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Curing Mommy Overwhelm
44 minutes Posted Jan 8, 2020 at 8:00 am.
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    Episode 23: Curing Mommy OverwhelmAs homeschoolers, we can get really overwhelmed. Self-doubts can wreak havoc on our peace of mind, causing us to lose faith in God’s plan for our families. A wonderful consultant and veteran homeschooling mom, Paola Ciskanik, is here to talk about Curing Mommy Overwhelm. Stay with us!Paola’s Coaching page:’s BLOG:’s Family Business: About Spelling: (I am a proud affiliate because this really works!)Lauri Alphabet Puzzles: Helper Reading Strips: Connections Fiction Writing Courses: Planning Guide I wrote that contains reflection questions, “Get Ready” : pertaining to curing overwhelm: The Secret to Homeschool Success :, Set, Go Homeschool Mom! : Tips to Overcome the End of Year Struggle:’s Short Feature: Dan Louzonis’ Einstein BlueprintTopic: Production vs. Consumption MentalityThank you to the following contributors who made this podcast possible:Our Sponsor HomeschoolConnections.comHomeschooling Saints Theme Music Composed by Taylor KirkwoodIntro voice Dave Palmer radio personality and author of St. Thomas Aquinas for EveryoneOur host Lisa Mladinich