The History of England
The History of England
David Crowther
Please note that because iTunes limits the number of episodes displayed to 300, to start at the beginning of my retelling of the story of England, you need to SUBSCRIBE. You'll then find a regular, chronological podcast, starting from from the end of Roman Britain. I’m a bloke in a shed, but I make sure this is good, properly prepared history, and then fill it with my enthusiasm. You’ll find the great events and people for sure – but also some of the byways, of how people lived, their language, and the forces that shaped their lives and destinies.
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Proof learning is fun
Fantastic podcast! Does a wonderful job of presenting English history in a fun, interesting way. A must listen each week.
Highlight of my day!
I am addicted, playing this podcast is the highlight of my day. Having just found this, I am enjoying and looking forward to every episode. The host is amazing, his voice, tone and asides, all pitch perfect. If I could give ten stars I would.
My new favorite
I thoroughly enjoy this podcast
Missing episodes?
Love this series. But where are the first 11 episodes? It starts at episode 12.
WNT fan
Details, Details, Details ... ♥️♥️♥️
I love, love, love The History of England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿! Next I want to hear The History of Wales🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿, and The History of Scotland,🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 and The History of Britain. Next, the History of Ireland🇨🇮. Add that, in your teacups! Perhaps then I’ll have a novice’s knowledge of M Great Britain🇬🇧. DUH ! . 🙋‍♀️ . 🌕 . 🚀 . 💥 . 🌍
John Deere Spoker Model D
Great Podcast!!!
Amazing to listen to!
Irene Valero
This is simply a wonderful podcast. Informative and very entertaining.
Love the podcast especially the humor.
thaaaaaaank youuuuuuu
Enlightening and Entertaining
David is very amusing and it is a lot of fun just listening to him. He is very well informed about a very interesting subject. Easily one of the very best podcasts.
Truly Wonderful
I have listened to a lot of historical podcasts, many of which I loved, but this is my favorite. Thorough but entertaining. I also like that he puts his biases on the table and very often ends up reevaluating those after having gone through the research.
Beth T McWhadden
My all-time favorite podcast
Really well done, entertaining and informative.
One of my favorites
As an American my knowledge of English history is just the high points that almost everyone knows. This podcast fills in the details. England has such a colorful ,often violent & truly crazy history. David’s humor is just one more thing to love about the British.
I am grateful for finding this late. I found this podcast this morning and have started from the beginning, but already on episode 7. dot. Apologize for the side thoughts and digressions, all of it is wonderful. Thanks for a great show!
This podcast is fantastic!
I am always amazed at what we as humans can learn from history if we only take care to study it. Here we are in the middle of Covid and I just finished listening to the podcasts about the Death of Joan and also another one about the Black Death and it’s affects on English (also the entire world) life. Kind of spooky to be honest with you, what with being holed up at home, no work or school and our lives changed ( for how long no one knows) and to listen to David’s podcast recorded about this subject some years ago. Thank you so much for this insightful podcast. Best Belle Also, I read a great book called ‘Justinian’s Flea’ about the earlier plagues, fascinating how it helped to weaken the Roman Empire. Sorry I don’t recall the author’s name.
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Good from the Start, then gets GREAT
Enjoyed this podcast from the first episode. Then, like many podcasters, David found his rhythm and cranked it up to the proverbial 11. He adds in just the right amount of wit and humor to keep you engaged without devolving into sketch. More importantly is his treatment of the history. For me the mark of a good podcaster in this area is how well you can differentiate between fact and opinion, which is where this cast excels. It is very clear when the details are scanty and David is using conjecture by that fact that he tells you he's about to use conjecture. Further, where applicable, he will provide the viewpoint of several chroniclers. And when he does draw a conclusion he presents his reasoning and leaves it up to you to draw your own. On top of all this he clearly lays out his biases when he feels they may have an impact on the narrative. There is nothing more you can ask from a history podcast and you would be remiss if this cast were not right alongside The History of Rome in your listening device.
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Wish he had been my history teacher!
I love his podcast series! Such a perfect balance of humor and history. A plus with references to Monty Python! If my high school teacher had taught history like this I surely would have been a historian! My wife caught it part way in and now she is hooked as well and I started over to share it with her. Only on episode 26 but so utterly enjoyable I could listen again and again!
Best of England
Love this podcast though I need to do a lot of backing up to replay parts- he talks fast but he’s always entertaining. The website has a ton of additional info- I refer to the genealogy charts repeatedly.
New student to England’s History, thanks to you!
Having never formally studied England’s history, I was hesitant of how well I would grasp the themes, names, or ‘common knowledge’ in any podcast…but after listening to one episode to brush up on a favorite topic, I knew David was going to be a wonderful teacher. Each historical figure becomes an actual person, and each event is given meaning in our modern understanding of the region. I’ve since gone to episode 1 and work my way through, and I find myself doing more research on topics I find striking. Thank’s, David!
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Love this
I absolutely love this podcast. It feels like he’s telling me a story, and does so in such captivating way. At times, it is so funny that I laugh out loud, and is so thoughtfully done.
I absolutely love this Podcast!!! The way David presents the history is informative, funny and you never lose interest. He speaks with passion, not just reading, actually speaking to you. It’s great when “I digress”!! The best!!
One of the best
This is absolutely one the best podcasts out there. David is so funny and makes the material entertaining and informative. I love the amount of detail and context he provides to the narrative.
The first podcast I found was The History of Rome with Mike Duncan. This was the second. Since then I have over the years discovered many excellent podcasts. Yet these two remain my favorites and I am grateful beyond words that David continues. Carry on, sir.
