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S2E3: Emmanuel Fortune
Emmanuel Fortune grew up in the Little Haiti community of Miami Florida, a child of Haitian immigrants. His family was 12 - a single mom and 11 siblings (including him). He learned to work hard and to do whatever was needed to help his family. Listen in as Emmanuel shares stories of what this was like and how it impacted his childhood and adolescent years. During a particular moment in his Process, Emmanuel could feel a breakthrough was possible. He stayed with himself as that moment unfolded into a profound understanding and deep healing took place. By transforming patterns deeply rooted since childhood, Emmanuel's vision for his life and his professional path is blossoming. His story reflects the power of the Process to create real change within ourselves and in our lives. Emmanuel completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Florida. He completed his graduate studies at Stanford University. He is a lifelong educator with a belief in people’s ability to learn and grow. As you listen to this episode, you will see Emmanuel, himself, is a beautiful example of this. Emmanuel's professional career spans time working in education, the social sector, management consulting, and most recently six years in philanthropy. He is passionate about economic justice. An educator at heart, his vision is to pursue a Ph.D. He plans to study a business-related discipline to research its relationship to justice and social change. Emmanuel Fortune is a family man, in all its forms. A giving and compassionate man, Emmanuel knows the power of the heart. He sees the wisdom that lies within each of us. Subscribe on Apple/iTunes
Nov 5
34 min
S2E2: Tamar Geller
Enjoy this lively episode with Tamar Geller, dog trainer, behavior expert, and New York Times bestselling author, and our new co-host Sharon Mor, Hoffman teacher. Listen in as Tamar shares about living from Spirit and training dogs in a whole new way.  Tamar developed the "The Loved Dog" method of dog training. It's an innovative method based on the intersection of brain science, personal development, and a deep understanding of dogs' behavior. Tamar's work is popular with clients such as Oprah, Lady Gaga, the Kardashians, Tony Robbins, Reese Witherspoon, and many others. How It All Began After serving as an intelligence officer working with the Israeli Special Forces, Tamar spent time observing wolves in the wild. She studied the role of the leader as a parent and protector of his pack. By using similar techniques as the wolves, she created a method to train dogs that doesn't involve aggression, dominance, or choke chains. In her training, Tamar goes beyond positive reinforcement. She emphasizes building a solid relationship with the dog by understanding the dog as an individual. She coaches them through games and fun to become the best version of themselves. Tamar helps PAWrents build a relationship with their dogs based on mutual devotion and love. She founded the first cage-free doggy boarding and daycare center in southern California, called The Loved Dog. Her first book of the same name teaches dog-owners how to train their dogs in a nonaggressive way. Tamar works closely with the animal rights organizations Humane Society of the United States, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and various rescue organizations. She conducts programs for rescue organizations and offers lectures in dog behavior. She has appeared on a variety of television programs and media outlets, including The Today Show, Oprah, Ellen, and Animal Planet. You can find out more about Tamar and her method of training puppies and dogs here, as well as on Instagram. Subscribe on Apple/iTunes
Oct 29
32 min
S2E1: Stan Stefancic
Welcome to Season Two! We are thrilled to open with Stan Stefancic, a retired Hoffman teacher and former Director of Special Projects for the Institute. Stan shares his stories of the Process (including working with Bob Hoffman), as well as his life's work in helping to create a more socially just and caring world. For Stan, "...the Hoffman Process was a life-changing experience. I made many profound discoveries. I also encountered my Spiritual Self, and my own intrinsic worth and value. This meant that I could enjoy what I was doing for its own sake rather than proving through achievement that I was lovable.” Stan initially studied Civil Engineering while working as a bricklayer/stonemason apprentice. Upon completion of his apprenticeship, he changed direction, earning a BA in English and American Literature. Stan became active in politics and social change in college. He then earned an M.Div. degree at Harvard Divinity School. While studying for a Ph.D., he began working with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and met Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King inspired Stan to leave his graduate study and become a Unitarian Universalist Minister. He was able to become deeply involved with the Civil Rights Movement and participate in meaningful social and political change. A minister for more than 40 years, Stan has served churches in six states. He served on many nonprofit Boards, including Common Cause, ACLU, and Planned Parenthood. Stan has also served as a citizen lobbyist focusing on Campaign Finance reform and ethics and conflict of interest legislation. Stan was honored as Citizen Activist of the Year in 1998 for his contributions to the passage of a Citizen's Initiative resulting in Arizona being one of four states to pass Public Funding of all elected State Officials. Bob Hoffman & Stan Stefancic in 1986 A Major Life Turning Point A major turning point in Stan’s life occurred when he participated in the Hoffman Process. He had recently resigned his position as Senior Minister after five tumultuous years and was trying to determine what to do next. Then a friend introduced him to Bob Hoffman, who invited him to experience the first 8-day residential Process and become Vice-president of the Institute. Immediately after completing the Process, Stan also began training as a Teacher. After teaching and training teachers for six years in the USA, Europe, and Australia, Stan left the Institute for a time to pursue other interests. He was a business consultant and did “crisis interventions” with churches where he was able to heal the wounds, repair the organizations, and stimulate growth. “I could not have been successful in those crisis situations had I not done the Process and learned how to stay present, authentic, focused, and deal with transference and projections.” Stan rejoined the Institute in 2000 as Director of Special Projects and Process teacher. He retired in 2011. Presently, he is writing a Memoir. Stan and his wife Marianne, who is a psychotherapist, live in San Rafael, CA. Subscribe on Apple/iTunes
Oct 22
47 min
Episode 21: Raz Ingrasci
In our finale episode of season one, Raz Ingrasci shares stories from many parts of his life. He offers some deeply moving stories about his own life as a husband, father, and son. Raz also shares an early history of, and fascinating wisdom about, the Hoffman Process. He speaks of his relationship with Bob Hoffman and the early days when the roots of the Process were first taking hold. You won't want to miss this one! Listen in to find out why the Process is so effective in facilitating the change and transformation in people so needed in our world today. Raz shares about the Negative Love Syndrome and how doing the work in the Process, and in our new Hoffman Essentials, heals. Our times call for us to embody love and us to share it in our 'everyday radius'. Raz began his spiritual journey as a new graduate of UC Berkeley. He founded the Hoffman Institute Foundation in 1998 and has been an executive, consultant, and facilitator within the “Human Potential Movement” since 1972. Raz is also a Hoffman teacher of many years and Chairman of Hoffman International. Season two will begin in mid-October. In the meantime, make sure to catch up on all of our season one episodes. Subscribe on Apple/iTunes
Sep 10
54 min
Episode 20: Jake Tarr
Jake had a profound spiritual experience during his Process. When he turned the light of forgiveness toward himself, something incredible occurred. As Jake says, what happened isn't 'on the menu' of the Process, but spiritual experiences and profound awakenings can and do happen at the Process. Listen in as Jake shares with us what happened and how it unfolded. Since his Process, this experience has deepened within him and has transformed his life and his relationships. Jake is a Managing Director at Kinetic Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm. He received his BA from Roanoke College and his MBA from Harvard Business School. Jake serves on the Hoffman Institute's Board of Directors. He is the former Board Chair of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, one of the largest meditation communities in the country. Jake and his wife, Carrington, both Hoffman graduates, live with their three children in Washington, DC. They both have several siblings and friends who have also done the Process. Subscribe on Apple/iTunes
Sep 3
33 min
Episode 19: Lindsay Meyer
