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ICP 64: Dr. Meagan Grega- Professional discontent and bucking the medical paradigm
1 hour 29 minutes Posted Mar 23, 2019 at 11:30 am.
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​Welcome to the podcast where I interview medical doctors and scholars of Lifestyle Medicine. 

 Dr. Meghan Grega is a physician in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. She formed the Non-profit “The Kellyn Foundation” to work with helping people realize their true health potential. Her work epitomizes ‘Grass Roots’ as she is getting her hands dirty within the local community, forming relationships and teaching children and adults what it means to live a holistic, healthy lifestyle. 

 If you’ve ever been discontented with your profession and felt like there has to be more, this is a conversation for you as we speak about Dr. Grega’s realization that the modern medical paradigm and the way she was treating patient was just mitigating symptoms and putting a band-aid over the true problem.

​Dr. Grega has put together an amazing Plant-Based Symposium that you are invited to attend. With speakers such as Dr. Hans Diehl, Dr. Ron Weiss of Episode 41 and Jane Esselstyn of Episode 42. you can find out more and register here:  

 Please enjoy our conversation on Ep. 64 with Dr. Meghan Grega.