Charlie in Kentucky
My new favorite
Wonderful podcast. I’ve been tearing through it and am about to begin the Henry VIII episodes. Being able to immerse in this world makes the COVID shutdown much more bearable. Thank you for this amazing work. I just become a Patreon today and hope others do too.
Great podcast
Found this podcast by chance and now cannot stop listening to it. I am up to episode 161 in just one month. David, thanks for making history so fun!
This podcast is funny and entertaining. Listen if you like The History of Rome and Revolutions. I haven’t caught up yet but I love listening to it on long bike rides.
Malachy K
Great Podcast
Surely this is one of the best history podcasts. David is so funny with his dry wit. Laughed and learned a lot here.
Unabashed Anglophile
Not to be repetitive (Which of course I'm going to be) this is the best podcast ever . Period.
An absolute delight
David Crowther is great fun to listen to, and seems to be very credible and unbiased (or, at least, aware of his own biases and willing to admit them if necessary) and brings history to life with his thoroughly-researched podcast that brings a heavy dose of whimsy to England’s bloody history. Highly, highly recommended.
David C.
The best. Smart, funny, informative and as history always is - relevant for understanding and appreciating the world we live in
Favorite Podcast
I’m an American who loves English history. David is the man. He’s hilarious and charming. Love, love, love him. Thanks David for all the hard work you’ve put into this podcast. I’ve learned so much from you and I’ve been thoroughly entertained in the process. I’m so happy every time a new episode drops. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Take care and God bless.
This is among the best podcasts I’ve heard. The host loves his topic — history, particularly that of England — and welcomes you along for the long, unhurried journey through the years.
Marin Scott
History Done Well
Interesting, no - fascinating. Dav's presentations opens up the past in new and unique ways.
A Podcast for the Ages
An excellent trip through time with a wonderful host!
David your work is top notch. Wonderfully informative and entertaining. I truly enjoy your style and approach to English history and you make me look forward to each and every episode. I hope that you are feeling better!!
Simply great and insightful. Sharp, familiar wit, with intellectual humility that invites the gentlelistener to think through each of the quandaries and perspectives. Great historiography. He so refuses to take himself seriously that the listener evolves perspective along with him. I want my own shed. I do wish he could just stick to the original American pronunciations, however.
Brendan Ignatius
Best History Pod Ever
This is hands down the greatest history pod I have ever listened to. David Crowther is a phenomenal presenter. His narrative is engaging, witty, and with just the right dash of self deprecating humor. It’s like sitting at a pub listening to your funniest and most intelligent friend narrating the history of England. Mr. Crowther, based on your numerous rugby references your as big a fan of the game as I am (Quins fan myself). How about a History of Rugby podcast? I’m only on episode 119 so when I catch up I look forward to an answer.
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Insert witty title here
This is truly one of the finest podcasts ever crafted by man. I wish all history classes in school were as interesting and fun to listen to as this cast is. Soooo many episodes I’m still trying to catch up but apparently England has a really long history (not compared to...idk the Earth, but certainly longer than what us Americans are used to having to learn). Intelligent, witty, accessible, thorough, even-handed. Even the parts that should be boring aren’t all that boring. Ok, so my kids and wife groan when I put it on, but they are silly and have bad taste in podcasts so screw them.
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Anglophile Approval
I’m an Anglophile who loves history. What could be better than a podcast about English history, narrated by a bona fide British bloke in a shed? I love how he goes into great detail about all aspects of life (not just the politics and great events), and does it all in a charmingly delightful fashion. He draws from source material which is awesome and manages to keep his own bias out, which is wonderful in an age of revisionist history. Two thumbs up!
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Fantastic podcast!
I listen to an episode a day on my commute. I’m only about 80 episodes in (Edward II). Loving every second of this.
Vin blaze
Mm mom mom mom Mom m m mi mm mm mm
Mom M mm
Limik 5
Awesome and informative
I love listening and learning, thank you
A Fun and Fact Filled Journey
I decided to do something positive with the time I have during the Corona Virus stay at home rules. I found this podcast and it has been wonderful company. Love the humor and the history. Thank you for this great diversion from the news.
I’m absolutely loving this podcast! I’m a huge English History buff and this one is full of interesting information I hadn’t heard before. I love David’s narration, his voice is very soothing and full of great inflection. Great job and would definitely recommend to anyone interested in history.
Fascinating Podcast
I really had no interest in English history to start, just wanted to fill the time of the day. But David commandeered my interest, so much so, I binged over 200 episodes to catch up!
Taylor Macke
I love this podcast. Very informative with some great low key humor.
My new favorite!
I’ve loved English history all my life. This podcast has it all: solid research, great storytelling, and a sense of humor—plus a host with a wonderful voice.
So glad your back
Missed your episodes, so glad your ok. Stay safe.
Enthralled from Allentown Pa
Thrilled to here your voice again, you make my day. We have been mates separated by a pond for two years on, whether you knew it or not. Be safe. Be strong.
Cheers for H of E
I am an avid podcast listener, following many podcasts in many genres. This is by far my favorite. Not only is the podcast well researched, it is presented with spectacularly dry wit and obvious pleasure and humility. David is brilliant. 5 stars isn’t enough.
Welcome back!
You’ve been missed. Great to hear your voice again telling us all about Queen Bess.
Simply the best podcast
There is nothing else to say, there is no better way to spend a half hour than with David.
The Revolting Man
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