Lindsay is a 2-time entrepreneur, former venture capital analyst, ex-biotechie, and a 2017 TIME Person of the Year. Listen in as Lindsay shares with us some of the profound realizations that occurred for her during her Process, including the life-changing messages she received through dialoguing with her birth parents. Linsday shares real-life examples of how when one is serious about change and does the work, deep change can happen. Since her Process in December 2019, she has witnessed the changes in her thinking, in her behavior, and in her choices. Others have noticed the changes in her and have wondered if they are a result of Hoffman. Lindsay tells them, Yes. Lindsay is originally from Minneapolis by way of adoption from South Korea. She has spent the last 12 years living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lindsay is an alum of the University of Notre Dame, a doting dog mother, enthusiastic home chef, and urban floral forager. You can find out more about Lindsay here. Subscribe on Apple/iTunes
Aug 27
39 min
Episode 18: Renda Baird
In this episode, Renda shares stories of her Process and life in Minneapolis during this time of great unrest. She also shares stories of her magical childhood growing up on a farm. Renda speaks of the many patterns she took on as a child that kept her from knowing who she is and what her true purpose is. In Renda's words, post-Process, "I've finally put 'My Who' and 'My Do' together. I’m not carrying shame around who I really am, what I stand for, and why it matters." Renda shares her experience of mothering her beautiful adopted son and what it's like living as a family in Minneapolis during this time of protest and grief. Before the Process, Renda had a hard time acknowledging her feelings, let alone grief. Now, she can be present to all that is happening in her town for herself and her son so she can speak up for what she values and what matters to her. Renda wants to share with graduates that "shining our light is what we are here to do." Subscribe on Apple/iTunes
Aug 20
28 min
Episode 17: Marc Cooper
Marc Cooper shares both the story of his Process and what followed after - a healing of the negative love patterns with both his biological and adoptive mothers.  Healing doesn't stop at the end of the Process - it continues after we return home. Our healing work radiates love out into our lives and in our relationships with those we love. An entrepreneur, investor, and inventor, Marc is President of The Fiber Resource Group, Inc. Mark is passionate about the paper industry and finding innovative and effective solutions to business problems. Find out more about Marc here. Marc lives in the Northeastern United States and has two daughters and a son. He is dedicated to health and wellness and enjoys skiing, trail running, paddle boarding, cycling, and writing. Marc is currently working on completing his Integrative Positional Therapy (IPT) Certification. He's a supporter of many local and Jewish Community organizations on North Shore and in Israel. Subscribe on Apple/iTunes
Aug 13
34 min
Episode 16: Raj Kapoor
Raj Kapoor is the Chief Strategy Officer for Lyft, as well as the Head of Business for Lyft’s self-driving division. He joins Drew to talk about the inspiration and new purpose he found from his experience contracting and surviving COVID-19. Once recovered, Raj created his new brainchild, World Without COVID, to empower others - COVID-positive or -negative - to come forward for testing and participating in clinical trials. He found there’s a stigma around having COVID-19. Now we all have an opportunity to fight this pandemic, together, by using World Without COVID. Raj also shares his insights on the impact COVID-19 has had on him personally as well as for Lyft as a company. During these tumultuous times, he has witnessed how Spirit-led ideas and actions have sparked real change through these times. Raj also serves as a board advisor for ClassPass and is a Venture Advisor at Mayfield Fund. Prior to Lyft, he was a co-founder and CEO of both Snapfish (acquired by HP in 2005) and Fitmob (acquired by ClassPass in 2015), as well as a managing director at Mayfield Fund. Raj holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Subscribe on Apple/iTunes
Aug 6
39 min
Episode 15: Erol Senel
Erol Senel is a purposeful father of two, a creative professional, and the host of Success Shorts podcast. He's also Director, Planning & Product Integration at Fidelity Investments. In this episode, Erol shares mistakes he made in the months following his Process. Erol found his life after the Process challenging. He actively used everything he learned at the Process to navigate these challenges. By doing so, Erol discovered a lot about himself, how he now wishes to be in the world, and what he wants for his life. What followed was a new, pro-active use of Hoffman tools to re-write the story of his future. Success Shorts offers quick and impactful episodes focusing on successful individuals speaking to an intangible trait that's aided in their success. Each episode offers actionable takeaways for the listener. Subscribe on Apple/iTunes
Jul 30
36 min
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