The Ian Cramer Podcast
The Ian Cramer Podcast
Ian Cramer
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Never disappointed
A lot of podcasts have a hard time holding my attention. This one does not. Ian does a great job of selecting quality, interesting guests and directs the conversation seamlessly. Time flies by. Better than Netflix. Like that there are no cheesy, shameless advertisements. Thanks so much, Ian.
Plant-based Health
Ian interviews a variety of WFPB experts, including many doctors. Intelligent folks, understandable, down-to-earth.
Fairness, Openness, Well-Imformed
I have to say Ian is a wonderful host and someone whom I find is very open minded and fair to ALL his guests no matter what side of the health camp they fall into. It gives me joy and an air of freshness to listen to Ian’s respectful questions to guests that think differently than he, and to see how others react to his respectful attitude makes the interview more enjoyable. Thanks Ian and keep it up!
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Thank you
On advise from my cardiologist, I am going to try and do my best to switch to the Whole Food Plant based diet. Thanks for your info!
Definitely Worth Your Time!
Ian is impressive with his obvious intelligence and ability to respectfully ask the hard questions of his guests. He interviews mainly doctors and nutritionists regarding diet and lifestyle "medicine." Being plant-based himself, his focus has been with plant-based experts. In recent episodes, however, he has been attenpting to understand the thinking of those who promote a paleo or ketogenic diet. Interviews with authorities in the "opposing camp challenge us vegans, but also allows us to get a peek into their rationale. I think Ian is up and coming!
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Geo Amrein
When I began listening to his podcast a while ago I really loved it and couldn’t wait for the next week to hear another one. Lately he seems to be all over the place with with guests who contradict prior guests. I’m looking for consistent information I can implement in my life, so this is no longer my go to podcast.
Unbiased and only the facts!
Ian is not afraid of having guests with opposing viewpoints and is always respectful during his fact driven conversations! Absolutely awesome to be able to hear both sides of an argument in a STRUCTURED setting all in one podcast. Thank you Ian and keep on riding!
A must listen for anyone that cares about their body and the planet!
An all-star lineup of interviews. I've somehow missed this podcast until now, and I'm so glad I've found it!
Very Informative Podcasts
I have been so impressed with these podcasts! Ian does an excellent job interviewing some of the top experts in different areas of heath and nutrition. The information presented is based on the latest research, is very interesting and helpful. He is one of the most gifted interviewers that I have heard. I highly recommend listening to him!
Liz, TN
Life changing information
This has to be the most comprehensive grouping of interviews on whole food plant based nutrition. Great questions posed by the interviewer. Donate!
Mikey E 0012
Awesome Podcast!!
Ian, host of The Ian Cramer Podcast, highlights all aspects of fitness, nutrition and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
Pleasant Surprise
I’ve seen this podcast in the listings for a long time but never clicked on it. Today I was looking for something new and thought “what the heck” . I was really surprised! It’s a really substantive and high quality podcast. Not a lot of empty chitchat the beginning. Definitely will subscribe and tune in again!
Vigilant Vegan
Considered, educational and diverse
Ian has put so much effort into preparing these podcasts and they are amazing learning resources because of it. He also casts a very wide net and interviews many doctors that I have not heard on other podcasts.
Stephen M. Collins (@eesmc)
Great plant based podcast. There is no hidden agenda here except to provide great information and accurate data on a plant based lifestyle. Ian has some of the very best of the best interviews - you won’t be disappointed here! Thank you for all you are doing - I have learned so much here:)
Dr B, Gastroenterologist
I just found out about Ian, the podcast etc., on January 8, 2019. Where have you been my podcast life?? I don’t know, but you showed up on my Facebook feed and the rest is history. I went back to start at the “beginning”, dialed in to Dr B and it is a phenomenal podcast. I think we need tons more docs like him!! I’m wondering how he is received by his peers. I was really touched by his explanation of how he counsels others (the last 5 minutes). I am in this field and some days feel lonely, change in NC is slow, to say the least. Today, I really felt renewed and uplifted, no longer feeling alone out there. I’m here for life, these are some of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard.
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You must listen to this podcast!
I discovered this podcast several months ago and have pretty much binge listened to every episode since. Ian’s podcasts bring you high quality information that will change your life. He mostly interviews plant based doctors and other health care professionals. I learn something from every episode. Cannot say enough good things about this podcast.
I love this pod cast. It is life changing!
Interesting, informational and entertaining! A must have for WFPB people!
I’m addicted to this podcast!
I’m addicted to this podcast! I love that it is medically based information. It’s helping me have better informed conversations about Whole Food Plant Based diets with others 🌱
Telah Loureiro
Love the podcast!
Ian has fantastic guests and does a great job asking questions around the things that confuse the public the most. I thought I knew nearly everything about a WFPB diet but have solidified and learned a great deal more since listening to the podcast.
Love it!
Excellent and informative!
The podcast you will recommend to friends and family!
