The Heart of Jacks Podcast
The Heart of Jacks Podcast
Paul Rosenberg
Tim Goes to the Jacks
55 minutes Posted Feb 15, 2021 at 12:00 am.
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The Heart of Jacks Podcast

Episode #11 - Tim Goes to the Jacks

Guest: Tim

Released February 15, 2021


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Painting a Picture with Stories

Playing an orchestra of one

And Tim Goes to the Jacks


Segment 1: Why interview men who go to jack-off clubs? Paul makes the case for how multiple individual conversations help paint a singular big picture.

Segment 2: Tim is a member and volunteer at Rain City Jacks and he offers up his story of finding the Jacks and discovering all that's unique, erotic, surprising and inspiring about the experience, and then going off on a delicious tangent about an actual video store and enjoying art house movie screenings at home.

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