The Goat Room Podcast
The Goat Room Podcast
Gavin Magnus
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What happened to u and Brooklyn
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What is this
Omg I love your songs my favorite song is crushin and hearts on a pendant
Goat room
It feels good to listen to Jacob Magnus. I wish I could be apart of goat fam. Maybe that day will come true
My sis is a fan
My sister is a fan and her birthday is December 25 can we make plans to meet up and she watches your videos every time you post hope to see you there and I live in la in ornge county can we meet up on the 15th at Hollywood bullyvord plz and thank you.
plz can we meet up
So hi I like the idea of the goat room and I hear you’re prodcast😍😍😍😍😍😜🤩🥳
Goat Room!!❤️😎
i absolutely love this podcast (and the goat fams youtube channels) i think it’s a great way to learn about different people and not just through youtube. i hope there will be more episodes and maybe with some of the new goat fam members like sicily, paesha, Delijah, and now sophie!❤️🐐
periodt sis no cappp
Absolutely horrible! All they talk about is drama. Or love. And too many commercials. Don’t like it. PERIOD
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too much drama and love and ughhhhh but it’s fine
Gavin Magnus and Coco Quinn
They both are amazing... Plz no there only 13 so they do not need hate so plz stop the hate they do not deserve hate. Plz note that Gavin and Coco do love each other they are best friends so plz stop the hate Gavin is a King and will be forever. Coco is a queen and she will be forever. ❤️❤️❤️@gavinmagnus is a amazing 😉 he is so funny 😂!!! @cocoquinn3 is amazing 😉 and she is so sweet and funny 😁
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Pretty good
Needs more episodes and more guest that we don’t know too much about like mama Magnus but this is pretty good not
Anything is possible
Gavin is one of my favorite YouTubers and he does YouTube to entertain people and with this quarantine is better the podcast of how to fix a broken heart was put out the day after my birthday
To Gavin
I love gavin songs I just want him to notice me❤️❤️❤️
💕I love Gavin!!!!💕
Oh my goodness!! Amazing podcast!! #GOATFAM who misses cavin🥺 (coco Quinn and Gavin magnus)
Love it BUT...
Not enough episodes but still love the podcast so much.Also u like post a podcast every once in a while.(no hate💖💖💖)
Not that good!
I don’t really like this podcast because he was really like just talking about Radom things I don’t recommend at all
My Review
I rate it a five stars because, Gavin is one of my favorite youtubers, and I watched him since over a year ago. It’s amazing how far you went in your career, and keep up the good work. I’m a big fan. And I think it’s cool that you started a podcast!😁
nice podcast
love the squad and the podcast
Great podcast
Can you do a podcast episode of how you and coco met and what you did with each other before you became so close
Very good!
Love this so much! Plz continue! Keep on doing what you love! ❤️❤️
Gavin spreads his life to the world I would love to meet him he entertained me and others he spreads happiness
Anneliese Otero