The Good Dirt
The Good Dirt
Mary Kingsley, Emma Kingsley
Mary and Emma, the mother/daughter team behind Lady Farmer, a sustainable apparel and lifestyle brand, deep-dive into all things slow and sustainable living. At Lady Farmer, we believe that the answer to healing ourselves and our planet is right under our feet. Tune in for expert interviews, lively discussions, and actionable takeaways as we dig deep to make our lives - and our planet - a little better.
A Permaculture Community: How Art, Food, and Family Come Together at ANIMA Casa Rural
Mary and Emma sit down with Julian, the Director of ANIMA Casa Rural - a B&B, artist residency and working farm located in the municipality of Tala in Jalisco, Mexico. ANIMA offers a space that emphasizes the importance of working with nature as opposed to against it. Through permaculture, Julian and his family’s shared ecological beliefs, sustainable design and focus on the elimination of processed foods, Julian wishes to create a working community amongst every person who visits ANIMA Casa Rural.
Sep 4
1 hr 1 min
Seasonal Meal Planning Made Easy with Huckle & Goose
Lady Farmer sits down with Christine and Anca, the duo behind the Huckle & Goose cookbook and meal planning program, to talk about what it really means to cook, eat, and live seasonally. Their book is designed to speak to even the most intimidated home cooks, and the habit-forming plans and recipes that they offer make space for true transformation in your life.
Aug 21
1 hr 18 min
The Power of Your Purchase: Gifting Consciously & Buying Responsibly with Sherri Powell
Mary & Emma sit down with Sherri Powell of Yours Rurally (@yoursrurally), a conscious gifting company, for a lively chat about empowerment through thoughtful consumption. Sherri, with roots in rural Georgia, spent a good portion of her professional career on Capitol Hill working to advance rural sustainable economic development, and has now launched her own company that takes these ideas a bit further - into a tangible, gift-able, and receivable form. Sherri is painting a different story of rural America - and it is beautiful, educational, and moving.
Aug 7
1 hr 23 min
Homeschooling In The New Normal: Ideas And Options with Rebecca Gallop of A Daily Something
Given the uncertainties surrounding the re-opening of schools in the fall of 2020, many parents are considering the transition to full time homeschooling. Others don't feel confident in taking that step, and are going with the "schooling-at-home" programs that their own schools are offering. What's the difference in these approaches, how can they encompass slow living, and what are all the possibilities in between the two? Wherever you are on the spectrum of options for the school year, we hope you'll tune in to our conversation with veteran homeschooler Rebecca Gallop (@adailysomething) to discuss these distinctions and all that this situation has to offer. Yes, without a doubt there are challenges, but we think this episode with Rebecca will help you gain a new perspective, and will leave you excited and inspired to explore this unique opportunity for you and your family. If you are one of many parents across the country right now, uncertain of what "back-to-school" means for you and your child this fall, this episode is for you!
Jul 24
1 hr 26 min
Julia Watkins on Simply Living Well
Today we’re talking to slow living enthusiast Julia Watkins, creator of the Instagram account and author of the book by the same name. Julia begins this episode talking about the three phases of her life that most influenced the slow living lifestyle that she now espouses and demonstrates to a large following—her childhood spent closely tied to her grandparents and their rich but simple lifestyle, her years spent in a remote village in West Africa, immersed in a life centered around community and nature, and her own entry into motherhood. We cover a lot of great topics in this conversation, including the challenges of balancing an authentic, scaled-back lifestyle along with an active social media presence, the sustainability and zero-waste movements, the realities of constant stress in our present day culture, motherhood in the absence of a communal village, and the value of recognizing what’s most important to each of us in the cultivation of our slow living goals. Come along with us in this lovely conversation, as we hear Julia’s own story unfold and learn from her experience as well.
Jul 10
1 hr 7 min
Grow Your Own Food in 15 Minutes A Day with Permaculture Gardens
In this episode, Mary and Emma talk to husband/wife duo Nicky and Dave Schauder, Northern Virginia-based home permaculture garden consultants and coaches. We hear about how they came to growing their own food through their kids' allergies and other family health issues, and how they grow 500 lbs of food in 500 square feet of growing space with 6 kids and one parent working full-time outside the home!
Jun 26
1 hr 15 min
Healing from the Ground Up: Meet The Herb Girls
In this episode of The Good Dirt, Mary and Emma talk to longtime friends Eileen and Amy of Herb Girls, an herby duo based in Athens, GA. Both certified herbalists and nutritional therapists, they began their company with a desire to make herbalism more accessible and fun. We hear a bit about both of their journeys into herbalism, some common misconceptions, supply chain issues in a time of global pandemic, and some of their personal favorite herbs. We hope you enjoy this fun and informative chat!
Jun 15
55 min
Our Commitment: A Message from Lady Farmer
How will Lady Farmer move forward from this moment? What can we do, as a small company and as individuals, to help create positive change in our broken systems? What actions will we take against the scourge of inequality and racism in our society? Here is a declaration of our commitment to a better world, from Lady Farmer and The Good Dirt Podcast.
Jun 9
3 min
Through Her Lens: Seeing Life More Beautifully With Jamie Beck
In this episode, Mary and Emma sit down with renowned photographer Jamie Beck. Jamie joins us as a New York expat chatting from Provence, France, where she now lives with her husband Kevin and baby Eloise, the three of them living slowly, creatively, and more closely to nature. During the COVID19 pandemic lockdown in France, Jamie created one piece of art for each day to make up the #isolationcreation series. We chat about her life shifts, her #isolationcreation project, and we bond over some of our favorite (and not so favorite) cultural differences between France and America. It was a delightful conversation - hearing Jamie talk about her process is illuminating and inspiring. We hope you enjoy!
May 15
55 min
Wisdom From The Wild: A Conversation with Doniga Markegard
In today's episode, we sit down with Doniga Markegard, regenerative rancher, mother, wildlife tracker, and author of this month's Lady Farmer Book Club pick, "Dawn Again". Listen to Doniga's story as she tells us about how a near-death experience changed her entire life. We also hear a few of her favorite lessons from the wildnerness, and get a glimpse into her life as a regenerative rancher just outside Silicon Valley.
May 8
1 hr 6 min
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