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In the spirit of old-school tabletop role-playing games, a collection of five super-nerds engage in an Actual Play podcast of Paizo's Giantslayer Adventure Path. Using the rules of the Pathfinder RPG system, the Glass Cannon interweaves immersive storytelling with irreverent, improvised humor to deliver the experience of what it's really like to sit around a table rolling dice and ball-busting with your best buds. The Glass Cannon Podcast is an officially licensed podcast of Paizo, Inc.
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Paying tribute
I don’t normally rate anything, but these guys are awesome. I’m on episode 79 of giant slayer and I wish I had done this sooner. I love these guys so much! I listen to them while doing mundane chores around the house and while driving. Eventually I’m going to catch up to whatever the GCP crew is doing nowadays.
Praise Praise, Natty Twenzonie
I have no idea why I never gave y’all a review! I’ve been following GCP for years now and haven’t regretted a second! The guys are amazing and being a part of The Naish is one of the most rewarding parts of it all! Y’all are a decided business and the fans love and thank you for powering through and giving us content despite the pandemic! Love love LOVE everything about the Glass Cannon Network!
Don’t read this, listen to the Podcast!
Started this from episode one not to long ago and it is hands down the best podcast I have listened to. You get attached to the characters and the banter between the players and gm are hilarious!
I’ll Delay
Took too long for me to actually get around to writing this review, but I’m a proud member of the naish and you should be too!
Evens are the best
Great time - got me back into RPGs.
The best show.
I don’t have an iPhone and always felt bad that I couldn’t like, subscribe, download and write a review like I was asked to do. Then Matthew told me to steal a friends iPhone and do it. So I did.
Cole Coletrain
Best podcast for nerds and non nerds alike
This is the best podcast for pathfinder there is! I listened to a couple of others before I was introduced to glass canon and androids and aliens (their starfinder podcast which I recommend just as great as this one) and I listen to it all the time. When I’m doing homework I’m listening, when I’m doing chores I’m listening, when I’m eating lunch I’m listening. They’re great and I’m even trying to start a pathfinder campaign as a dm which I never played as one. So good job guys with the pod cast and hopefully joe doesn’t get you all killed with his roles.
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Rory the greatest fan ever!
Glass Cannon RULES!
This group of guys has made getting into the realm of tabletop RPG’s so exciting. Having started playing D&D back in March, it was hard to get into the role play aspect of things. But, having found this podcast, and subsequently all of the other content they provide has greatly enriched my journey into RPG’s. I started by listening to Side Quest Side Sesh, and once I ran out of episodes I decided to start from the very beginning. I cannot recommend this podcast highly enough! I’m even starting my own campaign as a DM soon. Great job to Troy, Joe, Skid, Grant, and Matthew!
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The Single Greatest Narrative Experience
This podcast is far and away the greatest narrative experience there is. I have been a fantasy and sci-fi fan for over a decade and nothing from page or screen has come close to what this podcast has accomplished. The story does not follow one person’s vision, because all of the players have made decisions that affect the world that they’ve created. The story has been the most emotionally affecting story I have ever heard. It is a commitment to get into but you will not find a more satisfying narrative anywhere else. I will remember this podcast for the rest of my life, thank you GCP for such an amazing and yet unfinished ride.
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My absolute favorite podcasts
This is the gold standard for actual play podcasts. Their table is the one I’d like to play at. Listening to them role play, try to get the pathfinder rules correct, and bust on each other in the process makes me feel as if I’m hanging with good buddies. They have tons of content and the sound quality is great. They’ve actually ruined most other rpg podcasts for me because the others aren’t nearly as good. Lots of fun, good stories, could not recommend enough.
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I am on Episode 162 right now and I absolutely love the show. When I’m having a long drive in my car it feels like I’m watching tv. Amazing story tellers and actors. Having a bad day is so easily fixed by 5 comedians. Thank you for making driving more fun for me.
Epic savant
Favorite podcast ever made
I have enjoyed this podcast more than any of the other’s I have listened to, not just table top podcasts. Just podcasts, period.
My favorite Podcast!
A friend of mine introduced me to GCP a few months ago and I am HOOKED! I have not listened to any other podcast since I started listening to the GCP. Great story, great characters and great players! If you are a Role Player or just a person that like a good story and listing to very creative people, this is the podcast for you! I could go on and on but I think you just need to subscribe and start listening.
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THE BEST... around!!!
Binge worthy excellence. Updated as of 9/9/2020. Still true.
