The Hilarious World of Depression
The Hilarious World of Depression
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A show about clinical depression...with laughs? Well, yeah. Depression is an incredibly common and isolating disease experienced by millions, yet often stigmatized by society. The Hilarious World of Depression is a series of frank, moving, and, yes, funny conversations with top comedians who have dealt with this disease, hosted by veteran humorist and public radio host John Moe. Join guests such as Maria Bamford, Paul F. Tompkins, Andy Richter, and Jen Kirkman to learn how they’ve dealt with depression and managed to laugh along the way. If you have not met the disease personally, it’s almost certain that someone you know has, whether it’s a friend, family member, colleague, or neighbor. Depression is a vicious cycle of solitude and stigma that leaves people miserable and sometimes dead. Frankly, we’re not going to put up with that anymore. The Hilarious World of Depression is not medical treatment and should not be seen as a substitute for therapy or medication. But it is a chance to gain some insight, have a few laughs, and realize that people with depression are not alone and that together, we can all feel a bit better. American Public Media and HealthPartners’ Make It Okay campaign are committed to breaking the stigma around mental health.
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Love the interviews!
Bring Back THWOD
Please bring back this podcast. It is always relevant, but now it is absolutely necessary. John Moe hits all the right notes in perfect balance. The episodes present depression in all its myriad forms and shows us that there is no right way to be depressed. It’s a life-line in these parlous, perilous times. Come back, Mr. Moe!
I’m stupefied why on earth this podcast was cancelled. If I understand, it was a highly rated and successful show that helped a LOT of people, myself included. For what reason was this, as I and many others see it, extremely poor decision?
Best song Best voice
And best podcast about depression on the air. I refuse to believe it is gone. Please tell me it’s just on extended hiatus! Listening to his voice and the theme song made me happy to be alive, not to mention the amazing content!
Will miss THWOD
SOOO sad this was canceled. It was my absolute favorite podcast
London girl1114
Such authenticity
At a time of the greatest need ever for social emotional wellness, why in the world would this amazing show be cancelled? John is an easy, authentic host who knows how to allow guests to be themselves and bring their interesting and unique stories to others.
Is it ironic the depression show gets cancelled?
❤️ da de da
Great podcast - bought the book
I’m very sorry this podcast was cancelled. I hope it comes back some day. I bought the book as a gesture of support.
Future hope?!
This program helped me more than any therapist. I will miss the possibility of new episodes, and hope maybe after 2020 is over there will be renewed support. John Moe, thank you. 🤗
Aim at the moon
Honest and binge worthy
Great podcast. Interviewer John Moe is authentic and true. This was recommended to me by my husband when I was having a hard time. Listening to this helped me acknowledge (and get help for) my own depression. I recommend it to others frequently. Hope it is not cancelled. Moe’s book is excellent as well.
When are you coming back? I just found you doing corona panic aka covid 19. 💞💞💞
Got Happiness
This podcast is everything!
I hope it isn’t true that it’s being cancelled. I only just found it and can’t stop listening.
The hilarious world of Depression
dealing with help.
Nooooo it can’t be cancelled!!
I just read that this podcast has been cancelled! Please say it is t so. I just started listening after reading the book of the same name with my NAMI Book Club. Such an important topic, especially in these unsettling times. John Moe is a gift. Please don’t take him away!!
Elizabeth Hayden
The voice screaming in the corner
I am more depressed now more than ever I go to sleep when I can sleep with this awesome podcast it has got me thru so many desperate days and nights ! I know it has for many people I am so sad for all the people I know this podcast has helped and the many more it could ! I'm just glad there's still the seasons on here I will continue to put it on my head phones no matter how many times I've heard a interview! They did the best job addressing mental health of any podcast I've heard !!
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Love what I’ve heard so far
New listener but I love what I’ve heard so far. The host is a great interviewer. Probably the best interviewer I’ve heard on a podcast. He gives info about himself while asking questions that let us know more about the interviewee (instead of talking over the guest like I’ve heard on other podcasts). Five stars for the content on depression too!
Some things are more important than money
This show mattered. The sharing of experiences of people living with depression and succeeding, finding joy and meaning in spite of it gives hope to people. Hope saves lives. I am sorry to see this important, accessible window into mental heath go away. I get that times are tough but this makes the show more relevant than ever.
COVID fighting nurse
Why did APM cancel?
