The Happy Home Podcast with Arlene Pellicane
The Happy Home Podcast with Arlene Pellicane
Brad and Marilyn Rhoads - The Grace Marriage
30 minutes Posted Oct 2, 2023 at 12:00 am.
Facing big problems early in marriage 
Telling the difference between a grace-based marriage and a performance-based one 
Walking towards instead of away 
If your spouse does not pursue growing in the marriage...
This is what grace looks like
Having a plan for your marriage
You do not need to have a child-centric household 
How churches can better support marriages
Date night ideas that you can use right away 
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Show notes
Would you describe your marriage as grace-based or performance-based? Brad and Marilyn Rhoads are here to explain what a grace marriage looks like. They are the founders of Grace Marriage Ministry and their new book is The Grace Marriage: How the Gospel and Intentionality Transform Your Relationship. In today's conversation, you'll learn about:
Brad and Marilyn Rhoads spent the first year of marriage sad, isolated, and frustrated. But God intervened and helped them build a marriage beyond their imagination. They are the founders of Grace Marriage, a ministry that helps churches reimagine marriage ministry and equip husbands and wives to build marriages that reflect the Gospel. Learn more about Grace Marriage at
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