The Homeschool Sisters Podcast
The Homeschool Sisters Podcast
The Homeschool Sisters
Cait and Kara are two moms doing this homeschooling thing right beside you. We might not have it all figured out, but one thing we know for sure is that homeschooling is a lot easier when you have a sister by your side.
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Help has arrived!
In each episode, Cait and Kara are always a help to me. I am so grateful for their united voice and sincere care for homeschool moms who are trying to figure out the best routes for their family’s interests and styles. If you are a homeschool parent, you won’t regret listening to any... or all :p ... of the Homeschool Sister’s Podcast episodes. Enjoy!
My new favorite
So many great ideas. I feel like I’m growing in my creativity just listening. Great interviews and book recommendations all the time. The only thing I wish was that they could put all their links right in the podcast app notes area instead of having to go to the website and find the specific episode for the links, or at least link the app to the specific episode on your site. But I’m so into it I’m motivated to do the extra step or to pause and take a personal note of titles & ideas.
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It’s growing on me!
I only gave this podcast a three star review because I feel like there is a lot of banter in the beginning. I’m all for banter, I’m actually fluent! But when I listen to a podcast I would really just like information to cone a little bit more quickly. I know it’s not a big deal but I do fast forward and most times it’s usually about 15 minutes before we actually get into the topic. All of that aside, I am still enjoying listening to their tips for homeschool as a new homeschool mom.
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P&W Leader
These gals are hygge for my homeschool momma heart
Every time I listen to Cait and Kara, I feel warm and cozy and wish I was having tea in person with them. I love the giggles and comforting candor they have together, and topics they cover help me appreciate homeschooling as the special, individualized life it can be, when we embrace our own families’ uniqueness. I hope you never stop sistering us homeschool mommas who need your chats like a cup of soup for our souls. Thank you for this podcast!
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The Best for a New Homeschooling Mom
We started homeschooling this year and after searching I am so happy to have found this podcast. Cait and Kara are so relatable and funny, informative and truly a gem for new homeschooling moms. I have binged about half the episodes and so excited for the ones I have left.
Keep making podcasts!
Im a new homeschooling mom amongst this covid school year. Your podcast has been SO helpful. Ive actually taken notes on some of their podcasts! And they are fun to listen to. Keep the podcasts coming! We need you!!!
New Homeschool Parents’ Best Friend
Cait and Kara are a bright shining light that eases these parents brains in getting started “with this homeschool thing.” They are so open and honest and all the game schooling resources are right up our alley! Thank you guys for being around!
Love em!
These gals are such a breath of fresh air. As a homeschooling mom to four under eight, they are full of laughter and knowledge I need! Love em!
Fun and Focused
I totally binge listened to these wonderful ladies on a 6 hour drive to Valencia! Thankful for WiFi so I could download even more episodes for the return drive! I finally feel like if I decide that homeschooling is the path for us that I can tackle it with confidence!
LOVE the sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These ladies have helped change our lives. Between this and the Wild +Free podcast, I’ve found the courage and inspiration to homeschool my children. These wonderful ladies make homeschooling seem not so daunting and within the realm of possibility. I’m always laughing throughout the podcast, because they’re having a good time and it’s just fun! Thank you!!! I love this podcast and recommend it to every homeschooling mama I know!!!
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I found the sisters a few years ago, and it completely changed the perspective and flow with which I homeschool my kids. A couple years in and each episode leaves me feeling like I’ve left from a coffee date with friends, being refreshed and renewed! Thank you ladies for being exactly YOU! You help me know I’m not alone in this thing, and with each new friend interested in homeschooling, I steer them here because it’s just SO GOOD! Love to you both!
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Fiercely Normalizing.
I feel validated in my struggles, not only in providing for my child’s education, but in building family life and finding balance between that huge work load and keeping my sense of self. Thank y’all so much for sharing. I’m at home shouting “Same!”
Week I of of of of of oh
My favorite podcast!!
