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Glass Cannon Network!
These guys are great. They have taken the spot as my most listened to podcasts. I’m working my way through their entire backlog. I recommend everything they do!
Can't get enough!
I just binged the Glass Cannon Podcast playthrough of Giantslayer over the last several months. I loved the story they told so much! Now that I'm all caught up to the current episodes, I'm going to start on Androids and Aliens, their Starfinder Deadsuns campaign. I'm stoked about the new cast member, Ellie. Someday I hope to catch one of their liveshows and meet the Naish!
This group has been responsible for some of my favorite content in the last 5 years! Listen. Then check out the Patreon content. Can’t recommend enough.
Best podcast out there
Stop reading reviews and start listening to this podcast... right now!
DeathCon Yellow
Phenomenal Work Gents
My brother in law recommended you guys as a podcast to listen to during work and I can’t stop listening! You guys have inspired me as a GM/DM in such a great way and I’m grateful for all the hard work you guys put into the show. Keep it up! -Your friendly neighborhood Dungeon Master and Cpl of Marines
I can’t stop!
My husband has been recommending this podcast for awhile and I finally started it about two weeks ago. I am so happy to be this far behind, I won’t run out of episodes anytime soon. It’s the best!!!!
My favorite podcast to binge
It’s the best and most entertaining podcast I’ve listened to
ya boi Trump
I have heard mentions of the Glass Cannon Podcast for years, but wasn’t super interested. I began the pandemic reuniting with friends with whom I played dnd with back in 2003. We started with DnD 5e, and Pathfinder last June. I finally tuned in and I have not regretted it. While I drive to and from work, I get to cheer and groan with the Players on the podcast. It gets me pumped to play each weekend, and inspires my play style. If I thought my friends and I could be as fun to listen to, I’d make a podcast of our play.
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Great Nerdy TTRPG Goodness!
I have binge-listened through 93 episodes in about 2 months! I came to this podcast as a fan of The Adventure Zone and Not Another DND Podcast. I had never played or listened to Pathfinder gameplay before. As a result, this podcast felt clunky and full of so many detailed rules I got lost several times in the first few episodes. For this reason I held off writing my review. I quickly got the hang of the more complicated rules however, and absolutely fell in love with the guys’ chemistry and contagious laughter. I got so involved in the story and characters that I completely forgot about writing my review until now, almost 100 episodes in! I love the polished story-telling of the other “actual play” podcasts I listen to, but I had never realized how many rules they glossed over and how rich and engaging those rules really make the game (once you get the hang of it), until I was 50+ episodes deep in the GCP! Honest opinion? This podcast is a delectable combination of fantastic voice-acting, incredible improvisation, gripping story-telling, deeply dimensional characters, great sound-work, and good old rule-keeping! I have laughed, I have cried, and I can’t wait to continue this journey with the cast of the GCP!
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Lily Everett-Curwick
The superior TTRPG Actual Play
Hands down the best RPG podcast I’ve listened to
A very confused Vice Principal...
Some FBI consultant just took my phone and made me download this podcast. At first I thought Roger Cumstone was nuts, but turns out this is a really really great podcast. So many laughs and really great storytelling!
VP Albert Akoff
Love you
Would be 5 stars if one person was fired
karate magnate
Must listen
This is the single greatest podcast network out there. Subscribe to Patreon and check out their other shows. This is definitely not Roger Cumstone on someone random person’s phone. Why would you think that? WHO TOLD YOU!
Been a fan for awhile...
Ever since the days of the play test pods, but I’ve only just now gotten around to listening to the whole thing. It’s a fantastic and fun show. Loads of laughs, epic moments, and skin-of-their-teeth victories. DISCLAIMER: They aren’t great at the rules, so if you’re a rules lawyer, like me, try not to let it get to you 😬
Darksol Steelheart
New fan
I started listening in November and today I listened to the newest episode. I love this and can’t wait to listen to and watch all things Glass Cannon!
Great podcast
I don't know how long apple reviews are allowed to be, so I'll just say this for now: Excellent ttrpg actual play podcast. Been listening for over three years non-stop. Love the guys, love the characters, love THE NAISH. Praise praise, words fail.
Best actual play podcast period
I love Critical Role, but the Glass Cannon podcast and all their other adventures are the best actual podcasts out there bar none. More high level play and they keep the action going.
One of the best!
I recently started listening, and it one of the best D&D podcasts to bing listen too. Seriously, I WANT to play pathfinder now because of it!!! Thanks so much everyone!
I’ve only recently started playing table top games so new to the scene. It’s been fun playing my own campaigns, but this podcast and crew is making me crave more. This is a fun crew, love their banter, and appreciate how they explain the rules and story telling especially for a newb like me. Learning a lot and having fun doing it.
Was it removed for patrons? I loved the first arc so much. Many thanks for hours of A++ material to all working on the show!
Just finished book 5
To summarize my feeling about this podcast: I’d listen to this dudes play ANYTHING. They are so funny and creative. The podcast was good when I started listening to it, and it has only gotten better throughout the years. It takes some time before they get completely comfortable taking liberties with the campaign, but if you are listening, keep at it. You won’t regret it. PD: can’t wait to listen to they 2e campaign.
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Fun ride!
I started late but man is this show great. I have basically listen for a week strait and can wait to get back to it after being away. Cast is amazing and the storytelling is up there as the best I’ve ever heard. Keep up the amazing work! Only on episode 25 but I can’t wait to catch up !