Looking for medical professionals to expound on the benefits of a plant-based diet? Look no further! Ian Cramer interviews several medical practitioners on the merits of a plant based diet. Ian's passion for the subject shines through in his clear, on point interviewing techniques. It's an extremely powerful podcast - provocative questions and personal stories of why so many medical professionals are getting onboard recommending a healthy plant based diet. Listen to one episode, any episode, and you'll be hooked!
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Ferry Gal
Life Changing
This podcast is nothing short of amazing. I stumbled upon it when searching health related podcasts trying to find information to help a few struggles of mine. I’ve already seen massive improvements in my digestion and energy levels from adopting a better informed plant based diet and it’s only been about a month. There is so much value in each podcast I can’t help but listen/relisten to these episodes daily and share with everyone I know. I wish this could be the information on the daily news, but for now these episodes will continue to make a difference one person at a time. Thank you Ian Cramer!
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Excellent content; production quality needs improving
The topics are so fundamental to our health and wellbeing and are discussed in language an interested lay person can understand. Guests are very knowledgable and Ian asks good questions. With a few simple no-cost techniques, the production quality can be improved; e.g. turn off or mute apps, so that they don't make sounds during the recording. I still rate as five stars given the importance of the topics and the quality of the guests and content. Thank you Ian!
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Chris Little VA
The Ian Cramer podcast has quickly become one of my favorites to listen to. The questions he asks his guest are well researched and thought provoking. He clearly knows his stuff. Plus, his voice is soothing to listen to.
Terrific guests, informative content, great interviewer
I stumbled on the Ian Cramer podcast a few months ago and discovered a gem in the health and fitness world. Ian is able to bring very interesting health professionals with solid credentials onto his show, present well considered questions, and then step back out of the way and let his guests and their expertise shine. The information presented is grounded in plenty of scientific data -no make-believe science here - and the episodes are well produced. I am a practicing physician and passionate vegan who believes in this podcast enough to become a financial supporter, and I urge anyone who sees the value in this podcast to become a contributor as well.
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Muzike 0999
Great podcast!
Being a RN I love to listen to doctors speak about evidence-based medicine concerning a whole food plant-based diet! It’s always nice to hear the personal journeys of other health care professionals! Ian is very easy to listen to and asks all the right questions!
Keep the message strong.
Ian keeps the message strong and on focus to this life change. Getting the food industry to change products. I see new lines coming out. Read the ingredients!!!!! Excellent format very clear thoughts and delivery. Thank you.
Very informative
Great podcast! So many interesting guests sharing helpful advice and information. Ian is a terrific interviewer. I’ve been binging and now that I’m all caught up, I may need to go back and listen to some of my favs again.
5 star content 2 start production quality
Amazing information love the inspirational content! With that being said, you can easily avoid showing listeners this is a low-budget production by simply silencing your phone/computer alerts! Extremely distracting to the listeners to hear text message alerts during your interviews! Hone in your outside noise and this will be solid 5 star! Please take note of this constructive criticism! Thank you again for all you do! Love that you are out of ROC too! Much love from your Buffalo fan base.
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Dee E Shaw
Healthy dose of great information!
Interested in whole foods, a healthy lifestyle, and being the best you can be? This podcast is for you. Well known and respected guests from both the medical field and academia. Ian does a great job with the Q&A - meaningful conversations with a wealth of information. Engaging and positive - keep up the good work and thanks!
Kyle Labat
Terrific health podcast
Great interviews and superb information for your good health
A GREAT podcast for high quality whole foods plant based information!!
Definitely one of my favorite podcasts! This podcasts ranks with The Plant Trainers, Nutrition Facts, and Plant Pure Radio. Ian Cramer does his due dillegence before inviting guests, and is one of the best interviewers on the air. Thank you! I am learning so much through your podcast interviews. They are presented in a very inspirational and supportive manner. I hope you continue with your high quality interviews. I look forward to new podcasts.
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Ian Cramer podcast Rocks!
I enjoy reading, watching and listening to health and wellness related content for my own health but also to help influence the choices I make in the kitchen. While cooking for my family and for guests or individual clients navigating their own health and fitness goals, living more plant strong has so many benefits and checks every box. Ian Cramer has meaningful conversations with medical professionals who are worth listeing to and help share the message of let food be thy medicine. The individuals he hosts have all either done the studies, evaluated the results, been peer reviewed, have undergone personal transformations or all of the above- each sharing thier own inspiring results.
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Chef EW
Ian brings the goods
Ian gets some great names on the podcast and is really able to extract the most valuable nuggets and bits of health wisdom from them. The conversations are engaging and stimulating. Really love this podcast.
Iron Clad Ben
Really excellent!
Mr. Cramer has made a fabulous start with his new podcast! He does outstanding interviews, and the sound quality is mostly very good. He has interviewed some very important leaders in the whole food, plant based movement. His interviews with Dr. Dulaney, Dr. T Colin Campbell, and with Sara Goodenough were especially good. Thank you! I'll be listening much more.
Brian in Humboldt
Interesting and informative
Good q&a format, interesting guests who are clearly informed and dedicated to making people healthier.
Mungo Bean
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