The Honest Uproar; a podcast for modern, childfree women
The Honest Uproar; a podcast for modern, childfree women
The Honest Uproar
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What a powerful place
This podcast not only uplifts the stories of childfree women, but prioritizes inclusiveness. I feel safe, respected and valued as I listen to these episodes.
Surrendering the Shame around being Child-free!
Isabel is a genius and a pioneer in her game giving guidance to women to surrender the same around being child-free! I would give this podcast 10 stars if I could!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ In a world that judges women who are not mothers, this podcast reframes the stigma around women who are child-free as being selfish, and focused solely on career, to shifting the perspective around women who have viable reasons around not having children, which should be better understood and embraced in today’s society. Thank you for stepping up, Isabel, to speak your truth on a woman’s freedoms around being or not being a mother and providing a fresh perspective!
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Mo'Zen Wellness
You want to be part of this podcast and this movement! it is going to blow your mind an bring you such great insight! Thank you!
As a fellow Podcaster I have to admit I am very jealous of how well your interview your guest listening to your podcast actually give me some ideas on how I can improve so I think you for that as well as your content is amazing
why dad drinks
A must listen!
I am childfree by choice and it is nice to hear someone agree and talk about it in a positive light! Isabel is full of incite and speaks intelligently and profoundly. A must listen!
Amanda G Comedy
Nice job!
The conversation and insight are amazing! Such a great listen, keep up the great work!
Very intriguing
I will be a subscribing to this podcast. I love the honesty, very raw and real. Your speaking voice and flow is fabulous. Keep up the great content! Tina Marie The Psyche-Delic Podcast
Tina Marie Trimpert
Keeping it 100 💯
Love show and very interesting
Much needed podcast
Hearing the stories of fellow child free people has been so impactful. It can be easy to feel alone on this journey. Thanks to the Honest Uproar I know I’m not alone and have a place to go when I need an uplift in my mindset.
I Love It
Isabel is an intriguing host that makes her guests shine. I enjoy listening while enjoying a sunset and a cold glass of Citra IPA
Loved the episode with Bri and the discussion about values. Values are something people should never waiver on. Great Job!
Big Mmmmmmmmmm
Love it
As a women I have to say it’s refreshing to come across a podcast I can actually relate to! Keep up the good work!
A new perspective from woman
Very powerful and insightful words and topics. A valvuable wealth of information and super guests.
Love the passion and energy!
I've been following Isabel for a while now and I love the show and the content she puts out! It is so important for the voices of women to be heard and for these stories to be shared. Necessary fuel for the fire! Thank you for your work. Tee, from Bold Journeyzz podcast
Tee Bolding
Awesome idea
Great content and sound. Very cool idea and awesome guest really great podcast.
Great to hear these voices represented
Not too often do we get to hear the voices of childless-by-choice women. It is great to hear all the different experiences and stories.
An important and timely topic!
I love Isabel’s podcast! It’s a topic I think many of us are afraid to acknowledge but she dives straight into the meat of it. It’s her mission to de-stigmatize a woman’s choice not to have children, and she does it with ease and humor. Really enjoying these episodes!
Such a cool niche!
This podcast is so cool. I think Isabel is an incredible interviewer and podcast host. I love hearing these women share their lives without kids, which is becoming even more commonplace. So excited to listen to older episodes!
Never know what to expect
I’ve tried getting into a few podcasts, but I let most of them fall away once the element of surprise was gone. The Honest Uproar, though, always has me interested to know who the next guest will be and what they’ll say. Host Isabel somehow manages to consistently find interview subjects with intriguing life stories, uncommon perspectives, and boldness - but the kind that’s genuine rather than attention-seeking. Conversations flow naturally, and Isabel prompts guests without cutting them off or making her voice seem more important than theirs. A fun, often funny, and inspirational way to spend time.
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Content has potential- really filling a gap- but host needs improvement
Host is fine- but doesn’t seem particularly well versed in this topic, and is inexperienced as a conversation moderator. It is a really important issue and a novel one- but the host needs improvement. I give her a lot of credit for starting this podcast but she could use some coaching.