The Goat Room Podcast
The Goat Room Podcast
Gavin Magnus
Casual conversations with influencers, actors, singers, and dancers about current things happening in social media.
Addison Rae's Brother Talks Tea - The Goat Room Podcast EP. 3
Talking with Enzo Lopez about he and his family have gained social media fame over the past year. I talked to him about his relationship with his sister, Addison Rae, his growing acting career, and what he wants to do in the future with YouTube and Tik Tok.
Aug 2
20 min
How To Fix A Broken Heart - The Goat Room Podcast EP. 2
My brother, Jakob Magnus, and I discuss topics such as relationships in social media, and the hardships that come with them.
Jun 24
24 min
A Love Story - The Goat Room Podcast EP. 1
Talking with Coco Quinn about relationships, music, drama, summer fashion, and more.
Jun 21
22 min