The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos
The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos
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There’s some great stuff here...and some not great stuff
It’s certainly ironic that a show that emphasizes human connection as a way to achieve happiness is full of ads for automating your life and disengaging from people...and boy are there a lot of ads for them. More of an issue is that this show seems to suffer from “Malcom Gladwell syndrome” Where generally sound and well researched phenomena are illustrated through anecdotes in ways that don’t fully capture nuance and ultimately fail to investigate below a surface level. Take for instance the example of the war hero who was horribly injured and yet is still an incredibly grateful and optimistic person. What would have been far more interesting would have been to deeply examine the reasons this veteran thrived while countless other veterans who have experienced similar issues have struggled with addiction and suicide. Perhaps that much nuance is too much to expect for a general interest podcast designed to reach a wide audience.🤷🏻‍♂️
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(All the nicknames are taken)
Brilliant Podcast
I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
Lao Tzu - Remarkable episode
I love and am inspired by all of the Happiness Lab podcast episodes, but this one really struck me as so pertinent in our world today, and with our “more is better” culture. Solala Towler provides so much understandable and digestive wisdom in this episode. Thank you Solala and Laurie Santos!
The Happiness Lab
I love this podcast. It is amazing to find a podcast that walks me through what I intuitively knew (that the mind is powerful) and shows me how to understand and harness the power for the benefit of living a better and happier life. Thank you!
Simply awesome!
I just discovered The Happiness Lab and have only listened to 3 Podcasts, and it’s just Simply Awesome!! I can’t wait to listen to all the recordings! Thanks for creating this project! Love it and already started sharing it with my family and friends!
This podcast offers listeners some truly wonderful techniques and perspectives for how to live a happier life. It helped me get through the last year and I am so thankful.
More Ancients!!
Love this podcast. I have been listening twice daily for a couple weeks now. The wisdom of the ancients are my favorite episodes. Hoping for more of those in the future. Also love the length of the episodes. Thanks for all you do!
wyatt cornell
A Podcast everyone needs to listen to
I just finished listening to the episode with Michelle Kwan, and wow… thank you Dr. Santos for talking about these “reference points” that ALL of us go through. Please keep doing what you’re doing!!!!
laurie santos' greatest fan
Excellent content, too many ads
I’d give the content a four but there are TOO MANY ADS relative to the length of this podcast. It’s incredibly annoying.
Truly Helpful
I started this podcast hoping to find some easy answers, a one thing fixes all type of solution. But, it has been a great help that provides a thoughtful, one step at a time type of potential progress. A lot of small things can actually add up to help with depression, sadness, mindset, and overall happiness.
For people like me with a well developed left brain and junkyard for a right brain, this podcast helps. I look forward to each new episode. Really well done.
My go-to podcast
This podcast is so well done. From research to interviews, it challenges a vast variety of topics relating to happiness and living well. In the age of information overload and podcast overload, this podcast keeps things simple and to the point. I’ve taken away many useful (actually useful) tips and concepts that have pushed me to be the best I can be. I have a deep appreciation for Laurie and the work her team is doing to make this show happen, I look forward to many more episodes in the future!
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A wonderful taste of herbs
After taking Rosalie’s Taste of Herbs, I had no doubt that she would put together auseful, well thought-out and easy-to-listen-to podcast where everyone comes away with some new take-away... and a recipe as the cherry on top! It’s Fantastic. I’ll be a regular listener!
Not relatable
I’m sure the host acknowledges this at times, and while I enjoy listening to the science and theories, everything brought up related to Yale and her students is unrelatable. The latest episode ruined it for me after listening for so long. That’s not the fault of the podcast but real people who suffer are out of the scope. It’s for well off people. Still a good podcast and worth a listen since the discussions are based on up to date research.
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Better moods and thoughts? Backed by science!
This podcast has been my go-to commute listening for the past couple weeks as I catch myself up on this excellent series. I’ve become more resilient in the face of my wife’s chronic depression and anxiety by employing the findings of the studies presented in each episode. The subject matter has also become family dinner time conversation. Thank you Dr. Santos for such helpful content!
Love this podcast
This podcast planted a seed of podcast listening and diving into the psychology of everything. I look forward to new episodes.
Absolutely love it!
I have been listening to this podcast during my marathon training & I absolutely love it! It brings me so much joy & gratitude. I always feel so thankful after every run. Would definitely recommend this podcast to anyone who wants to feel a little bit more happiness!
What a great podcast!
I love learning about happiness. It is a word that is thrown around so lightly and it is in fact such layered concept.
‘Happiness lessons of the Ancients’ is a stellar series ! Our thanks to Laurie’s guests , and to Laurie and her team for this season’s production . We’ll be all ears for more this summer when you return .
Ohh in hij
$$' hhbu
Happy to Love this Show!
Been listening since the beginning. Always finding many nuggets and life enhancing gems in these research based yet engaging episodes. Have tried many and they are helpful. I love that the show makes me feel there is not one right way to do happy and there is so much science out there to point us in the right direction. Thanks Laurie- so glad I can attend your class every week! I so miss it when you go on break. I have so enjoyed the focus on the ancients this past season. Appreciate the old wisdom you are putting in front of us in a new way.
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Just Tamz
Changing my life
Ever since I started listening to this podcast, I have found so many helpful tips and newer, more positive ways to see the world. I am managing my stress and anxiety so much better and have noticed its impacts on my outlook and physical well being. I had been sharing the Choose Love Movement with my students and many of the science based information is similar. I am so grateful to Dr. Laurie Santos for this podcast and have encouraged so many of my friends, family, & colleagues to check it out as well!
