GU Unfiltered‘s Podcast
GU Unfiltered‘s Podcast
Join former fighter and new podcast host, Luke Caudillo, as he covers the great outdoors, MMA, and hunting. Enjoy being highly entertained while they partake in adult beverages and get ”Unfiltered”.
GU Unfiltered #198 Sara Gamache
We get good friend back into the studio why she was here in town Sara been nothing but an awesome friend that Ive meet in this whole archery game.  She’s a real deal shooter and a great hunter.  We get talking about about everything on this one from her lion hunt coming up and just everyday life shit! Cheers!  @pnw_huntress
Jun 3
1 hr 48 min
GU Unfiltered #197 Derek Wolfe Brandon Waddell
We are back at the Mile high expo with this episode my boy Chris Camozzi is back as my co host for the weekend with this one also!  Wolfe is putting on an archery shoot this Aug. which all money raised goes to C.R.W.M to help fight Colorado hunting rights!  Hear all about plus how passionit Derek is about all of this going on in our state of Colorado it’s a fun and great listen. cheers!
May 27
57 min
GU Unfiltered #196 Sig Sauer Daniel Horner Dayna Monroe Lance Banning
On this episode we get the Daniel Horner the best shooter in the world.  Dayna also came with him to talk about ARC event that sig is putting on this summer and we are apart of it!  Lance is also joins us because he’s are team captain.  This pod was a great time hear all about.  Plus the story on how Daniel got into shooting guns crazy story there! cheers! @lance_banning @Daniel.horner3gun @dayna_monroe
May 19
1 hr 29 min
GU Unfiltered #195 C.R.W.M & Howl Org
We are back at the mile high expo for this podcast and must say this one is a must listen to guys and girls! Dan Gates is spitting the game out on this one. All outdoor lovers need to listen to this I got educated on this episode just full of great knowledge for us outdoorsman.  cheers! @Howl_org @c.r.w.m
May 13
56 min
GU Unfiltered #194 Mike Lewis
Mike and I have became great friends over the years now.  He’s an avid hunter that comes over and shoots bows at my place but I know my a great photograph so we talk about that and hunting plus even touch on his military background he served for our country.  He’s great people you all will enjoy this one!  @sweet_lou_actual
May 6
1 hr 25 min
GU Unfiltered #193 Routier Outfitting (Ryan)
We are back at the Mile high expo still and on this episode we get Ryan from Routier Outfitting from Buffalo, SD we here all about his outfitting from what he guides and the story when it all started.  Always a great time with him and I love how he doesn’t pull his punches tell you how it is! cheers! @routieroutfitting
Apr 29
52 min
GU Unfiltered #192 Aron Snyder
We are at the Mile High expo set up and we get Aron Snyder back on the show.  We also get fan favorite Chris Camozzi as a co host for this weekend at the expo so you know all our shows gonna be fun as hell.  we catch up with Aron boy we didn’t miss a beat together.  Enjoy promise you all will like this one! @Chriscamozzimma @aron_snyder
Apr 22
1 hr 17 min
GU Unfiltered #191 Bobby Marshall
We get good friend in the studio for this one you know him for his podcast Mountain side podcast.  Bobby been nothing but a great friend to me, always helps me on my stuff he is just plan good people to be around! This episode we talk about everything form podcasting to P diddy, fighting just life.  Plus we kill off a bottle of tequila. cheers! @bobbyfmarshall @Themountainsidepodcast
Apr 1
4 hr 2 min
GU Unfiltered#190 Chad Ward Alex Noshirvan (Traeger)
O boy! We get the Boys together for this one! Chad and Alex are in the studio we catch up on how it all started with Traeger and love of smoking meat!  We had a great time on this one you all will enjoy this one I promise!  @traegergator @whiskeybentbbq
Mar 23
2 hr 40 min
GU Unfiltered #189 Cosmo Alexandre Jorge Santiago Justin Gaethje
We get the Florida Coaches in the studio with Justin for this one and I must say this was one of my favorite ones I have done for you all!  We Talk about fighting, training and Justin upcoming fight in UFC 300 you will like this one I promise!  @jorgesantiago4life @cosmoalexandre @Justin_gaethje
Mar 11
2 hr 38 min
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