Don't know why this podcast was cancelled/ didnt sound like it was John Moe's decision and this podcast was great at what it did. It helped me,and I'm sure countless others,laugh/cry/testify/meditate on their struggles with mental health. Many of us still have a hard time accepting we have a problem and every week a guest would remind us they do too.The eerie precision in some of the guest (and johns) descriptions of their symptoms and situations causes for some great relief when you realize you've said "me too" so many times before each episode is up. Bring this show back please. Y'all cancelled it at the height of public unrest and COVID19 When black and POC folks need it the most.
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Great podcast ready for a new publisher!
@johnmoe brings laughter, great guests, and hope to a tough and ubiquitous topic. Everyone can relate - whether you’re struggling with the deepest depression, feeling sad, or just a little low, this show has something for you 🤗
sue in st paul
Please would another media company pick up the podcast?
I was sad to learn the APM cancelled this podcast. It’s an important topic and presented in a way that’s not preachy or feigning concern. I found it both informative and funny. It’s presence is really going to be missed especially in difficult times like these.
So disappointed to hear this was cancelled - What a great and important podcast!
Can we hear the entire song?
I love this podcast. And I LOOOOOOOVE the theme song. I know you played it once, but can you just play the full song at the end of every episode!? I wish it was on Spotify... I’ve looked. It’s not. Xoxo
Great show!
Looking for Alaska is not inspired by a summer John Green spent in Alaska.
I needed this
Someone suggested this to me and I’m so glad they did. I have always struggled with depression and have always felt strange because at times there’s nothing in my life that I should be particularly depressed about. It is an illness and it needs more awareness. Thank you so much for this podcast, the few episodes I have listened to have helped me and I look forward to listening more and sharing it with others!
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Helped save my life
There’s noting better than laughter-(sex is great, but laughing lasts and lasts...and you can do it in public! (Credit to Leah Alfaro) Going through a dark patch when I found you-thank long as I’m laughing I’m not thinking about dark history and my eyes are wet, but from tears of joy listening
Crystal Fox, WA
Audio Zoloft
This show really helps when you’re in the hole.
I’m so glad I am still here and haven’t yet committed suicide because I wouldn’t have heard the absolutely wonderful interview with Dick. I’d love to meet him. I’m 59 and would stop doing whatever i was involved in if he came on t.v. over the years so as to be able to experience such class , humor and amazing intellect. He’s genuinely a great educator. Thank you for your fantastic show. I’ve just started listening and am looking forward to every interview. Richard Lunn
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Ayyyy! DHD
Dave I sooooo identify with your adhd struggle...that’s not always a struggle, because sometimes we’re really charming...until we aren’t lol. Thanks for sharing all your stories on this episode.
Wrote Lindsey
Thank you thank you thank you!!! Being free to be open and transparent saves other people who suffer and think they are alone .❤️❤️❤️
Didn’t expect for it to be so good.
I just have to say, it’s relaxed and a good conversation - almost as if their your personal friends. Really loved the Emmy Blotnick podcasts she’s wonderful.
Estefania H.
Truly fascinating and honest
I just stumbled across this podcast and I’m working my way through the back catalog. I’ve never heard mental illness discussed with this much honesty, levity, and specific detail. It’s so refreshing to hear successful people talk openly about their struggles without acting like they’re totally resolved, like they “beat” their depression, but rather to hear them talk about how they manage their issues from day to day. It does a lot to normalize mental illness, which is so important.
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Stumbled upon and learning
Stumbled upon this podcast because Gary Gulman, one of my favorite comedians, was on it. Recommended that one episode to my son who has since listened to all. Our son suffers from anxiety & depression and has asked me and his dad to both listen to all the episodes. It’s really helping us to understand mental illness better and it is quite an enjoyable podcast. Who knew depression could be so hilarious?!
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Nice Response to COVID-19
Well done John. I love when your show makes me actually L-O-L. Strange times indeed. We will get through this! Thanks for everything you do, whether in your closet or in the studio. Keep it up!
Just started listening and I already love it. One request I have is: get Brendan Eyre on here!
Life Changing
Seriously, life changing. Therapy is not good as this. I am forever grateful to find a podcast that gets me. I am learning more about myself and the depression I am dealing with every time I listen to a new episode. John thank you so very much.
