The Growth Mindset powered by Ludlow
The Growth Mindset powered by Ludlow
Alec Coughlin
The Growth Mindset powered by Ludlow is a podcast dedicated to profiling individuals with the growth mindset. Entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, intrapreneurs, investors, dynamic leaders, stakeholder capitalists and others. Focusing on the way they live, operate, work and the lens through which they see the world. Tips, techniques and information sharing that can help us all get better everyday.
Episode #5: Clement Kao - Entrepreneur (Product Manager HQ), Product Manager (Blend) + Author ("Excellent Execution as a Product Manager")
Clement Kao was an absolute MONSTER in the classroom. He was the kid that would smoke everyone else in science, math etc but problems started to develop as he got older as he started to realize he wasn’t so stoked on a lot of the academic stuff that he was so good at…and he was starting to realize that what he was stoked on was exactly what a lot of his teachers told him he was very bad at...writing, business, socializing / interpersonal stuff etc. It became red pill vs blue pill time for Clement. When you go to University of California, Berkley and carry a 3.98/4.00 GPA in Molecular and Cell Biology, there was no doubt that Clement could become a scientist. But his fixed mindset was starting to be challenged by an emerging growth mindset where he started to consider the application of what enabled him to crush his grades to blazing an alternative path. One that flew in the face of what his teachers had always told him and the external expectations placed on him by others that he had internalized…Clement picked the blue pill and the rest is history as they say.I sincerely hope you take the time to listen to this episode as it's so inspiring on so many levels. My man literally flipped a fixed mindset on its ear, developed a growth mindset, became an entrepreneur, a prolific writer, a product manager and most importantly, he found his personal life mission.There is NO DOUBT, you will get better if you listen to Clement’s journey and last but certainly not least, a big shoutout to his parents for encouraging him on his journey by having faith in his ability to blaze his own trail. That’s a big deal.
Nov 25, 2020
46 min
Episode #4: Peter Stern - The Strategic Agency, Founder + CEO
Peter is the Founder + CEO of The Strategic Agency, one of world's best and most respected sports marketing agencies. He's a built a company with a reputation for attracting incredible talent, doing great work and being all about long-term relationships. It's rooted in part to his commitment to principles, faith / belief in overcoming all the obstacles that pop up along the way and doing things the right way. Big fan of all things Peter Stern and stoked to share this episode.
Nov 11, 2020
32 min
Episode #3: Sloane Scott - Serial Entrepreneur - Music / Technology, Booze + Healthcare
Sloane is a rockstar that has literally worked with rockstars to start and scale businesses with them. Including her work as a Co-founder of Blue Chair Bay Rum, the fastest growing independent booze brand in the history of the category. An OG entrepreneur who started her first business as a 13 year-old, Sloane is a 3X cancer survivor, a college dropout, ALL ABOUT female entrepreneurship and as real as they come. An entrepreneur's entrepreneur!
Oct 26, 2020
53 min
Episode #2: Breezy Beaumont - Alation, Head of Growth Marketing
Breezy leads growth marketing for Alation, the industry's leading data catalog platform that enables companies to democratize access to their data to increase profitability, lower cost of customer acquisition, improve operational efficiencies, generate new products etc. Alation is a high-growth, enterprise SaaS company backed by leading investors including Salesforce Ventures. Our conversation digs into asking for the order + developing that skill over time, cracking the code on bringing B2B Sales + Marketing teams together, technology as the key to working smarter (not just harder), the power of independent thinking + importance of data, Breezy's happiness calculation + last but certainly not least, her recommendation to "go teach yourself" vs just reading about it!
Oct 19, 2020
54 min
Episode #1: John Isemann, Growth Lead of Air
John leads growth for Air, a Brooklyn based creative collaboration start-up backed by several leading VCs including Lerer Hippeau and Tiger Global. Our conversation delves into navigating the early decisions in your career, having hard conversations with the people closest to you, becoming a T-shaped individual, nurture vs nature, power of the side hustle and risk mitigation techniques and alignment between your personal values and goals with the culture of the company you work for.
Sep 27, 2020
55 min