I adore Cait and Kara!! This podcast keeps me going and uplifted (and laughing) when I am feeling overwhelmed and overloaded. Or a fun way to just unwind. They have been so influential in our homeschooling and I am continually grateful for them ❤️ Love you sisters
Gret Hill
Content is great but it’s hard to listen to
Love the content of this podcast but gosh the sound quality is SO TERRIBLE! One person has great sound but the volume is always too low. The other is loud and sounds like she’s in a tin can. Makes it super difficult to listen to.
One of my favorites!
I have a three year old who I am homeschooling. This podcast has answered so many of my questions and concerns, and given me a realistic idea of what to expect in the coming years. I love the honesty shared in the episodes and these ladies are so fun to listen to. Looking forward to future episodes!
Thank You!
I just have to say...thank you! I’m diving into homeschool for the first time this year! My son has struggled with traditional school since day one in kindergarten. Six years later and I’m getting over my fear and jumping in! Your podcast helps guide me and comforts my mind just by learning from you! Thanks again!
Great podcast for homeschool encouragement & know how
Cait & Kara do a great job each episode of encouraging me in homeschooling. They share real life stories and tips. They made me believe that I could do this homeschooling thing!
Most hygge homeschool podcast ever
Your podcast makes me feel so cozy and happy every single time. Such great info and encouragement. My fave ever.
Lovely podcast
This is the first podcast I ever got “sucked into” and listened to every week. I am just now starting homeschool preschool but I’ve been listening since my son was 6 months old! I’ve learned a lot and I always enjoy just how nice the podcast is - very hygge indeed.
I love this podcast. I home school my 3 oldest who are 7th, 9th and 12th grade. My 2 youngest go to our public elementary school 2nd and 4th grade where I am also very involved. Homeschool has been so good for us in more ways than I could have ever guessed. I love every episode these ladies make and relate to them so well. I also so love all the book and product suggestions. Thanks Cait and Kara!
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utah sooner
I finally feel like I got this!
For months I have been feeling insecure, inadequate, ill-prepared and mostly like I was letting my kids down. I felt like I was in a twister but at the same time trying to stay on solid ground and walk out of it. In desperation I googled homeschool podcasts. I'll be honest, the logo drew me in :) After listening to just a couple podcasts, I felt educated and empowered. I knew I wasn't alone, but for some reason this podcast assured me I TRULY wasn't alone!! For the first time since homeschooling, I actually feel like I got this homeschool thing and enjoy teaching my littles. I can't thank them enough!
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We’re not alone!
This podcast is like have a best friend there for you all the time. We’ve just started homeschooling after my daughter had been struggling with emotional problems in school. After trying everything for a year my husband and I decided that homeschooling was the beat option for us. I started crying when I listed to the episode on support you child socially and emotionally. Thank you ladies for making me feel like I’m not alone, I will forever be thankful I found your podcast.
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Listening to this podcast was really needed. I feel comfortable & confident homeschooling now! I’m not sure I would have continued homeschooling without finding y’all. Thank you!
Mother of Redheads
Solo parenting epi misses the mark
I really really enjoy this podcast but as an actual single mom who homeschools I was really excited to listen to the solo parenting podcast and was really disappointed and let down when it was about people who are married but work around their spouses being gone. I know that it’s difficult, however it’s a drastically different experience when you still have that extra financial support, so I definitely thought that podcast was going to be much more for me and it left me out in the cold. I thought it was gonna be so much more about how single parents have to figure out how to manage homeschooling by themselves while also working and it was a big letdown
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Love these sisters!
They have brought a since of normalcy to my life just by how relatable they are. It's so much fun for me to listen to them laugh and have fun sharing their stories. They have some of the best guest speakers, who cover all things family and homeschool for me personally.
This show is such a breath of fresh air! I love your laughter (so check yourself, Nancy) and when you go down serious rabbit holes. 😂 It feels like I get to listen in to a real conversation between two friends, and I love it! I always laugh out loud at least 2 or 3 times each episode. Oh, and you do provide a ton of helpful information and wonderful encouragement.😉 Just sayin....keep it up sisters! You are loved! ❤️
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Lots of love for Cait and Kara!
