The Great Leap Forwards
The Great Leap Forwards
Welcome to my music podcast " the great leap forwards" inspired by a billy bragg song i thought podcasting would be a great leap for local music around the DC area so i decided to make one about local and indie punk music
GLF4!- Guy Fawkes Day
HAPPY GUY FAWKES DAY ALL! all the songs i play today are about government overthrow or anarchy or protest, ENJOY!
Nov 5, 2006
32 min
new episode, special feature: the de-evolution of a legond, plenty of good bands and live shows today
Oct 29, 2006
28 min
The Great Leap Forwards Episode 2!
hey guys this is the new episode featuring type53, black powder fuzzbox, world/inferno, leatherface, patrick gerald, ghost mice and more!
Oct 5, 2006
24 min
The Great LEap Forwards Episode 1
first stab at this, no this is not the episode with the mad conductor episode that will be up soon the bands featured are the AM flix- PG and the raindogs- cheap drunks- cheapdrunks carbon silicon-
Oct 3, 2006
20 min