The Honest Uproar; a podcast for modern, childfree women
The Honest Uproar; a podcast for modern, childfree women
The Honest Uproar
Modern, childfree women share their life stories, and discuss important topics for the kidfree community
Episode 99 - Firecracker Fern, a Childfree Scientist who's Visited Antarctica
Dr. Fern Wickson is an Australian citizen who has been living and working in Norway for 15 years. With a PhD across natural and social sciences and a keen interest in how we think about, talk about, and enact the relationship between humanity and nature, Fern identifies as a transdisciplinary ecologist. Her work aims to advance sustainable and resilient futures for the whole community of life on Earth through understanding and facilitating interactions between science, ethics, and politics in environmental conservation and management. Fuel that Fire!
Jul 17
50 min
Episode 98 - Firecracker Angie, a Childfree Designer and Activist
Angie Cibis is a 41-year-old freelance graphic designer living in Los Angeles with her husband and rescue pup. A dedicated urbanite despite (or maybe because of) growing up in rural IL, she lives in the middle of Los Angeles by way of Chicago. She has a BA in Graphic Design and a MA in Psychology and credits being childfree for making it simpler to start her own business, be an activist, and travel internationally. And while Angie's gotten plenty of negative comments about being childfree, she's ever-grateful for a life not defined by parenthood. Fuel that Fire!
Jul 6
41 min
Episode 97 - Firecracker Nirupama, a Childfree Freelance Writer from India
Nirupama grew up in India and lived there until last year when she moved to the UK. She has been a content writer by profession in the past, but this last year has made her slow down and realize that her interests lie somewhere else, mainly in writing and in learning new languages. She’s happily married for 9 years to a person she fell in love with 10 years ago. While they never sat down and decided to talk about children, the decision to be childfree was smooth and organic for the both of us. They love being with each other and don’t feel ‘incomplete’ without children. Fuel that Fire!
Jun 22
36 min
Episode 96 - Firecracker Hanna, the Childfree Aussie Yogi
Hanna was born in Australia, but right now you can find her in Berlin, or somewhere on the road with her campervan @_herbertthevan, her curly-haired husband, and their two dogs, Felix and Baloo.  She’s a yoga teacher, but don’t let that put you off! She keeps it real, and funny, and she started a YouTube channel called 'Real Yoga,' in order to promote a style of yoga that allows you to be yourself. For real. She practices what she preaches and encourages true authenticity both on and off the mat. She is a Disney-freak, a vegetarian, an ally and a moon-lover who only wears stretchy pants. Fuel that Fire!
Jun 15
41 min
Episode 95 - Firecrackers Christina & Nadine, Fun-loving Childfree Twins
Christina and Nadine were born in NYC. They are both childfree by choice, and they both belong to the LGBTQ+ community. Their stories of coming out of the closet, and "coming out" as childfree, are a must-listen! Fuel that Fire!
Jun 8
53 min
Episode 94 - Firecracker Nicola, the Childfree Shamanic Practitioner
Nicola is a Certified Shamanic Practitioner who specializes in Shadow Work for Women who is passionate about exploring the hidden side of the female psyche and why women behave and believe, react and act, and live and relate the way they do. Through her work at The Feminine Principle, she supports professional women who are experiencing a mid-life identity crisis and are struggling with uncomfortable emotions and unhealthy patterns that trigger anxiety, stress, and discomforting memories. Fuel that Fire!
Jun 1
45 min
Episode 93 - Firecracker Angela, the Childfree Creator behind No Bibs, Burps, Bottles
Dr. Angela L. Harris is the Creator of Harris 316 Consulting & Services, LLC, which houses both her mental health advocacy and childfree lifestyle brands. Dr. Harris is a Speaker, Author, Blogger, and Podcaster. As a Childfree Lifestyle Motivator, Dr. Harris is the Visionary and Founder of #NoBibsBurpsBottles, a supportive community for childfree African American women. Dr. Harris offers 1:1 coaching, an intimate group empowerment course, childfree pride merchandise, is the host of a popular podcast and blog about childfree living, and author of the book, “#NoBibsBurpsBottles: The Stories of African American Women without Children.” Fuel that Fire!
May 25
45 min
Episode 92 - Firecracker Eliza, a Childfree Aspiring Marine Biologist
Raised in Pensacola, Florida, and living throughout the Southeastern U.S., Eliza has grown up living in a conservative and religious society where girls are groomed to want to become mothers. Women who do not want to become a mother are seen as lesser than and undesirable. Growing up Eliza did want a biological child like every other girl, not really thinking about what motherhood is actually about and just assuming something one would do one day since "you are a girl." It was not until her mid-20s that it dawned on her that she actually did not want children. Between reading stories from online communities for the childfree, regretful parents and sitting down with herself to figure out what she wanted in life, having kids was not on the list. Slowing down and looking back on her younger years as she planned her future ahead, a child was never really part of her story. The desire was actually never really there. There comes a point in life where you have to stop living for others and live for yourself, regardless of the mindset of the people you grew up with and live around. Fuel that Fire!
May 18
35 min
Episode 91 - Firecracker Genea, the Childfree Elevation Guide
Genea spent her early childhood in Portland, Oregon where she suffered multiple childhood traumas. As a result, she started studying people, noticing and cataloging the subtlest changes in their behavior, tone, and body language. The ability to intuit what is hidden beneath the surface became an invaluable superpower in her life and her practice. As an Elevation Guide, Genea is committed to the elevation of humanity. She works with individuals and groups to create greater effectiveness and ease in their lives. By working directly with the subconscious mind, she is able to quickly and gently eliminate and neutralize self-sabotaging behavior, emotional triggers, unwanted patterns, and limiting beliefs. She increases self-esteem and self-worth by up to 80%, reduces excessive emotional reactions by 70% or more, and facilitates the cultivation of the foundational building blocks needed to achieve current and future goals. Fuel that Fire!
May 11
41 min
Episode 90 - Firecracker Lilly, a Childfree Italian Expat who Found a New Path
Born and raised in Italy, she has been living in the United States and Canada for the past two decades. In her 20s and 30s, she thought she would dedicate her life to working for international NGOs supporting girls’ education and women’s rights around the world. Instead, due to health challenges, she had to reassess her career objectives, as well as her personal objective (having kids), and turn them into something manageable for her health. She decided to become a certified coach using her direct experiences from living and working internationally to support women with self-development, relocation, and their internal journey of re-defining themselves when life plans change due to unexpected turns. Fuel that Fire!
May 4
35 min
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