I love The Homeschool Sisters Podcast! I’ve been following Kara’s blogging and recommendations for a long time and always enjoy hearing more from her and really appreciate her sense of humor! Getting to know more about Cait has been a joy as well! These ladies always have a topic that is relevant to what I’m going through as a homeschool mom and their insights are thoughtful, inspiring, and encouraging! I also loved the Kindred Homeschool Conference that they just had and can’t wait for the next one! And if you like great ebooks you need to check out Kara’s because we’ve had so much fun with History Mysteries, The Harry Potter one, and Monday Invitations! Cait’s ebook about lazy unit studies is giving us a lot of inspiration as well! I know these ladies are busy homeschooling moms but we sure appreciate them taking the time to share with us! Keep up the great work ladies!
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I’m halfway through the homeschool philosophies episode and I LOVE IT!!! I love that it feels less like a show and more like listening in on two besties’ phone call. You both are SO funny!! I’m dying!! Also pleeeeeasedo an episode all about Nancy 😂
They get the giggles and it makes me smile!
I really love the ladies. They make you feel like you are right up in there giggling with your friends. Full of great material that has spurred changes in our own homeschool life. Worth a listen! Then another listen.... then you’ll be binge listening like I do. It would be hard to find other homeschool moms as open hearted as Cait and Kara.
Thank you!
Listening to your podcast, along with talking to many homeschooling families, helped us to make our decision to homeschool next year. It’s good to know I’m not alone in this new endeavor!
Making homeschool more enjoyable every episode!!!
Thank you for your podcast!! I am so grateful I found it before we started homeschooling this year. I am able to stay relaxed and know that learning takes places everywhere, to incorporate lots of games, and not to stress on those days when we stay in pajamas and bake for science/math/life skills. 😉❤️ I’m sure my two kiddos would thank you too, if they knew how much your podcast helped shape how we homeschool!
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Homeschool Sisters Homework
I love your podcast. It was essential to me as my family began our homeschool journey. I binge-listened every single episode and felt informed and empowered. While our choices are not identical The Homeschool Sisters Podcast has shaped me as a homeschool mom and opened up a whole new world of learning AND fun for me and my family. Thank you so much!!
Eryn in ABQ
So encouraging
I LOVE your podcast. You ladies keep it fun and help other moms to realize things don’t need to be perfect. As a new mom to homeschooling, this has helped my mindset tremendously while approaching this new venture of education for my children. Thank you:)
AZ Libby
Love these ladies!!!
Just started listening and love them!
Faithful Journey Homeschool
The Sisters Rock!
I found THSP in December 2016 when I was considering homeschool for my 4 year old. Cait and Kara changed my family forever. We have been a homeschool family ever since. Their podcasts and show notes are AMAZING. They have tons of amazing articles and resources on their websites. They do all the heavy lifting and quickly lead me to the best available resources to educate my kids. They are also kind enough to direct us to other amazing bloggers like Shawna Wingert, Melissa Camera Wilkins, Sarah Mackenzie, and Julie Bogart. These ladies deserve 10 stars! Thank you Kara and Cait! s c
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This is my all time favorite podcast. I homeschool my 3 kids ages 11,8,5. I love the honesty of this podcast. I have lerned so much from them. WONDERFUL book recommendations. Thanks
Hands down, if you’re homeschooling or thinking of doing so, you need to subscribe because this is the best homeschooling podcast around. I stumbled onto this a year ago when we were unexpectedly considering homeschooling. I had so many questions & apprehensions, & no idea where to start. I listened to every podcast before we made our final decision to homeschool. I’ve gone back and listened again to episodes now that we are in the thick of it, and I get something new out of them every time. Amazing! Kara & Cait make you feel as though your best friends are baby-stepping you through how you can give your kids a different but highly valuable education that works for each kid, survive the mundane, real-life things that still have to be tackled while teaching, and maybe not lose your marbles in the process. And if you do lose your marbles, at least you’ll know you’re in good company. 😉 All the love for this podcast!
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When you need to feel like you’re enough...
I’m new to this homeschooling thing, and I listen to Cait and Kara when I’m looking for advice about how and what to teach, but the most important thing I take away from them is knowing I’m enough. Every day doesn’t have to be perfect and every lesson doesn’t have to land exactly right. It’s about the big picture and there is no need to panic over a bad day or a hard season. It’s a refreshing and much needed message in a picture perfect Instagrammed world where no one seems to doubt themselves but me.
