The Great Qhapaq Ñan
The Great Qhapaq Ñan
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In Conversations with Rosario Suardy she expands on topics from her book The Way of the Qhapaq Ñan that she calls the “Art of the Andes”. Mastery that allowed her to free herself from fear, emotional distress, body dis-ease, mental restlessness and other limitations that held her captive and to transcend the "seeker". The importance of rekindling our ancestor’s archaic wisdom which hold answers to assist in bringing one-Self to their forefront and reconnecting to the Natural-Whole. Listen and Join the Conversation of a life Time. Support this podcast:
El Arte de Construccion
Part 2. --- Support this podcast:
Jul 17, 2020
44 min
The Art of Construction
Part 1. --- Support this podcast:
Jul 17, 2020
41 min
El Humano Fuera de Control
Rosario rompe la idea del cuerpo humano. Comprender la historia, el calendario y el aspecto espiritual de cada conexión. --- Support this podcast:
Jul 17, 2020
40 min
Humans Out of Wack
Rosario breaks down the idea of the human body. Understanding the history, the calendar and the spiritual aspect of each connection.   --- Support this podcast:
Jul 17, 2020
41 min
Saliendo de la esclavitud de la Conciencia Colectiva
Conversación de esta semana con Rosario, se sumerge en la idea de la conciencia humana. Salir de la conciencia colectiva requiere mucho trabajo dentro de nosotros mismos. --- Support this podcast:
Jul 17, 2020
34 min
Stepping out of the Collective Consciousness Bondage!
This weeks conversation with Rosario, she dives into the idea of the human consciousness.  Stepping out of the collective consciousness takes a lot of work within a ourselves.  --- Support this podcast:
Jul 17, 2020
50 min
Edicion Especial - Racismo
A medida que el mundo llora, con brotes de racismo de izquierda a derecha. Tenemos que entender para amarnos unos a otros, debemos amar al que está dentro. Escucha la edición especial que te presentan Rosario y sus invitados. --- Support this podcast:
Jun 16, 2020
1 hr 25 min
The Effect of Racism
As the world mourn, with outbreaks of racism left to right. We have to understand in order to love one another we must love the one within in. Listen to the special edition that is presented to you by Rosario and her guest.  --- Support this podcast:
Jun 5, 2020
1 hr 43 min
What do you See Behind your mirror?
We are so used to looking in front of us and judge the image that is profound and that present itself to us. Yet, what happens when we see behind out mirror, join Rosario as she embarks in in this journey! --- Support this podcast:
Jun 4, 2020
1 hr 8 min
¿Que ves en espejo?
Bienvenido a "The Great Qhapaq" Organizado por Rosario Suardy. Únase a las conversaciones los miércoles y jueves a las 8pm. Siga Bropak Management en Ig para obtener más información. (@bropakmanagement) --- Support this podcast:
May 21, 2020
1 hr 11 min