The Homegrown Helpers
The Homegrown Helpers
Rob Smith
The Homegrown Helpers is here to help you grow better medical marijuana or adult use cannabis at home. We interview cannabis home grow consultants to bring you their do's and don't from the grow room, as well as shed some light on what type of grower they are! We bring your grow advice, tips, and tricks from some experienced gardeners from across the globe! IF you want more content, hit up for just a bit more from each one of our guests! Ready to hire your own homegrown helper? email us at and we'll connect you with the right consultant for your job and location.
BONUS EPISODE: AJ Tibayan, CanCannGrows, IPM, increasing yield, & more
BONUS episode: AJ Tibayan, CanCannGrow on Instagram and Patreon, joins me for a long-overdue release. We cover planning for success, IPM, his biggest challenges, community & the bonus questions!! Master your grow with our experienced assistance at Become a member and maximize your benefits NOW - doors close October 8th! Check out for the best grow bags on the market. The grow light calculator at is one of the best out there! Check it out!
Sep 28, 2020
53 min
HG Burner, popping seeds and strain selection
HG Burner joins me to share his story, advice on popping cannabis seeds, picking the right plants to keep in the garden, picking the right strains for you, and some beginner breeding tips. Connect and follow along with HG on Instagram @hg_burner2 Let us help you master your grow with the knowledge and experience locked away inside - doors close 10/8 to apply to be on the show - GROWCAST15 for 15% off - GROWCAST for 10% off
Sep 24, 2020
43 min
Thor from Maine, Deep Water Culture talk & tons of gardening tips
Thor shares his long history with cannabis and what brought him to be a caregiver in Maine. We dig into Deep Water Culture advice and things to avoid, how to pick the right strain for you & more. to apply to be on the show, download resources, enter the TrimBag giveaway or start a 7-day GrowPass trial - use code GROWCAST15 to save 15% at checkout - use code GROWCAST to get 10% off, or GROWCAST100 to save $100 on The Armoire
Sep 18, 2020
54 min
Doc Calyx, Korean Natural Farming for beginners, transplanting tips
Doc Calyx combines his passion for helping people and cannabis to help others find better health through growing the plant. We discuss ways to get started with Korean Natural Farming, tips for transplanting and more. Connect w/ Doc @doc_calyx or in our Slack Channel, info below Visit for everything we do, like our latest giveaway from DYNOMYCO and TrimBag next, or start a trial at - use GROWCAST to save 10% - use GROWCAST to save 10%
Sep 11, 2020
54 min
Aaron the Grower helping you through to a successful outdoor harvest
Aaron joins us from his farm in Northern Cali and walks us through his history with cannabis and then details his off grid outdoor grow. We then dig deep into topics that are a MUST LISTEN if you are growing outdoor this fall. Tips to help avoid bud rot and pest problems along with how to properly dry and cure your cannabis. Enjoy! Fireside w/ Frenchy Canolli DYNOMYCO giveaway & More - GCL10 for 10% off - GROWCAST for $30 off + free ship
Sep 4, 2020
58 min
Ep 29: Max Scrim n Ruby - Discretion, lighting, IPM & more
Max joins me for a long-awaited interview where we cover a wide range of topics all designed to help the homegrower learn a little something to improve their garden. We cover a ton of stuff from discretion, lighting, hermied plants, and being involved with the community to continue helping others learn! Fireside chat w/ Frenchy - - GROWCAST for 10% off GROWCAST100 to save $100 on The Armoire - use code GROWCAST for $30 off + free shipping
Aug 28, 2020
42 min
Smot Poker from Pennsylvania, Autoflowers in an Open Room Grow
Smot Poker on joins me to share how he yields 8 ounces of premium bud from each plant every 100 days, in a shared space grow room. includes links to - Slack Channel, Listener discounts, apply to be on the show, Extensive Resources, and start a 7 day trial of GrowPass. - use GCL10 to save 10% on premium, organic inputs for your plants DYNOMYCO - premium mycorrhizal fungi for your cannabis transplants - use GROWCAST FOR 10% off, even on Amazon
Aug 21, 2020
49 min
Dr. Coco, still making mistakes to help others learn
Join the Plant Training Grow Challenge and flip your plants on October 1st with Dr. Coco & the rest of the crew featured in the last 3 weeks here! In this episode we cover his grow setup, history with cannabis, humidity & avoiding bud rot/botrytis this fall! Apply to be on the show at for all your gardening needs - GROWCAST15 to save 15% off - use GROWCAST15 for 15% off all your ventilation needs - best on the market
Aug 17, 2020
54 min
Michaelangelo Grows, Why growing with a community is so important
Mike Angel (@MichaelangeloGrows) joins me for a great conversation covering dutch bucket-style growing, how important growing with a community is at, and how to sort through the deep web of information that a grower needs to sort through in order to get started. Get featured on the show - Check out for your website build & design needs. to win Fish Shit Use Growcast @ to save 10%
Aug 6, 2020
1 hr 7 min
Miss Myrcene, valuable lessons from a first-time grower
Miss Myrcene joins me fresh off her first harvest, reaping the rewards but realizing how much work proper curing methods can be! We discuss loads of learning opportunities and how helped her overcome some of the challenges she faced. Apply to be on the show at - Use GROWCAST FOR 10% off Use GROWCAST100 for $100 off The Armoire - use GROWCAST15 for 15% off - use GROWCAST to save $30 & free shipping
Jul 31, 2020
38 min
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