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Favorite podcast!
I found this podcast on a day when I REALLY needed it and I haven’t stopped listening! So much good information, book lists, game lists, personal experiences- I feel like I know these mamas! I love being able to listen to this when I run... I feel like I’ve spent time with fun, encouraging friends, and I come back to my kids refreshed and ready to keep at it.
Can I be a Sister??
Love these relatable ladies! Never condescending but full of great ideas and practical methods for homeschooling and being mom. I can't decide which one is my soul sister, Cait (Kenny Chesney and games, need I say more) or Kara (I too am one step away from a bunny print turtle neck with tissues up my sleeve!). Love the book recommendations as well!
2 Sisters You Need
Sometimes it is hard to fine your t Homeschool tribe, thats even more so in homeschooling. I loves these 2 and feel like they are MY SISTERS! I just love their down to earth chats that keep it real but also positive most of the time. I love the vendors that sponsor their show and don't feel "markeded to". Love their "awesome adulting" and their "Hygge Homeschool" great ideas and reminders.
Love it!
Hands down, my absolutely favorite podcast! Love listening the these 2 lovely ladies. Always look forward to the next episode. Even though I’m not currently homeschooling I am looking into it and completely relate to them in some way. Thank you so much for such a wonderful podcast!
Happiness for my day!
I really enjoy listening to Cait and Cara. Listening you can’t help but smile. Wonderful encouragement for a homeschooling mom!
I love it so much. The girls are so real and helpful and fun. <3
JChilds Designs
New to homeschooling
This show is awesome! I wanted a real look at homeschooling before diving in. The sisters do a great job of letting you see the ups and downs of homeschooling. Most of all, they show you how it is so worth it and encourage you that you've got this! This show helped me to realize I could do this. We just finished our portfolio review and want to thank the sisters for the encouragement!
Cait and Kara are an encouraging pair. They have great tidbits of information about about homeschooling and life. Worth the listen.
A real blessing
I found your podcast just last week, I am already enjoying listening to so many of the episodes and getting caught on the wisdom you ladies have you shared. Can you share more about homeschooling in early years? I have a 4 and 6 year old . At times I feel I am doing to much and other times I feel like I am not doing enough. I want to help them develop a true love of learning! Thank you , you guys are amazing! 😊
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My favorite so far!
As a mom who just decided to start homeschooling, I’ve been subscribing to homeschooling podcasts like a mad woman. This is by far the one I’ve enjoyed the most. I started with episode one and I’m working my way from there... love how real these ladies are and how much wisdom and encouragement they have to offer. I have a lot of doubts and questions as I take on this “homeschooling thing” and so many have of them have been addressed in just the first ten episodes. Looking forward to learning more as I go!
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Hands Down My Favorite Homeschooling Podcast
I love this show! As a secular “eclectic” homeschooler, it’s hard to find podcasts that aren’t exclusively Christian. It’s refreshing to listen to a podcast where your religion isn’t a central focus or assumed. The feeling of the podcast is like talking with a couple moms over coffee- cozy and down to earth- yet packed with information. There is just enough chit chat about their lives in order to get to know them and their families (they are not actual sisters). There is a similarly titled show I tried to listen to, but there was so much chattiness about and between themselves, I lost interest. Cait and Kara seem to understand that you’re a busy parent who is looking for information and ideas, but the tone stays conversational and fun. They give lots of great recommendations- so far my favorite episodes have been the ones on gameschooling and non-fiction books. The only downside is the amount of money I’m going to want to spend this year on books, games, and other fun stuff! But seriously Cait and Kara- when you are going against the grain and the pressure to send your child to school is mounting- this is one of the places where I find encouragement and strength to keep following our path. Your joyous but humble journeys are inspiring. Thank you!
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Alice in Avl
We’re all in this together.
Just what I need to remind me, “You got this sister.” The ladies remind me its normal, I’m normal, my kids are normal. Love listening to real moms do real tough stuff, just like me.
we go back a few years
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