Fast-paced and light-hearted without sacrificing mechanics
To each their own, but this is my favorite "D&D" podcast I've listened to so far. I've dabbled in a few other D&D play podcasts/videos. I've watched a substantial amount of Critical Role. I like Glass Cannon because it walks the line between serious, dramatic, and rewarding (like CR), and silly, fourth-wall-breaking shenanigans. It's a joy to listen to these guys both play and banter. Compared to D&D 5e, PF 1e (what they play) is much more deep and bogged down in rules. As a mere spectator however, I get to enjoy all that depth without worrying about all the number crunching and rules that the DM and players have to deal with. This podcast isn't perfect; none are. There's a bit too much razzing on Matthew for my liking, a bit too much of Joe, and Book 4 is taking forever. Been listening to this for about a year now. 3/4 through the main story. Can't wait to keep going. Thanks GCP!
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Wonderful fantasy gold
Just wanted to say that NormalJoe2 is an asshat. This show is fantastic and I love it every time I listen. Thank you guys so so much for being a part of enjoying my day. I’m an electrician and save each episode for my worst days attic crawling or doing repetitive tasks. You guys save me from myself and I love all of you. Thank you thank you thank you.
Great stuff
During a pandemic there is a lot of free time for podcast listening and this has scratched that itch big time. Comedy gold but the storyline is engaging and the personal touches on the adventure guide are well thought out. Well done gentlemen!
Ba r r e rt
Sad to say as a long time listener, this show has lost its charm. Since the quarantine, they have been both literally and figuratively phoning it in. They openly discuss this in Episode 20 of Side Sesh. Troy says almost every week that he doesn’t want to get started with the game play. It’s so hard to follow the story when I skip past Troy’s suicidally annoying French accents for the NPCs. And Grant’s nasty, petty, little sniping at Matthew does not help. Joe’s doing his best to repair the damage and Skid seems embarrassed to be a part of it.
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Funny and addictive
Still in the process of catching up. Started at 1 and been working my way over the past month or so everyday while working. Hilarious and amazing stuff!
My first review ever
For the glass cannon podcast, I am relatively new to this podcast having only started listening after quarantine. I was playing DND in my local comic book store and a buddy told me about you guys. I am so hooked that I am writing my very first online review ever to help support this wonderful program you put on. Never written an Amazon, yelp or google review, positive or negative. But this was in my opinion worth the time. Thank you for all the entertainment and awesome nerdage references, alien, Star Wars, and apocalypse now! Yes! Keep it up. Thanks, Colt Coffee
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Colt Coffee
Such a fun show
It feels like everyone on the show is having fun and it’s contagious. Just a great listen.
The Great Glass Alavator
Best Play Podcast
Not only is there over 250 episodes of their AMAZING pathfinder Giant Slayer campaign here, but this crew has another free podcast (Androids & Androids) AND a few others via their Patreon ($5 gets you all of it). These guys are hilarious and always make me smile no matter what is happening in the world.
It took me a couple of episodes to get into the shenanigans that go on here. However, I am hooked and I enjoy all of the GCP
very responsible
This is a good and responsible podcast
Well I'm on episode 152 and it's gotten me this far through Covid
When I as diagnosed with a, thankfully very minor case, of Covid-19 I was of course strict quarantined for weeks all by myself in my house and I stumbled across GCP. The podcast is consistently real, funny, and authentic. It has helped me think about my own games/campaigns and what kind of story and experience I want out of them. But all the while, you feel like you are sitting in a room with a group of real friends and they are having fun. It's a positive and intelligent gaming podcast that is genuinely entertaining and funny. What else could we ask for..... besides more bottlecaps.
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I’m only on episode 8 but this is so great. The story and banter between friends is awesome. But please, for the love of all the gods, don’t use those background sounds for the rest of the show. It’s so distracting and the ONLY reason I don’t want to listen to this podcast. I don’t know if the continue with this cuz I’m only on episode 8 but dearly hope so. The fight in the plague house is almost unbearable with the troll sounds.
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Cammander CIRK
First time-long time, praise J’son
I can’t say enough about these 4 extraordinary gentlemen and Joe. They have filled my life with joy ever since episode one. Troy is the best GM I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing after ten years of playing and and more so now listening to D&D after COVID. By the way....this is a mid-pandemic comment....has Joe eaten the pepperoni loaf from episode one of side quest side sesh? FOR HIGHBURY!!!!! -thegreatbenzini
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This is a Fact, not an Opinion
Number 1 Podcast on iTunes
Binge worthy
On episode 30 and can’t wait to see where it all goes!
