The Healthy Horse + Happy Hound Podcast
The Healthy Horse + Happy Hound Podcast
Sarah Attwater
Interview setting of influential Horse and Dog superstars, ranging from behavioural specials, body workers, nutritionist, trainers and so much more.
Episode 10 - Ovary Manipulation Procedure with Dr Louise Cosgrove
For the second time, I got to have an incredible chat with Dr Louise Cosgrove from Exclusively Equine Veterinary Service. This time round, we focus on the Ovary Manipulation procedure, how it is done and what the benefits are. Dr Louise and Exclusively Equine Veterinary Services: Facebook: Exclusively Equine Veterinary Services Website: The Healthy Horse Happy Hound Co. Facebook: The Healthy Horse + Happy Hound Co.
Feb 23
26 min
Episode 9 - Jaton Lord - All about horsemanship
In this episode I chat to Ray Hunt's grandson Jaton Lord, who was in Australia for the Legacy of Legends and his own clinic in Tamworth. I had so much fun in this interview and loved hearing about Jaton's work with kids. Good horsemanship should start from the moment we start interacting with horses. If you want to find out more about Jaton's horsemanship or clinic schedule, check out his links below: Facebook : Jaton Lord Performance Horses Website:
Feb 11
20 min
Episode 8 - Carolyn Hunt - A life with Ray Hunt
In this second part of the Tamworth Trilogy, I got to sit down with the amazing woman, Carolyn Hunt, who shared a life with Ray Hunt. Ray was one of the legends of horsemanship and it was amazing to get a slight glimpse into his life with his supportive and passionate wife. Ray Hunt Website: Ray Hunt Facebook Page: Ray Hunt, Horseman Healthy Horse + Happy Hound Facebook Page The Healthy Horse + Happy Hound Co.
Feb 5
24 min
Episode 7 - A Chat With Buck Brannaman
I got to sit down with Buck Brannaman at the Tamworth Horsemanship clinic and have a chat about horses and life. Some of the key topics of discussion include: Having humility in horsemanship; Starting a young horse; and so much more! Buck Brannaman website:
Jan 16
34 min
Episode 6 - Horsemanship Philosophy with Steve Halfpenny
I was lucky enough to sit and have a conversation with Steve Halfpenny. We talked of his journey and other valuable horsemanship philosophies that you can apply at home with your own horse.  We also talked about Steve's online courses, in particular the 100 miles a month challenge. You can find all the information about Steve and his courses/clinics in the links below: Website: Facebook: @light.hands.equitation Healthy Horse + Happy Hound Facebook: @HappyHorseHappyHound
Sep 30, 2019
37 min
Episode 5 - Preparing Puppies for a Successful Life with Brydie Charlesworth
In this episode, I talk with the fabulous Brydie Charlesworth, dog trainer and founder of the Dog Education Centre. We talk about Brydie's journey to becoming a successful dog trainer, dog training philosophy and some great tips on how to set a puppy up for success from the moment you get them. Brydie Charlesworth: Facebook: Website: Healthy Horse + Happy Hound Co:
Sep 10, 2019
39 min
Episode 4 - The Canine raw food diet with Todd's Tasty Treats
This episode I talk with Di Ingrey, owner and part mastermind behind Todd's Tasty Treats. We talk all things raw food diet and the amazing benefits it can provide your dog (and cat). Please find Todd's Tasty Treats links below: Facebook: Website: Healthy Horse + Happy Hound Co:
Sep 3, 2019
37 min
Episode 3 - Castration Scar Manipulation in Geldings with Dr Louise Cosgrove
This episode goes through an actual castration and inguinal scar manipulation procedure of the beautiful Stock Horse Captain. Captain presented with numerous soundness issues in his hindquarters. Dr Louise Cosgrove from Exclusively Equine Veterinary Services made the trip down to Benalla from the Lockyer Valley, QLD to help numerous geldings with potential inguinal adhesions from the castration process.
Aug 27, 2019
22 min
Natural Horsemanship with Troy Waller
An interview with a local North East Vic Natural Horseman Troy Waller - Natural Equine Solutions. We talk about life, choices and how to improve your relationship and communication with your horse.   Natural Equine Solutions - Facebook   Healthy Horse + Happy Hound - Facebook
Aug 13, 2019
37 min
Episode 1 Emotional Influence in Horses with Leeonie Stephens
In this episode, Leeonie and I discuss a broad range of topics surrounding horses and soft tissue therapy, intention as well as the importance of acceptance and intention.
Jul 27, 2019
41 min