The Glossy Beauty Podcast
The Glossy Beauty Podcast
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Do they Compensate their Guests?
Listen to Dr Sturm here and on “Breaking Beauty” podcast. Dr Sturm was a lovely guest on this show, and the rudest woman on the planet on Breaking Beauty. This was an ad for how she’s “all the rage” and the stores to buy her products In. Plus the questions here were all fluff, no substance. Missed opportunity to really dive into Dr Sturms work.
Beauty Bio 🙄
Disappointed to hear Jamie O’Banion try to justify not going to our Derma or esthetician’s for microneedling. There is NO comparison. The reason you are able to use her tool at home is because it is NOT like the one that is used by Derms and esthetician’s.... it’s nice to be able to maintain good skin at home but it is nothing like the treatment you’ll get with going deeper which is what will happen in your Dermatologist office. Her products aren’t FDA-approved to penetrate to the layer of skin where we actually need the product to reach. That is why you can buy it at retail stores. You’ll never find it in a cosmetic derma office because it doesn’t have enough of the active ingredients to deem it MEDICAL GRADE. She is sweet as sugar but if you’re looking for topical products that are highly active then keep going to your Dermatologist or aesthetician. Her products are so insulting to us who actually went to school for skin and are able to use lights and lasers and other tools to treat skin concerns.
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Esthetician Heather
Overall Great But Inconsistent Based On Guest
Hands down the Tatcha and Wander Beauty episodes are THE BEST. The founders share a passion for their companies and customers and it’s obvious. Lots of good info in those episodes and I learned a lot. The RMS episode is simply awful: the founder is condescending and thinks she’s funny. Skip the LOLA episode as she sounds like a marketing robot. All marketing language and no soul.
One of My Favorite Beauty Podcasts!
I listen to quite a few podcasts that talk about leaders in the beauty industry. What I love most about Glossy Beauty’s podcast is the length of each episode and the guests they interview. I was introduced to this podcast by the first episode featuring Miranda Kerr, who I have admired for years. There are so many podcasts talking about beauty these days, but the leaders they bring on Glossy Beauty are relevant and have such interesting stories of how they started their businesses.
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The best. The effing best. I struggle finding podcasts that talk about the beauty industry that keep my attention episode after episode. I haven’t listened to the original glossy podcast yet but I will start it now. I listened to every single episode in one day.