The History of Rome
The History of Rome
Mike Duncan
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Do not recommend
Terrible program
Christopher Burrows
Best Roman History I have heard
I was totally turned on to Riman history by Dan Carlin's podcast, which I listend to after hiking Hadrian's Wall. This is the deep dive into the Insanity of Empire that I was looking for. Bonus! It's done, so you can binge it in it's completness. Currently waiting for the Russian Revolution to complete on his follow up podcast 'Revolutions' which I also highly recomend.
Dances without a clue
I have only been using apple podcasts for about a month now, but I love it. This was one of the first podcasts I discovered, and I am so glad I did. I already love world history, and in particular the Romans, but there were several distinct time periods I knew nothing about, such as the Seven Kings period. The way that Mike Duncan explains it is easy to follow and easy to listen to and unless you deliberately skip an episode, you can pretty much follow exactly what is going on, particularly because he goes really in depth from many different angles, and in the beginning of almost every episode he explains what has happened briefly in the previous episode, making it practically impossible to become lost in the show. Each episode is also a good length, being generally 15-20 minutes in the earlier episodes, and 20-25 minutes in the later episodes. He also makes funny jokes from time to time, which can be a nice brain cleanser during a particularly serious or meaty part. On a last note, I absolutely love how Duncan finds to go in depth on the biography of a particular individual, which provides a lot of appreciated context in a situation where a certain individual is of particular importance. In conclusion, Mike Duncan writes a great script, and reads it so well that it makes listening to episode after episode an honest addiction.
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NOCKAT for life
Thank you Mr Duncan
I’m on episode 109 and hooked! Never thought that learning about the history of Rome could be so engaging! I love the occasional 21st century spin Roman culture and politics. Duncan is a masterful storyteller.
All In Again
Favorite Podcaster, and this is my Second time through History of Rome. It’s like going through the epic Tolkien books. Always more to hear and learn. Incredible job, thank you so much
Why podcasts are great
I started listening to this in high school thinking I needed to be more knowledgeable in order to feel smarter, and Mike Duncan’s podcast made me fall in love with the history rather than the knowledge.
Been listening to this and revolutions for 7 years, just realized I hadn’t left a review
My all time #2 favorite pod
Awesome and accessible
Wonderful way to kill a week or two🤔😉
This is the best podcast ever
Carrot (not tiktok)
Still the best!
I have lost track for how many times I’ve listened to this podcast beginning to end. Decided to revisit the Crisis of the 3rd Century one more time.
Great Podcast from the Podcasting GOAT
Started listening to Mike Duncan’s Revolutions podcast when I was in high school and have loved it for years. His ability to concisely (it doesn’t look concise when you see the number of episodes I know but it’s worth it) and clearly explain complex historical events is unparalleled. I’ve been wanting to listen to the History of Rome for some time but I never started, partially due to being intimidated by the sheer length without seasons to break it up. I was also dubious as to the content — a large reason why I love revolutions is because it explains so much of how the modern world came to be. As I’ve listened though I’ve been amazed at how much the modern world can clearly be traced back to these events thousands of years ago. Finally, as a 24 year old I was a bit scared of listening to a podcast that was under production while I was in elementary school — afraid that it would be the black and white movies of podcasting. I will say the first like six episodes have somewhat worse sound quality but it’s not much of an issue and it is fixed after that so don’t let the age make you doubt this incredible podcast. Despite those concerns, about four weeks ago I finally built up the courage to start the series and I couldn’t be happier. As of now I have one single episode left. Yup, I’ve been averaging over 40 episodes a week which sounds insane I know but it’s just very easy to listen to. I cannot recommend this podcast enough and I feel like I owe Mike Duncan a huge favor for helping me explore so many complex historical events that I otherwise might have lazily glossed over. I’m truly sad to be finishing this podcast and very sad about his ending of Revolutions (I will say at one point you said you were considering the Irish independence movement for a season and if you ever make a comeback I would be thrilled to hear that) but I am excited to read his new book and cannot recommend either work enough. Synopsis: The History of Rome, it’s good folks
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Intern #3
Still the best
Going back to do it all again. Reminded of just how great this body of work is. Well done, Mike Duncan!
Duncan History
Mike is one of the best story tellers I have heard over the last decade.
One of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to
I love Classics. But always leaned toward the Greeks and never quite appreciated the depth and varied richness of all that Roman history and culture had to offer. This podcast changed that. And I am now fully obsessed with all things Roman history.
The Gold Standard in Roman History Podcasts
Detailed and interesting. I enjoyed every minute and was sad after listening to the last episode. This is a must listen if you like Roman history.
Maximus podcasticis magnus
Wow, listened to this thing 3-4 times. Mike can really dive into detail without making it boring. Any life-long learner will enjoy this. Obviously an interest in Roman history helps but I’d still suggest it for anyone that wants to learn about the ancient world. It’s also very well rounded and covers tons about Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East and Asia. Thanks MD!
Why dunt I sea mi reviwes
Bleep you
santa clause1234567891011
Mike dugoat Duncan
Probably the single best podcast on my 3rd listen.
Superb and entertaining writing.
Best yet
I like your show and Rome. 🎖🎖🎖🎖🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆🏆 I am almost done ✅ and I also like revolutions. If I could I would give a lot more than five stars ✨.
STILL The BEST History Podcast Out There
More than 10 years after it launched, “The History of Rome” still holds up well to the competition. That makes perfect sense because this is the history podcast that launched all history podcasts. Mike was a pioneer. He’s inspired many great podcasters, but Mike was the first, and like George Washington, will be the greatest for all time.
