The Heart of Jacks Podcast
The Heart of Jacks Podcast
Paul Rosenberg
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Enthusiasts Unite!
Paul runs the best club of its kind in the world. So he’s legendary, and he’s uniquely situated to host these podcasts. So listen up—today. The content has been great so far and it doesn’t hurt that he sounds like a classic FM radio announcer.
Thoughtful and fun!
A serious topic that is treated with respect while at the same time celebrating the beauty and joy inherent in our sexuality.
DEFINITELY give it a listen
Fascinating. Sex-positive. Well-produced. Touching on human psychology, sociology, law, dysmorphia, promorphia (is that a word), shame, oppression, liberation, and oh yeah of course human sexuality in a frank, expansive, wonderful way. All around a subject that would make your pinch-lipped aunt’s blow her lid WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE?
Well Done
After the very first episode I was all in for the frank and open discussion of every man’s favorite pastime. I finally found an identity I can relate to listening to this podcast - I now identity neither as a top or a bottom but as a side guy. Keep fapping. Thank you.
Awesome work
Great voice. Articulate. Frank. Enjoyable. So glad I’ve found your podcast.
It’s a topic I knew nothing about before I started listening. It has been really interesting to learn about these groups. The interviews are the best.
Entertaining and informative
Paul approaches each topic with candor, experience, wit, and humor. Exceptionally well done
I am so excited to have access to a podcast on this subject! Looking forward to future episodes with great eagerness.
Paul could make a pro blush
...with anticipation for the next episode! HoJ is unlikely podcast fare for a Southern boy with strict Baptist roots. It’s charm is in the way it informs, entertains and hobbles any preconceptions about sex. I attribute that to Paul Rosenberg’s witty, self-deprecating, non-sensational style. His offering here is like if NPR and HBO’s After Dark had a love child.
Things I Never Knew
I am really enjoying this podcast! These are topics that I knew little or nothing about. Really interesting stuff
Refreshing Perspective
The show is brand new and already taking an interesting turn or two. There’s nothing else in the sex podcast space that has this very particular perspective. It will be interesting to see how it develops.
Looking forward to the stories from your research...your teaser has piqued my interest