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Like listening to two guys at the dive bar through a tin can
The audio quality is garbage (not to mention phone notifications going off at full volume in the background),horribly researched interview questions, and a basic lack of respect for extremely cool guests. Is this what punk is supposed to be now? Old guys trying to pretend they’re still cool by not caring about the content they produce at all? Invest your time in the publication, not the podcast.
Matt stop interrupting
Matt never lets a guest finish a sentence. Five stars.
Audio issues!
Guys, I like your interviews, but half of your podcasts are completely unlistenable. My ears are either being blasted or I can barely hear what the guest is saying. Please please please fix this
Broke edge and loving it
Listening to this podcast started as a way enjoying content on the bike ride to work. Then I started binge listening. I listened to the Lars episode all night on repeat one night. When I woke up my wife was gone. The note she left said everything I already knew. This podcast is the worst vice I could have ever imagined. Hard line please come and teach me a lesson, hang me by my toes from your bastions of clean living and tickle me until i pee myself and the pee runs down my chest to my face, and then make me lap it up like a DOG for I have broken the heck out of the delicate blossom we call “edge”. Anyway solid poddie thanks for the content I’ll never quit
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Please do anyone from the nerve Agents!!!!!!
I love these nerds!
You'll have a "Hard Time" not laughing at this podcast. Great guests. A lot of fun.
Chris DiTommaso
Fun Punk Show
Great show with comedy and talks about gigs. Humble punk guests and funny hosts. You will enjoy if you like behind the scenes of concerts and learning about punk bands you’ve never heard of.
It’s Not that Bad
If you like punk, you’ll think this is fine.
Steve-O 56
5 out of 5
This podcast is AAAALLLLLLLLRRRRIIIIGGGGHHHTTTTTTTTTTT! love the in-depth interviews and interesting guest.
Worse than mediocre
They have great guests but Jesus Christ the hosts are insufferable. The banter is very forced and college radio dj-ish. There are a million different ad reads. This podcast pales in comparison to the website.
Mike Brolin
I like turtles
Not a schill
Frank Renyolds
If you like stabbing stories,’you’ll love the podcast. 🔪🔪🔪
Note to Self
You fellas have a lot of growing up to do, I’ll tell you that! Ridiculous! Completely ridiculous! You believe these characters? Way out of line, way out of line!
Matt MacD
A request
I love the content but please fix the audio levels.
Intros are too long
The hosts are likeable, the guests so far have been great and the discussions have been super interesting. My only gripe is that the intros are too long. Keep up the good work!
Good but could be better
Enjoy the podcast but the 20 plus minute intros are killing me
Punk AF/Funny AF
Extremely funny podcast that somehow ties together all the random things I enjoy like punk, hardcore, and also hardcore punk. No surprise given how hilariously awesome The Hard Times site is; a much needed bastion of relief in these topsy-turvy times.
A good escape from a horrible job
I hate my job, I don’t hate this. The interviews are nice and wholesome (so far), and the banters makes me laugh. It’s cool, I wouldn’t kick it out of bed.
Izzy Camacho
Lord Henry Baltimore
A 1 star podcast with a 5 star personality
Great pod with better guests!
For punks by punks. Can’t wait to see who else they get on to interview. Plus the banter between Matt and Bill is great especially the behind the curtain look at the hard times. Keep it up guys!
Good, hopefully great soon
Accidentally clicked a rating and don’t know how to unclick it, so enjoy your 5 stars. I was planning to rate it about how I feel about it now, but I want to give it a chance to see what it becomes. The interviews are good but the stories about people getting angry over submissions aren’t very interesting. Love the site and their sense of humor so I have high hopes that they’ll figure it out and keep creating great content over a new medium
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High on the fire
I get high on the fire of this podcast.
Comedy? In my punk rock?
It’s more likely than you think. Listen to this podcast, in addition to being hilarious guys Matt and Bill have a long history playing in bands and in various music scenes. Even though they run the best satire site on the internet, they haven’t lost their fire of punk spirit, they regularly organize shows and don’t bow down to anyone
I laughed so hard my bullet belt fell off...
Great podcast from a couple of professional cut ups who aren’t afraid of asking questions and receiving answers. The production is on par with with Taking Back Sunday’s untouchable classic album, Tell All Your Friends. This is probably the best way you could spend a number of minutes if you’ve exhausted all the episodes of every other podcast you’ve ever enjoyed. A+ will listen to again.
Punks dead
Fake news, but okay
Hard Ed
The Hard Times, but like, you hear it instead
The Hard Times is the greatest fake punk news publication in the history of fake punk news publications. This is objective fact.
the best
The Hard Times is a must read, now it’s a must listen, too.
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