Scrib nib
Best Tabletop Podcast to Date
I can honestly say these guys single handed got me into ttrpgs and then eventually into trying my hand at this soon. They are easily my favorite thing to listen to and have such a wide swath of content, especially as a patreon member. If you haven't listened to them yet, stop being an idiot and start.
Focus & chemistry
Many real plays start to lose focus after time. The personal chemistry, wit, and story playing focus of glass cannon Is as good now as it was fresh at the beginning. If you listen to only one real play podcast or network – this is it.
Very good podcast
Love it!
I’m a very late-comer. My brother kept persuading to listen and finally when I needed a new podcast to listen to, I went to Glass Cannon. LOVE IT!
Can’t Praise this Podcast Enough
My boss told me about this podcast about 2 years ago. Since then I’ve been plowing through this plus the other free and Patreon Glass Canon content. I love all of the actors/players. I laugh and am surprised so often. The quality of the pod is super high. Plus I can listen at 1.5 speed and fully enjoy. 😀Great dungeon crawling, story telling, and acting.
By Far the Best Pathfinder Podcast around
The perfect mix of comedy and geniunely great storytelling. Everything these guys touch is gold
Amazing stories, fun friends
I learned about this podcast 5 years after it debuted, in the middle of this pandemic. Their stories, friendship, and care for their audience drew me in instantly. I binged all 5 years joyfully laughing out loud as my family stared at me strangely. It is an awesome example of pathfinder, live play, and just good fun!
Matthew is secretly the best
sir stacksalot
Laughs with a story
An actual play podcast from the Glass Cannon Network, this is easily my favorite podcast. I’m a weirdo that DOESNT play games (Pathfinder, D&D, etc), yet I LOVE the podcast because of story telling and constant laughs that aren’t forced. If you enjoyed the good seasons of Game of Thrones, but wished there was more more banter, give this a try.
Quickly becoming my favorite.
Was just recently turned onto this podcast from a fifth edition dungeons and dragons group. I’m only 25 episodes in and I’ve only been listening for a week. Love the humor and the honest excitement at good rolls and despair of bad rolls
Warforged 33
The absolute best
This is the gold standard for actual play podcasts.
Don't Leave Town
It's the best
Where is Jimmer?!?!??!????????!
Glass cannon Pod!!!
I love the GCP, I wish I found them YEARS ago, I don’t know what I’ve been doing with my life. Thanks Troy, Grant, Skid, Joe, AND Matthew Capidachasm... every time troy says chasm I say this in my head
Devin Grady from Ohio
My favorite podcast
Great chemistry. Amazing stories. The humor hits all the right notes. Can’t recommend enough.
So excellent!
If you are looking for the perfect Pathfinder podcast, you’ve found it. The players are charismatic and enjoyable to listen to, the story is fun and engaging, and if you are new to pathfinder you can learn a lot about how the game is played.
Favorite Tabletop Podcast
Everyone is great, the show is so entertaining and I love the way the characters flow seamlessly into the story and world. 5/7 would recommend
Great Content and Plenty of Fun!
This was the first RPG podcast I listened to and I loved it. Once I branched out I realized how high quality it is. I'm all the way through Giantslayer (well, whats up now) and loving it. After listening to this I started playing for the first time in June and am now DMing. That experience has given me even more appreciation for them. The dialogue here is awesome and, as a new DM, that's the hardest part!
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Life Changing
Fun, Adventurous and life changing!
Great pathfinder pod.
Great, but GCP almost lost me. Just before the pandemic, they’d lost their way a bit, mostly with too much unrelated claptrap at the beginning of the show (but you’ll be years in at that point). Then the side quest sesh stuff was unlistenable... but when they came back to the main story recently, they won me over again. The show is better than it ever. No one makes a combat as interesting as Troy, and the cut scenes they script are awesome bits that add a ton to the immersion of the Giant Slayer AP.
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Oh my god.
How in all the gods’ names did I not realize I haven’t reviewed this before??? Endlessly entertaining, even in a re-listen (which I am doing now), brilliant cast of improv role-players, phenomenal storytelling by Troy Lavalle, and Jesus- just the ridiculous jokes. Please join our Glass Cannon Nation, it is such a great place to be (: (We are a cult, be aware)
My favorite podcast. Period!
I started this podcast when they had about half as far into the story as they are now. I couldn’t listen to the episodes fast enough! The RP is great. The storyline of the quest they are on it great. The players are great. The DM is both evil and great. All of it is very well done. It has also gotten better as it goes on. I look forward to long car trips or any reason to spend about an hour on my Tuesday listening to these guys. It has sparked my desire to start playing table top RPGs again. If you like good stories, RPGs or both, you will enjoy this. My wife knows nothing about Pathfinder, D&D or any other RPG and she even enjoys this podcast. Check it out! You will not be disappointed Update: It’s still the best ever after 255 episodes
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Amazing show
The chemistry here between the friends is incredible. This has led me to join 3 campaigns and running two others. Thank you guys for giving me something to make it through work!
Absolutely the best podcast
As soon as I started GCP I haven’t been able to turn it off! Love the people, the characters, the general vibe and feeling of friendship!
Julie Bear Julie
My favorite podcast hands down.
They’re great
Best trpg podcast I’ve listened to
Love it!
Perfect distraction from the daily grind. The team is funny and keep things light hearted. I’ve listened to several of their shows and they are all excellent.
Sir Cropper
Started with no experience and now I’m a D&D nerd!
I started listening to the GCP because my buddy was listening to them at work. I was never big into table top RPGs. Over time, I started to get more in to listening. Because of you guys I am hooked.
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