The Green Belle Podcast
The Green Belle Podcast
Gabrielle Dubois
E. 25 Holistic Beauties Founders, Lisa and Danielle, Chat All About Your Best Face Friend for Flawless Skin, Clean Beauty Favourites, and High Vibrational Rituals
1 hour Posted Jun 23, 2019 at 4:00 pm.
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Show notes

Today I am joined with the lovely ladies, Lisa and Danielle from Holistic Beauties to chat all about their face tools to help you achieve flawless skin, their must-have clean beauty favourites, balancing entrepreneurship and life, and spiritual practices that they swear by.

PS. This was recorded a month ago before I left for my vacation and was getting over laryngitis!

Episode Breakdown:

* Who Lisa and Danielle are, how they met and how they started Holistic Beauties* Why Beauty tools?* Clarisonic vs Best Face Friend* What tools are available at HB?* Is there a possibility for skincare products in the feature?* How did Lisa and Danielle get into green and clean beauty?* How Lisa and Danielle balance business with self-care* Chatting self care rituals* Skincare spiritual practices: manifestations, visualization, mantras for your best skin* Lisa and Danielle's favourite quote* Lisa and Danielle share their top 3 Favourite non-toxic beauty products

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