Very sick 🤘🤘🔥🔥
Show stopper
Mike Duncan does an excellent job narrating this podcast. His voice is so soothing, facts on point, chronologically covers the important things and goes into details of things that I believe are important. I’ve learned more from this podcast than I ever did during school! He has many more series out so definitely take a listen to all of them because they will definitely teach you something.
A Podcast of Magnificent Status
Mike Duncan’s “The History of Rome” podcast is one of magnificent status, and has proved invaluable in my understanding of Roman history from the murky early days of the quasi-polis, to the sundering of the Empire. If you wish to start with a history podcast, by all that is holy, please start with this masterpiece.
Gold Standard History Podcast
This is the podcast that introduced me to podcasts. No other podcast has been as enjoyable, despite finding several excellent ones. Great podcast. Cannot recommend higher.
My favorite podcast
Comprehensive look at the entire history of Rome told articulately and thoroughly
Just finished my 2nd time through
That’s right I have listened to every episode at least twice. And I actually enjoyed the 2nd time through more than the 1st time through. Thank you, Mr. Duncan for this work which keeps all that ancient history close and proving once again that if told correctly, these timeless stories are indeed timeless.
I wish I found this 14 years ago
Well researched and voiced. Thanks for providing this podcast for us to enjoy!
Justinian Graecus
Great Intro To Roman History
I had always wanted to learn more about the history of the Roman Republic and Empire. This was the perfect way to do it.
Frank G M W
I love the way he gives information and I like his voice. Thank you! ♥️
Wish I had found this 10 years ago
An amazing podcast for those that enjoy history or (like me) love Roman history. So much good content in each episode with a great flair for telling the stories. This makes each episode self-contained and easy to listen to.
Best podcast ever I love history
This podcast is just incredible and well researched. Thank you so much for providing this material to so many of us interested in Rome’s ancient history. Two thumbs up!!
Great - but it does perpetuate a historical inaccuracy
The Roman Empire ended in 1453 after the sack of Constantinople. The term “Byzantine Empire” didn’t exist until well after 1453. It was also a way of delegitimize the East (and Orthodoxy), while legitimizing the West (and Catholicism, as well as the fabricated “Holy Roman Empire”). By stopping your podcast when the West finally was are perpetuating this incorrect history... disappointing.
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The best
I am biased but this the bar for all history podcasts. A classic and something I have gone back and listened to over and over again for years. Just a perfect history podcast.
Awesome podcast
My wife and I have been listening to the history of Rome ever since we got married eight years ago. The storytelling is amazing and a lot of fun to boot. I love the dry wit. Only recently figured out how to leave reviews on iTunes, sorry for the delay...
Great podcast
Definitely not something you want to throw on while you’re working. Lots of information and I often find myself rewinding to pick things up that I missed. But if you have an interest in Roman history this is the best podcast.
Hands down, this is my favorite podcast I’ve ever listened to! Mike Duncan manages to guide the listener through the entire history of Rome, the kingdom, to the republic, to the principet, and finally to the slow and steady decline. I knew almost nothing about Rome before listening to this podcast, but now I am reading Gibbon and writing papers on Rome. Mike Duncan breaks down the complicated events into bite size chunks, going on fun detours along the way. In terms of age, I listened to this podcast when I was 11 and 12 with my mom, and I followed along just fine, only pausing here and there for some vocabulary questions. I highly recommend this to anyone with the slightest interest in history. I also recommend Mike Duncan’s book, The Storm before the Storm, a wonderful book about the early decline of the Roman Republic, This podcast is truly a masterpiece, and I recommend it to everyone I come across.
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Meh to meh -
Approve average Wikipedia recap, better Rome pods/content out there.
Robert Henry Holtz
Just fantastic
I honestly can’t say enough about how great this pod cast is. So much amazing information packed into each episode. There aren’t a million frills and whistles, sound effects or bumpers, and -no commercials- to jolt you out of your concentration, just a short simple intro and outro tune. I can’t wait to listen to everything this dude has made.
History of Rome is an incredible telling of Rome’s history from many sources of the time. Mike’s analysis is great and many times there are some huge laughs. Love this podcast!
Atlas Agrippa
Charming and informative
Truly a great podcast. History comes alive as the intricacies of The Roman Empire are explained in detail.
orion's belt buckle
My first podcast
This was my first podcast just listened in full for the 3rd time just perfect
Mike.C 35
It’s ok 👌
Very good
It is, in fact, a history of Rome. The narration of events is thorough yet understandable and accessible. I really enjoy it!
Mike Duncan does a fantastic job organizing and narrating the history of Rome, going into enough detail to get immersed in the time period but not too much to get bogged down. I commute 2hr/day for work and this podcast helps make it something to look forward to. Thanks Mike
Accessible yet deep look into Roman Empire
I love this podcast which makes deep dive into the history of Rome makes it accessible to the masses.
Fantastic! And Not So Much
It’s really interesting. It’s really instructional. It’s really monotone. I learn very little because it’s so monotone that my mind quickly wanders and I have no idea what’s going on by the time I’m focused again. This happens even when I pay really close attention.
Mostly good
I have a bit of a pet peeve when people make podcasts and don’t bother to look up the pronunciations of things. Such as common sayings that they plan to use seemingly once per episode. It’s wreaked havoc W R E A K E D and it rhymes with reeked, not “wrecked” havoc.
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