The Homegrown Helpers
The Homegrown Helpers
Rob Smith
The Homegrown Helpers is here to help you grow better medical marijuana or adult use cannabis at home. We interview cannabis home grow consultants to bring you their do's and don't from the grow room, as well as shed some light on what type of grower they are! We bring your grow advice, tips, and tricks from some experienced gardeners from across the globe! IF you want more content, hit up for just a bit more from each one of our guests! Ready to hire your own homegrown helper? email us at and we'll connect you with the right consultant for your job and location.
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Home Gown Helpers !
What a great podcast for the first timers out there like me. So glad this information is getting out there so anyone can enjoy the Fruits of their labor. I really enjoy the Korean Natural Farming shows how you can use plants and weeds growing around your place to make food for all your plants. We will miss you Rob Smith see you on the other side brother Growers Love.
Mg master 99
Great show. Tragic news. Rest In Peace Rob and deepest of condolences to the Smith family
The best podcast for the novice grower
Although I’ve had close to two decades of familiarity with the flower, I really had no clue what went into growing. This show, Rob’s awesome personality, and his ability to breakdown the various ways to grow gave me the motivation to actually pursue growing for medicinal use. Ill always be grateful for being given the tools/knowledge to procure my own medicine, and Rob and the rest of the GrowCast family of podcasts offered a wealth of knowledge through personal experience and interviews with consultants/growers/breeders.
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Great show
The show was great And really informative. Wouldn’t change a thing! Three out of five stars
Love the diverse selection of home growers in the interviews. Just started listening and it is fascinating to see the vast differences in the way we all grow the same plant
New format really cool
I love how this show is trying to help people in their homes while giving them perspective on what it is like to have a similar hobby in places around the world. The show is informative and they care about their audience.
HomegrownhelpYOURSELF OUT!
If you are even thinking about a grow, had an interest to know more about THAT plant or flower in front of you, then LISTEN! You will be doing yourself a favor. Cultivars, how to, what to do. Have a question, and want to know more, become a member @growpass! You will learn sooo much and have a sense of community in the process. Rob, Jordan, and wolfman have got you covered. Peace my friends
kaneh Bosem
Awesome show!! Deep and informative.
Amazing podcast!
I’ve been listening to homegrown helpers and grow cast for the last year and it has taught me SO much. The guests are incredible and share all sorts of tips and tricks to help improve your grow, whether indoors or outdoors. Check it out and be willing to apply the new found knowledge to your grows. You won’t be disappointed!
Great podcast
I love listening to the stories of these homegrowers. I went all the way back to the beginning and I’m hitting every episode. Keep up the good work. I learn more every day from all of your guests
Joey Budasmoko
Informative podcast for sure!
I’m a big fan of both the podcasts rob produces. Homegrown helpers and GrowCast. Both a very informative but homegrown helpers has great knowledge specific for smaller operation!
Awesome relatable interviews
I love how this show brings common and uncommon obstacles, with their solutions from a super varied mix of growers and styles. Very informative!
Herbin Souljah
Great info!
Love this podcast! The info is great and rob is a strong longtime grower with tons of great advice!
Wow such great info
I’m really learning a lot from this podcast. I’m so glad I found it. Thank you so much for this great content.
Super informative!
As a commercial grower, never homegrowing and not knowing too much about small scale grows, I have started to really learn how to scale down and really dial in. I cannot wait for rec to hit here in Florida, so I really can start implementing what i’ve learned!
A Hidden Gem
Have to say it is insane that I just found this podcast. I have been missing out!! Don’t be dumb like me and miss out too! Take advantage of this fantastic resource!
Homegrown is Always the Best
The homegrown helpers gives a different style of podcast for cannabis cultivation. Rob interviews many home growers and gives a better understanding for those thinking about growing their own cannabis. Many people might be overwhelmed by the amount of information there is out there, so this podcast helps people ease in making the jump to cultivate their own cannabis. You will learn a wide variety of info from diy setups basic grow practices and trails and tribulations home growers go through. Perfect to listen to while working in the garden too!
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Panda speed
Very informative
Awesome podcast that puts real life entry growers with the experience and lessons learned of the seasoned growers. A very easy podcast to listen and follow.
I’ve learned so much!
What a great podcast! It inspired me to try different grow methods to see what works. Thank you, Rob!
Great Podcast - Lots of Info
This is a great podcast if you are learning to grow or an experienced grower. The only reason I didn’t give this podcast 5 stars is because of the 4 minute intro. I just fast forward past that part though. It would be nice if that 4 minutes could be cut into 2 minutes just for an intro.
Its Mike H
Rob Smith and his team get me high on information
This podcast is for everyone from beginners to experts in the field of cannabis. The weekly dose of knowledge bestowed upon its listeners will take your grow to the next level. This is one of the only podcasts I listen back to and take notes on because there is so much to gain from it. Not only is the podcast wildly informative and entertaining, Rob wants his listeners to succeed and will answer your questions personally. Thank you guys! Keep up the great work!
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Prudy's Hemp Farm
Great podcast!
Love GrowCast and homegrown helpers. Some of the most informative podcasts on cultivating cannabis at home. Highly recommended
relevant & timely information
Every week these episodes provide me with something that I write down. It may not always be applicable, however I am always learning based on others experiences, which is far less costly than making the mistakes or investments myself. Thanks
Glenn Girone
Awesome podcast
Found growcast on here after listening to a different podcast about growing and looking for something else and love it then found out they have a second one here specializing in the homegrower, give it a listen great content.
Great Info
Great information from different growers. Helped me in my growth for being a new grower
Adrian Soto
Great info
Very helpful and informative.
Just what I was looking for
Although Rob has less enthusiasm than Jordan on air the podcast is a budding success. From simple tips to VPD discussions this podcast delivers on its namesake. Keep up the great content.
Small scale Regenerative Cannabis
Love the platform Rob and really enjoyed contributing. It’s important to share information and help each other grow as a community. The more people talking about regenerative cannabis practices and organic growing the better. We should all be listening and learning to understand what we can do to make healthier plants and a happier planet. Keep up the great work amigo. Come visit Puerto Rico the dispensaries are full of tropical sativas and the rainforest has some even more incredible exotic plants.
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Maybe some day.
Intro is getting old. Growcast was decent. It was my first podcast. Too much ummmm ummmm uhhhh. Need to fast forward first 5 min. Too much advertising. I really like grow from your heart podcast or dudegrows show. Hope it gets better. Unsubscribed. Sorry.
Wealth of Information
I am a new grower and this podcast is hitting it out of the park. Rob has some of the best guests on his show and asked the all the same questions that I would. Can’t wait for new episodes to drop.
Great Podcast
Super informative I really like the quick format and shorter episodes make it easy to soak up information.
Great show!!!
Great grow show bro!
Great show for beginners like me!
I’m learning a lot with just the first 5 episodes and the format is well done 🤙
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