The Hustle Culture Hater Club Podcast
The Hustle Culture Hater Club Podcast
Heather K.
We have all been programmed to believe, in order to be "successful" & make a 6-7-8 figure income we need to work 24/7, be highly aggressive, highly stressed & downright miserable. I call myself The Boundaries Over Burnout Coach, REALTOR® extraordinaire & former Hustle Culture addict!! I am on a mission to change this toxic narrative & help purpose driven Women reclaim the courage to say NO so they can confidently say YES to a a life & career filled filled with abundance and joy!
#47: The Body Never Lies. With Chantelle Miller
WAVE Breathwork + Coaching with Chantelle Miller. Aligning mind, body and soul through breathwork and mindset.  Chantelle started her transformation and personal development journey in 2019 with a program called Thinking Into Results created by Bob Proctor, the number one teacher in the world on human development, growth, potential and success. Her conscious awareness was expanding like crazy, she was becoming so curious about herself and the world she lived in. She felt as if everything she had been taught was not true and she had to unlearn to relearn and remember how powerful she really was. Soon after  Chantelle made a decision that she wanted to dedicate her life to sharing this life-changing information. She enrolled in Bob Proctor's coaching program and was personally mentored by Bob Proctor to become one of his consultants. After a few years of mindset coaching, she realized there was a gap for her. She was having a hard time embodying and implementing into action what she had learned. It was this awareness that sparked Chantelle to become a Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator. Combining breathwork with the contents of her consciousness has enabled her to become more confident in taking action toward her purpose with conviction.  Chantelle has aligned her mind, body, soul and would love to help you create that harmony also! Follow Chantelle here: IG-@chantellemillerr
Oct 3
1 hr 1 min
#46: Stop Waiting, Wishing and Hoping for Change.
Who else is guilty? We wish, hope and wait for a change and yet, nothing happens. NEWSFLASH-nothing is going to change unless you get off your ass and do the work!
Sep 26
14 min
#45: Never Dull Your Shine
TruthBOMB!!!!!! You are always going to be To MUCH or NOT enough for certain people. The more you grow in your personal life, the more you will realize that it is NOT your responsibility to make people comfortable with YOU! Never ever dull your shine baby!
Sep 19
18 min
#44: Narcissist | Trauma | The Pain of losing a child.
No one would blame her if she just layed down and gave up. But that's not her journey and it sure as hell is not how she is going to be remembered. My dear friend Melanie Friesen is a warrior and a true inspiration. Listen as she tells her story of dealing with abuse, financial trouble, a narcissistic relationship and the loss of her sweet son Cash. Melanie speaks of how she was at rock bottom and started to heal and reclaim her power and purpose. Every day she is honouring her Cash's memory by sharing her story and helping others see that there is always hope.  Melanie has gone on to create a successful online business, To honor Cash and donate to the fundraiser,click here
Sep 12
1 hr 19 min
#43: Gains and Gaps
You have set a massive goal for yourself but fell short of achieving it. The self-sabotage begins. You focus on all the things you didn't do, all the mistakes you made along the way and why did you say or do that, you should have been able to achieve that goal. Sound familiar? When you are measuring your growth against a goal you have NOT achieved you are never going to feel like you are doing enough. But imagine if you shifted your awareness to focus on how far you have come and how much growth you have had! Today I talk about focusing on the gains not the gaps!
Sep 5
15 min
#42: Boundaries and Empowerment Coaching-Say what?
When I launched my coaching business I really struggled with what I should call myself. I got caught up in the title when in fact, no one really cared. I just knew I wanted to help people and that there was a desperate need to help other Women step into their power, believe that they can and stop putting themselves last. Its like the flight attendant always says " You need to put on your own mask before assisting others" IG-@therealheatherkehoe
Aug 29
22 min
#41: (SwapCast) Talking Breast Implant Removal while on The Mental Mastery Alliance Podcast
I was recently a guest on the mental mastery alliance podcast talking about everything no one ever talks about when it comes to personal health and breast implant illness. Everyone is on their own journey, this was mine and how it played out. I hope you enjoy the conversation.
Aug 22
1 hr 21 min
#40: Who's Encouraging you to be you?
Everything is energy and some people will drain yours! This episode I chat about taking personal inventory on the people you surround yourself with and that it is essential to "declutter" every once in awhile. The more you grow as a human being the more you realize that, quality over quantity is not a cliche!
Aug 15
17 min
#39: Conversations with Sandra Sitto
From corporate burnout, to heart break, to having her entire life collapse around her, giving her no choice but to move out of her Manhattan apartment she shared with her almost-fiancé and back to her mothers spare bedroom in Metro Detroit, MI where she hadn’t been for 10 years - Life and Purpose coach Sandra Sitto found herself at rock bottom just less than a year ago. But she didn’t let her circumstances get the best of her. Listen to the unfolding of her deeply spiritual and fiercely committed journey back home to herself - her true self - after a dark season of facing her deepest fears and triggers head on. This is a story of the rising Phoenix, and she’s not done yet. After shedding 25 lbs put on from trauma and stress, putting city life behind her for good, mending family relationships, and gaining her independence again, she is truly better than ever and more committed to a path of service now more than ever as she embarks on her new journey, building an entirely new life from scratch in Scottsdale, AZ.Her podcast is set to relaunch this summer, and you won’t want to miss it! Until then, catch up on her older episodes. You can find it on any streaming service: Instagram: sandradoingthings_
Aug 8
44 min
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