Make Bank with Marie Wold
Make Bank with Marie Wold
Marie Wold
Welcome to your new favorite destination for unfiltered conversations about personal development, entrepreneurship, wellness, confidence, wealth building, relationships, and so much more. Along with her world-renowned guests, Marie Wold combines the power of inspiration with actionable takeaways so you can tangibly elevate your life with every episode. ABOUT MARIE For the last decade, Marie Wold has been on a mission to build an empire, become her best self, and bring her vision board to life... and she’s brought YOU along every step of the way. She’s a 7-figure business mentor, marketing strategist, horse girl, and lifestyle entrepreneur helping women make bank while making a difference™. In addition to building global audiences of 300k+ and being featured in press like Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Shape, Daily Mail, and more, Marie and her clients have made millions in the online coaching space, and are quickly emerging as industry leaders with businesses that support their dream lives. They’re proof that with the right strategies and support, we truly get to have it all. [Previously known as The Grind & Be Grateful Podcast]
7 Steps To Attracting 'High Caliber' Clients
REMINDER: You will attract higher caliber clients when YOU hold YOURSELF to a higher standard… and then actually EMBODY it.We're zooming in on the 7 specific steps you need to make if you want to attract 'high caliber' clients to your business and step up as a CEOBasically… If you’re wanting more aligned, self-led, engaged, high-level clients, YOU have to level up FIRST. Let's begin. FOLLOW MARIE: ( FOR ONLINE COACH EMPIRE MASTERMIND ( FOR ONLINE COACH KICKSTART: (
Jan 24
30 min
Secrets of the Most Successful & Fulfilled Women We Know with Robyn Gooding
Between Robyn and I, we've been behind the scenes in thousands of women's businesses and lives and we have seen exactly what sets the most successful and fulfilled women apart from those who struggle and burnout.This episode pulls back the curtain on:* Our 2024 industry predictions* Unpopular entrepreneurship philosophies* Energetics, embodiment, and somatics for ambitious women* How to get crystal clear on your desires* The real recipe for manifestation* Unlocking the four parts of self for true embodiment* How to build self trustRobyn Gooding is not only my right hand woman and the bonus coach inside of BOTH of my programs-- Online Coach Empire Mastermind and Online Coach Kickstart, but she's also a powerhouse business owner herself. She's certified business, life, and feminine embodiment coach, host of worldwide retreats, proud mama to a daughter, human empowerment super fan and sunshine chaser.With almost a decade experience in global business consulting for companies at various stages of growth, from startups to seven figures and beyond, she decided to build a business with women at the core.  You'll see exactly why it's been a no-brainer to bring Robyn in as a bonus coach for my clients for the last almost 2 years because we are SOO aligned with our missions and philosophies. So when you join my programs, Robyn's magic gets to be the cherry on top for you!Without further ado, let's get to the good stuff!FOLLOW ROBYN: ( MARIE: ( FOR ONLINE COACH EMPIRE MASTERMIND ( FOR ONLINE COACH KICKSTART: (
Jan 17
1 hr
What I Learned From Analyzing My 231 Instagram Posts from 2023
I've made THOUSANDS of Instagram posts over the year (currently sitting at 6,389 to be exact) and I made 231 in 2023. Press play to find out what I learned from analyzing what hit vs what flopped!FOLLOW ME: ( can try out the DM automations mentioned by commenting 'TRAINING' or 'GOALS' on any of my recent posts!)ONLINE COACH KICKSTART: ( COACH EMPIRE MASTERMIND: (
Jan 11
44 min
Do This ASAP If You're In a Content FUNK
‘I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO POST’ - you, probablyDon’t worry, we’ve allllll been there. It doesn’t matter whether you’re brand new to showing up online or a veteran like me... sometimes the creative juices just aren’t juicy.But if you implement these 4 steps, I PROMISE you will shift out of feeling stuck and in to feeling unstoppable in record time.Press play and let’s get you unfunked (;FOLLOW MARIE: ( THE GOAL SETTING VISUALIZATION: (
Jan 3
18 min
How I Overcome Imposter Syndrome
You’ve got BIG goals and high standards... so odds are HIGH that you’re in the vast majority of ambitious women who experience Imposter Syndrome.I know I have... and it doesn’t magically go away once you’ve hit a certain ‘level’ either. So, I’ve simply gotten really good at overcoming it and making moves DESPITE the imposter syndrome hitting.Keep listening to:* Identify which Imposter Syndrome symptoms you’re experiencing and what they mean* Get some real-life examples of my own Imposter Syndrome stories* Receive SIMPLE tools and mindset shifts that will help you reach your goals* Feel empowered to face your Imposter Syndrome head-onRSVP FOR THE VISION BOARD PARTY: ( MARIE: (
Dec 20, 2023
What My Team of 10 Does + Lessons in Scaling [7-Figure Business Edition]
My business didn't hit the seven-figure mark by accident. Behind the scenes, there's a powerhouse of skilled support coaches, virtual assistants, and other incredible professionals. Not only will you meet the stars of my team, but we're also taking a candid look at our four-day workweek schedule and current projects. I'll get real about the tough lessons too, like the cost of waiting too long to let someone go, and how this can affect your business momentum.So whether you're dreaming of your own seven-figure coaching business or looking for ways to refine your operation, tune in because this episode is jam-packed with value you won't want to miss.FOLLOW MARIE: (
Dec 13, 2023
53 min
BTS of Becoming an 'It Girl' with Marley Freygang
Becoming the 'it girl' of your life is MORE than you realize-- it's a mindset, a vibe, a BELIEF... and this week's guest, Marley Freygang is here to show us how it's done. Marley is a multi-passionate it-girl who helps ambitious women filter out the BS and make their dreams happen, and she's pulling back the curtain on it ALL: working closely with celebs on the forefront of projects to bring original plays, film premieres, and commercial and influencer campaigns to life! All while chasing her dreams as an actress and podcaster.FOLLOW MARLEY: ( / MARIE: (
Dec 6, 2023
55 min
Breaking Up with Diet Culture to Create Your Dream Life with Alana Van Der Sluys
Diet culture literally keeps us playing small, whether it's in our businesses, relationships, passions, or mental health... you deserve to play BIG and unapologetically take up space so you can reach your potential. This week's guest, Alana Van Der Sluys is here to teach us exactly HOW we can have it all, including food freedom.FOLLOW ALANA: ( MARIE: ( THE BLACK FRIDAY SALE: (
Nov 29, 2023
48 min
How To Tap Into Your Authenticity & Break Out of Feeling Stuck with Bea of The Guided Word
We've ALL experienced seasons where we just feel... MEH. We're going through the motions, checking the boxes, but we KNOW we are capable of and deserve so much more. This interview with Bea Vasic (aka @theguidedword) is the crash course for stepping into your power and reclaiming your authenticity so you can feel that SPARK in your life again.FOLLOW BEA: ( MARIE: ( THE BLACK FRIDAY SALE: (
Nov 22, 2023
1 hr 2 min
How To Still Make Money When You're Not 'High Vibe'
85% of my audience says that this year has been HARD-- life has been extra life-y. I feel that (and I'll explain why) AND ALSO, we can not be high vibe and STILL make bank. In this episode I'll walk you through the essential strategy, business model, and mindset shifts that have allowed me to be supported BY my biz (not the other way around) and have a $150k+ launch this fall during one of the hardest times of my life.SHOP THE BLACK FRIDAY SALE TO SAVE $500-$5,000 ON MENTORSHIP PROGRAMS: ( MARIE: (
Nov 15, 2023
44 min
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