The Here for Her Podcast
The Here for Her Podcast
Natalie Gleba and Alexandra Rodi
Are you looking for a modern day lady tribe? Do you want to feel inspired in all areas of your life such as beauty, business, wellness, motherhood and more? You’re in the right spot! Join your two mom hosts Natalie, MBA graduate and social media guru and Alex, founder of popular blog Honestly Alexandra for HER time. This energetic duo will lead inspiring conversations over coffee, while also seeking out inspiring and successful guest speakers from all faucets of life to leave you feeling motivated, confident and driven. Gain the tools and influence to do you, girl! Get ready for HER time!
73. Alex & Nat chitty chat
We're getting in the holiday spirit friends! Today we're just casually catching up about holiday plans, wellness tips (or wine tips :P), and general updates happing in our lives! Tune in for some easy listening!
Nov 20
28 min
72. Nat & Alex catch up!
Happy Tuesday - in case you missed it, our new upload days are Tuesdays :) Nat and Alex took a week off last week so tune in to hear them catch up about the election, makeup and new WILs (What I'm Loving), and everything in between!
Nov 10
25 min
71. Shelly Boudah – Serial entrepreneur, spiritual coach, wellness, law of attraction, and resources for living your best life.
Welcome Shelly, to the podcast! Shelly is a serial entrepreneur, spiritual coach, and all around go getter and she dives into her spiritual journey and how she keeps going for her dreams as a badass mom boss! You can find Shelly on Instagram here. Enjoy! XO
Oct 28
45 min
70. Alex and Nat are back! Podcasts we’re listening to, law of attraction, and crazy motherhood realities!
Hi babes! Just a heads up that moving forward we will publish new episodes every Tuesday (instead of Monday!). Today we are back with a full 35 minutes of our infamous chit chats! You'll just have to tune in to see what what's up! :) XO
Oct 20
35 min
69. Sally Lou Loveman 2.0 – what having Covid taught her, telling your story, marriage growth, and so much more!
We could not wait to have Sally Lou back on the podcast because she is such a light. One of those people who's soul illuminates joy, passion, love, and laughter! From telling stories of her experience working for Oprah on the Oprah show, to dealing with her healing journey post-Covid diagnosis, this episode does not disappoint! Enjoy babes!
Oct 13
1 hr 13 min
68. David Meltzer on how anyone can be happy, mindset, law of attraction, and more!
Welcome back, babes! We are beyond excited to share one of our favourite episodes to date, where we sit down with the incredible David Meltzer and talk on everything relating to HAPPINESS.  David Meltzer is the Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing and formerly served as CEO of the renowned Leigh (“Lee”) Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire (WHAT)! We dive deep into ways we can effectively overcome challenging life events, mental perseverance, the characteristics of high achievers and how we can tap into them, and his thoughts on the law of attraction. Enjoy!
Oct 6
48 min
67. Nat and Alex talk.
Oh you know, just another week where we sit down with nothing to say and end up saying it all LOL. From botox, to rocketships, to Halloween, girl, we went on quite the ramble this the best way possible! Enjoy!
Sep 28
38 min
66. Interview with the girls from the ihavetocallmysister podcast!
Today, we have a fun episode for you babes...we're chatting with the power due (also sisters) from the ihavetocallmysister podcast! They are FIRE! Let us tell you, we couldn't stop laughing at the stories these two had to share from being on America's Got Talent, to rapping in grocery stories, to meeting famous people...and so much more! Enjoy!
Sep 22
1 hr
65. Christina Schmidt – being a childhood model, Degrassi days & being a successful Mom boss babe
We are so excited to bring Christina (@christina.m.schmidtt) on the podcast this week as she is Natalie's long time friend, Degrassi star, and bad ass mom boss! While Christina has an intriguing story from modelling for clothing brands as a child, to being in Drake's music video, to raising her son as a working mom, you will be left feeling SO inspired by Christina's wisdom and grace. We hope you love this interview as much as we do! XOSide note: we have been LOVING WeCook meals which is a Canadian subscription box offering super fresh PRE-cooked meals that are healthy, nutritious, and family friendly! Use our code HFH60 for $40 off your first week and $20 off your second! Click HERE to check it out!
Sep 14
53 min
64. Chat with Alex and Nat – all of our product faves from wellness, beauty, and self development
Happy Muesday! The Tuesday after a long weekend always feels like Monday no?! We're back and this week we're droppin all kinds of product faves with you! We like to do these episodes once or twice a year as our routines change. This episode is not sponsored and we share products/ideas with you we are truly loving :) Product mentions: Calyx CBDVitamin D DropsB12 SupplementsOmegasGood Fats Protein powderOribe Hair products Elmhurst Milked Oats - Blueberry Flavour Mushroom Synergy Supplements for Stress and Immune Support Sunna Pure Hand Sanitizer Perfect Repair Treatment Masque NaturLabGoodbye Yellow by SchwarzkopfMac Lipstick, Please Me Perfume, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet
Sep 8
40 min
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