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The Green Belle Podcast
Gabrielle Dubois
E. 26 Tapping Away Limiting Beliefs, Upgrading Your Vocabulary, and Taking Control of Your Critical Mind with Mindset Coach, Katie Potratz
59 minutes Posted Jun 26, 2019 at 8:00 pm.
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Show notes

In today's episode, I am joined with Katie Potratz! I have been following Katie for so long on instagram, and to finally connect via this podcast interview was amazing - I had so much fun chatting with Katie and learning so many new techniques to use in my everyday life. AND I know that you guys will find this just as valuable as I did.

Episode Breakdown:

* Intro of who Katie is and what she does as a mindset coach * Katie dives into her other trainings such as life coaching, NLP, EFT and hypnosis* What is the science behind the effectiveness of EFT and hypnosis * EFT: tapping away your limiting beliefs, anxiety and negative thought patterns* How you can tap on yourself and the tapping sequence* How our words can be affecting our reality * What does it mean to “upgrade your vocabulary”?* What is the difference between our subconscious and conscious mind?* What is the critical mind? How does it level between our subconscious and conscious mind * Can mantras and affirmations change our subconscious mind?* Using mantras with tapping (EFT) for better results * Is there a difference between mantras and affirmations* How we can visualize to manifest our best life * Vision boards vs visualizing in our head* What can we be doing to manifest our best life? 

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