packages into a 3D visual loading planner, for multiple container types This podcast is brought to you by
Dec 13, 2021
11 min
USMCA Trade Agreement Details
The USMCA trade agreement came into effect on the 1st of July 2020, replacing the old NAFTA agreement.  The new agreement brings important updates and changes to Origin requirements and classification for goods being shipped between the USA, Canada and Mexico. In this episode Christopher Wall from Zeus Logics gives insight into the USMCA trade agreement pros and cons and other important information that shippers must be aware of.  Chris explains how the trade agreement has affected the Origin Criterion requirements and how products are classified under the new deal. This podcast is brought to you by
Sep 28, 2020
27 min
Foreign Exchange Payments
Rylan, the Vice-President of Foreign Exchange at Airwallex discusses changes they have observed in foreign exchange markets around the world. We discuss how importers and exporters can devise a strategy to manage foreign exchange risks during the volatility caused from COVID-19 disruptions. For a global transaction to take place, buyers and sellers must first negotiate and agree on terms of supply of goods which will be included in detailed Proforma Invoices, Sales Contracts and Purchase Orders. When the agreed terms are met, buyers make International deposit and balance payments to their suppliers. Rylan discusses how Airwallex provides new software technology for buyers and sellers to collect, convert and transfer money in multiple currencies around the world. This podcast is brought to you by
Apr 23, 2020
26 min
IMO2020 Regulations for the Shipping Industry
Michael from Scope 3 discusses how new IMO2020 regulations will affect International shipping.  We discuss how what the IMO2020 means and how carriers are preparing for the new Sulphur Oxide (SOx) emissions regulations. Michael explains the options that carriers have to comply with regulations and how these changes will impact shipping costs around the world.  We give tips on what shippers can expect and what they can do to monitor the fluctuations in bunker pricing into the first quarter of 2020.  Learn how increased fuel costs will affect the cost of products and the final pricing to end consumers in the market. This podcast is brought to you by  
Aug 16, 2019
20 min
SOLAS - Verified Gross Mass Regulations
Greg from BISON Jacks discusses SOLAS Verified Gross Mass regulations.  We discuss how the International Maritime Organization (IMO) enforced SOLAS regulations to ensure that shippers of containerized cargo correctly verify the gross weight of shipping containers. Shippers must use Method 1 or Method 2 to correctly declare gross mass.  Greg explains how BISON Jacks came to develop a compact jacks system that allows shippers to weigh loaded shipping containers on site and instantly receive an electronic Verified Gross Mass Certificate.  We discuss how this solution can bring time and cost savings in different use cases along the supply chain, and how they are used in over 40 countries around the world. This podcast is brought to you by
Mar 13, 2019
16 min
Collapsible Shipping Containers
Nicholas from CEC systems discusses how collapsible shipping containers can be used throughout the supply chain.  We discuss the logistics issues throughout the supply chain that will be solved through reliable collapsible containers. Imbalanced supply supply chains results in re-positioning empty shipping containers around the world.  This lead to Nicholas and his team at CEC systems to design and engineer a collapsible shipping container that is strong, reliable, easy to use and can handled and stacked like any other shipping container.  The containers are available in the market now and will continue to provide better solutions for multi-modal transport. This podcast is brought to you by
Jan 28, 2019
25 min
The Future of Global Supply Chains
Brian from the Worldwide Supply Chain Network discusses how Global Supply Chains are being affected by Brexit, Tariff updates and trade wars.  We discuss how businesses involved in the import export process can minimize the impact these changes will have to their business. Brian discusses how tariff changes can impact supply chains and freight flows in the short term, and how these may have a more long term impact on supply chains.  We discuss the options that companies have to absorb the increased costs or pass these on to end consumers within each industry. Brian and Lisa setup the first 'New York Supply Chain' meetup which has quickly expanded into the 'Worldwide Supply Chain Network'.  The goal of these meetups is to bring together the technology companies and big businesses that need to work together to reinvent supply chain management.  Parties that want to launch a supply chain chapter in their own country can go to or contact Brian and Lisa for more details. This podcast is brought to you by
Jan 1, 2019
36 min
How Blockchain will change Import Export and Global Trade
Warwick from BeefLedger explains what blockchain technology is, how it works and how blockchain solutions are being applied to real world import export shipments. Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize Global Trade and the import export process. Warwick discusses how blockchain technology applications are providing value for all parties along the supply chain, from shippers, freight forwarders, ports, customs, shipping lines and importers all over the world. Implementing blockchain throughout the supply chain will eliminate manual data re-entry, eliminate human error and increase security. It also provides the base for smart contracts to initiate events such as International payments when certain conditions are met.  Topics covered: What is Blockchain technology and how does it work? How will Blockchain increase efficiencies in the import/export supply chain? How will Blockchain increase security in the supply chain? How does it enable smart contracts and payments with cryptocurrency? This podcast is brought to you by
Sep 3, 2018
40 min
How to Source Imported Goods from Alibaba with Heather from Sourcing Playground
Heather from Sourcing Playground explains how buyers should correctly source imported goods from online marketplaces such as Alibaba, Made-In-China, Global Sources others. Heather gives key tips on how to: Correctly give suppliers detailed product information Compare supplier's quotations and product specifications Overcome language and cultural barriers Understand if you are dealing with a factory or trading company Negotiate pricing How Sourcing Playground works to streamline the sourcing and enquiry process for buyers and sellers around the world. This podcast is brought to you by
Aug 13, 2018
30 min
Marine Insurance with Steve from Coverfreight
Steve from Coverfreight gives our listeners and understanding of how marine insurance works. We discuss why it's important for shippers to insure their cargo and who should cover insurance based on the IncoTerms agreed. Steve gives insight into some of the common problems and claims made when shipping goods Internationally. We give tips on how shippers should choose a marine insurance provider for their business operations. This podcast is brought to you by
Aug 6, 2018
19 min
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