Best actual play out there.
As a lifelong gamer who finds that getting other grown adults schedules lining up to play make believe gets harder and harder. I was wanting a bit of that gaming fix. I tried other actual play podcasts and they never really made me feel that I was at the table. The glass cannon crew is totally different. You feel like you are really part of these guys games, jokes, and triumphs. This is simply the best game to listen to, with the best chemistry between friends out there.
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Diehard fan of DnD, but this makes me question my faith.
Who knew published adventures could be so fun to listen to? I’m on episode 40, and they keep asking for the review, so here it is. Keep doing you guys!
Best actual play
This is hands down the best actual play podcast out there. The stories are engaging; Troy, Skid, Joe, Grant, and Matthew are hilarious; and the characters that they play are out of this world. This show got me started with Pathfinder (1e and 2e) and I can never look back to lesser games that are in their fifth edition. Seriously, this show is the best!
GM Path
Super recommended
My dad said he was listening to this podcast so I wanted to try it out and now I am listening every day!!!!!!!!
Wonderfully funny and imaginative
As a brand new GM, or fan of role playing in any form, this has been fantastic to get a vibe of what it can be like to play with a group of cooperative and involved players! It’s totally binge worthy and I’m only on episode 9!!
Binge Worthy
If you have never played table top RPGs or you’re a fan of fantasy stories you NEED to give this podcast a listen. I’ve started at episode 1 and I’m now on episode 140. I can’t put it down.
You guys are awesome!
I am currently on episode 69, and finally remembered to write a review. My commute to and from work has been much more enjoyable since I started to listen to the GCP. Thank you guys for all of the laughs, I can't wait to peel back the next layer of the "onion of evil". Roll ricka roll!
Bob Libby
Just finally caught up to episode 252 of giant slayer and it is an amazing podcast, by far my favorite podcast i’ve ever listened to, can’t wait to listen to the others
Ledol ledol ledol lee
Great pod!
I’m very new to the D&D/RPG world, and learned about this podcast through the Off the Hope Rope podcast. Started with the side quest side sesh episodes and love it so far! Great story telling with a cast that really enjoy feeding off each other.
Quacker state
The best
Hands down the best RPG actual play podcast out there.
Pure Awesomeness
I have never played Pathfinder because I was always a D
Dj Blass
Great Stuff.
I never got into Pathfinder. When DnD hit fourth ed (And I will NEVER speak of that again), I started experimenting with other systems, fate, Gurps, etc. However, you don’t have to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the system to enjoy this podcast. The characters are well done, the players are engaged and always delivering quality content, and the DM has a great style and flair that I enjoy so much I’ve started emulating certain aspects in my own games (Just ended a game on an initiative cliff hanger and the party LOVED IT). Five Stars would recommend to anyone who enjoys good RP.
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We’re havin’ fun
Very entertaining. Easy to put in my headphones and ignore my wife and children. Thanks!
Really dig it.
Listen to “Lork our Below”. This podcast is absolutely worth starting at episode 1. The only problem with this podcast is that you’ll realize how awesome the GCN is, and will be forced to choose between focusing on the GCP or their paid content - unless you have enough time to listen to both!
Best podcast and network out there
This is bar none the best podcast and network out there. All of their content is amazing.
This Deserves to be a TV Show!!
I don’t even play Pathfinder (I started playing DND 5e last year) but this was recommended by a friend. The story and characters are so good! I just cross my fingers that some studio can figure out how to make this a tv show someday!
Extremely epic
This show is the best. The squad all have a perfect balance of humor and emotional storytelling.
Kayak Newell
The Best.
The pinnacle of real play podcasts.
Never played pathfinder but this is my favorite game
These guys are fun and easy to listen to and haven't stopped. Unlike many podcasts I've listened to these guys have good audio, don't give me a headache, and shows a game can be nice and not turn into shouts even if the guys will complain or argue it's just like listening to good friends. And the episodes go bye so fast that it doesn't get boring or overwhelming if you ever fall behind. Others may be a classic book but these guys are Saturday morning cartoons you wake up early so you don't miss anything and once it's over you are excited thinking about what will happen next week. -ZimTheGoblin
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Living Vicariously Through GCP!
Huge fan of tabletop RPGs but have never had the guts to find a game IRL or online, but the Glass Cannon Podcast is giving me my necessary fix. Troy, Joe, Skid, Matthew and Grant are weaving a fantastic story together while making me burst out laughing several times an ep. Highly recommend this and their other shows!!
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