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New favorite podcast
Wonderful podcast. I really enjoy listening and will continue to listen.
Lol wait did you really interview a white Professor on Confucius?
Love the science-based strategy
Laurie is a fun host. It is really the science that has most interested me in listening to all the podcasts.
junior chomsky
Very helpful!
Great podcast! Very helpful advice. I would love to see more “Happiness from the Ancients” episodes from a wider variety of cultural and religious traditions (e.g., Islam, Hinduism, Dao, Shinto, indigenous traditions from various places, etc.).
Sarah Hurwitz episodes
Enjoyed so much hearing your journey. Enjoyed your honesty in finding your roots and how it has benefited you. I am intrigued by all of the things you covered. Thank you
Shelly Knick
Thank you
Everyone on the planet could benefit from this.
Fine if you like ads every 5 minutes
Can’t listen to the content because of the constant interruption of the ads
I am huge fan of her and sincerely grateful for her podcast and her works. She thought me many skills , strategies and different point of views of the world. I was eager to listen to her new podcast , but sadly i realize she is approaching this time to happiness by religion . I am disenchanted when science bring religion and tech that in science class . If people keen for religion , Great . Go to church , mosque and synagogue . Not in university.
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Happiness Coach!
Thank you Dr. Santos for being a coach with concerns in these times. Specially, for me it’s the situations in was in and not looking within or without. Again, wonderful sessions and well needed lessons or friendly reminders.
Thank you, Laurie.
Helena Tica
Great podcast!
I am really grateful for this podcast— it has helped me a lot in my own happiness journey. Thank you!
Podcast with Sarah Hurwitz
So glad to hear new podcasts! The initial interview with Sarah was eye opening on Judaism. Especially the mindless, focused on others, & gratitude practices. Being raised Catholic, I had a different view. Thank you for the inspiration and awareness. I’ll add this information to my takes from books, other podcasts, & practicing yoga. I see a common theme. Take care.
Ohio Vick
Just What I Needed
I was looking for a Podcast that could help me see my life in a more positive perspective. I typed in “Happiness” into the search bar and am very thankful that The Happiness Lab came up first. (I had never heard about it before.) I was hooked from the trailer and then the first episode. I am learning more and more about happiness, compassion, and about myself with each episode. And I love the guests they interview and have followed their work as well. Thanks to THL team for all that you do!
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Such an amazing podcast - educational and practical. Cannot wait for the next season.
This podcast is so wholesome and brings me joy
I saw a new episode was up and my heart lit up with joy. I have learned so much and applied some of the evidence into my life
Such a good reward!
I really enjoy this podcast. The content is informative and educational. It is presented in an informal enjoyable style. I use it as a reward while I get in my daily steps! Bundling something I want to do with something I “should” do! 😄
Way Cool Mom
One of my faves
A great podcast that explains the concept of happiness in simple yet engaging ways
Lola Luffnaigle
Gentle and instructive
Dr Laurie Santos and her guests are smart, sensitive and accessible. I love that we have felt truths reinforced with brain science. Truly support your growth —listen to these podcasts!
The Happiness Lab is one of my favorite podcasts i've ever listened to. I listened to episodes 1-8 and I learned so many different things to help me in my daily life with happiness. After listening to this podcast I have changed the way I think about certain situations. For instance, while working, it will get very busy and stressful which can result in frustration. When things like this happen I will remember this podcast and think about how the only thing you can control is your emotions and how you react to certain situations.
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We have the wrong beliefs about what will make us happy (but we think we know what will) and we make wrong decisions based on those wrong beliefs. Listen with an open mind, and that mind will be blown. My is. Highly recommended.
Curious idiot
I decided to listen to this podcast as an assignment for my class. This podcast helped me learn ways to improve my own happiness and also helped me realize I am not the only one who struggles with my emotions. I definitely don’t regret listening to it and I’d highly recommend it to anyone, no matter what your mental health is like.
elly greising
Came at a time when I most needed it. Thank you so much.
Educational and gentle
Education at times feels imposing and forceful- not in this podcast. Dr. Laurie Santos and all of her guests are always delivering educational materials based on facts, and science and in a wonderfully gentle way. The episodes are very informative and have practical advise on very relevant topics. The guest are top notch! I often listen to the podcast while doing chores invariably in the kitchen and Dr. Santos has become a great companion on these last few months. I alway look forward to new episodes. Thank you for embarking on this new adventure and I wish you much success!
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A must listen 1000%!!!
Please listen to this podcast. If you have ever questioned your own happiness or what it takes for you to actually be happy, then you need the perspectives explored in this series. Thank Dr. Santos and everyone who has helped provide this program.
A must listen
What’s more important than your own happiness? So many great ideas and if you only take half of the advice you’ll be a happier person. One gripe- if I hear “Yale” one more time I think I’ll throw my phone across the room. Ok. We get it. You’re at Yale.
Best podcast I have ever listened to
Without a doubt the best and most beneficial podcast I have ever listened to. This helps gives you the tools to build a happiness practice for yourself!
Everyone should listen to this!
As an image consultant, I strive to help people understand both their inner and outer beauty in order to feel more confident, empowered, and happy about themselves. All things that will then help them with their actions and reach their goals. You teach amazing and wonderful principles that everyone can employ to just help themselves enjoy life more and feel the happy! I’ve even begun employing some of your lessons (crediting you of course) to explain these concepts and necessary changes in mindset. Thank you so much!
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Thank you for this podcast!!
I love every single episode and I have shared many of them with family and friends. Thank you!!
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