THWoD Special: Tremendous Upside withRecomend episode Chamique Holdsclaw and Metta World Peace
This podcast was very clear in their explanations of the mental illness of certain famous athletes and how it affected their lifes, but also how their illness was treated. This podcast is very interesting, this athletes share their own experiences about their struggles with depression, bipolar disorder, anger and loneliness and how they were able to get over it.
Manuel Gomez D
On Tremendous Upside
“Tremendous Upside” with Chamique Holdsclaw, and featuring guest Metta World Peace was a very entertaining podcast to listen to. The way it humanizes two basketball legends and lowers them to a relateable level gives insight regarding the struggles they faced as they got older and went further into their careers. It is nice to see them both using their fame in such a positive manner, spreading awareness of mental illnesses and encouraging all to not only open up about their issues, but to improve upon themselves as individuals. I can only hope this podcast and the words and advice shared by its participants touch many and push them towards a more meaningful and stable life.
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good advice
This podcast shows how Chamique Holdsclaw uses her experience with her mental illness which was depression to help Metta world peace get through a tough time in his life. Chamique had a great deal on her plate, not only was she battling with depression she had to battle the world who was counting on her to change the entire game of the WNBA. Because of everything Chamique has been through, she was able to assist Metta world peace with his depression, in the podcast they both had a heartfelt conversation on what led them to depression, and how they dealt with it.
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Good podcast
This podcast is awesome. It is very clear and understandable. Not only it helps me know about anger issues and how to face them, it also let me know about some good advices I could give to someone who might have the same issue. The podcast is catered to everyone .It is very interesting
Adnadine Geffraus
Great Podcasts
I really enjoyed “Tremendous Upside with Chamique Holdsclaw and Metta World Peace”. It really opened my eyes to see that not all famous athletes have these amazing lives people put them out to be. It was very entertaining to anyone who listens. It’ll really open up your eyes on how similar we are even to celebrities.
Nat B..
As good as my hour of therapy but funnier!
Clever, compassionate and entertaining! Has helped immensely and now my therapist is recommending it. Got me listening to stand up in the car instead of audiobooks. Thank you!
Incredible stories and advice!
I love listening to this podcast to get new perspectives on mental health because I find new great ways to cope every episode! There’s something relatable for everyone’s story and that’s the feeling of being alone. This podcast PROVES YOU ARE NOT ALONE and truly makes a positive impact in my life.
Fun and helpful!
I really enjoy this podcast. Depression and mental health can be hard to talk about, but laughing about it does help get the conversation going! I would recommend this podcast to anyone experiencing depression - or those who just want to know more!
Selling books
I liked this until new episodes stopped appearing in my feed without warning. Then they suddenly reappear when the host has written a book that needs promoting. Left a bad taste in my mouth. I’ve stuck with the mental illness happy hour which the host faithfully releases each week. Even when he can barely function he will release an episode from the archive.
Posh buyer/seller
One of the bests.
I found out about this podcast by way of The Mental Illness Podcast. When I heard the concept, I had a feeling it’d be amazing and much needed. I am happy to say I was not wrong. As someone with MDD and who intuitively had humor as a way to cope since childhood, this show is perfect. It does not minimize the struggle and it also helps humanize it. Also, many guests are folks that have helped so many others by utilizing their gifts while also a acknowledging the darker side of life. Huge thanks to the show, it’s guests and folks who are fighting/advocating every day just by being open.
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marybeth m.
This Podcast is Everything
I’m in the midst of a terrible depression and feeling suicidal a lot of the time. This podcast is what I’ve been listening to during my sleepless nights. I’ve always known that I’m not alone in my depression intellectually but these stories really help me feel it. Please have more women, queer people, and differently abled people (other than depression which is incredibly disabling)
Just listen
I tell everyone that will listen to me to check out this podcast. You are doing such a great job. I’m in the 2nd season and someone told me you changed your format. I haven’t got to that point yet and I hope it’s not messed up. It works as is right now. Thank you to all the people shared their stories. It all helps. You have probably saved a life. I’m sober for 11 years now and the power of a recovery story is insane.
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thank you
listening as i walk to crisis check-in and cannot thank you enough. everything hurts. this helps as i find help after 35yrs of fighting my mind alone... not alone.
You Need This Show!
I’ve been on meds and in therapy for years and didn’t really admit to myself that I have depression until listening to this. Just thought I was kind of weird and having difficulty dealing with some issues. Listening to these wonderful people on this amazing podcast has changed my life.
Jabber 25798
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