The Impact Marketing Podcast
The Impact Marketing Podcast
Shane Melaugh
You Shouldn’t Be An Entrepreneur
1 seconds Posted Oct 8, 2018 at 11:58 am.
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Show notes

​"If you don't build your dream... someone will hire you

to help build theirs." /Tony Gaskins/

We don't think so. 

Here's what we think: If you agree with the quote above, you're never gonna be a successful entrepreneur.

In today's episode, we continue the gentle but kind discouragement we started last time and discuss all the reasons why running your own business might not be your path after all. 

Being an employee, an entrepreneur, a freelancer or an intrapreneur can be equally cool depending on your character. With this episode, we help you find the right alternative - or further confirm that you were born to be an entrepreneur. 

Listen in before you quit that dreadful nine-to-five.