The Girl Next Door Podcast
The Girl Next Door Podcast
Kelsey Wharton and Erica Ladd
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Love these two!
I love this podcast! Kelsey and Erica have a way of making you feel like you are one of their friends joining in the chat. I love that they touch on a variety of topics that are not always parenting related. I wish episodes were released weekly!!
Uptight and vanilla
Also, please stop saying, “situation”.
Love these girls!
Love this podcast! I started back in 2015 and am working my way forward. I love just listening to them chat, it’s so casual and you truly feel like you are just sitting with them. I find myself laughing out loud with them here and there. I love listening to their parenting and marriage episodes. And man, the candle smelling during the fall extravaganza episodes makes me laugh till I cry. If you are looking for something you can binge that isn’t heavy and will make you relax and smile, this is it!! One of my top three favorite podcasts!
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“Hey Friend”, “Neighborly”
For a podcast that focuses on being neighborly, I was very disappointed and disgusted to hear the hosts make fun of a neighbor she once lived next to. It was clear from the behaviors she described him displaying that he has some behavioral and cognitive issues. How can an adult make fun of someone that is disadvantaged like that? I emailed the hosts, but they ignored me. Baffled.
Great podcast
I love this podcast. These are smart women with great things to say. Practical tips and news of family. Love the food and product recommendations.
Warm and fuzzy
I love these women! Just listened to the fall extravaganza episode and it changed my entire day. I went to TJs and bought alllll the snacks (I especially loved the cinnamon cheese with the pumpkin crisps) and plan to enjoy our first falliday date night with the hubs tonight when we watch Dan in The Real World. Episodes like this one make me feel all warm and fuzzy, seen and heard and just excited about life. I appreciate you guys and what you do! Thank you!
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Abigail Junge
Love it!
I love listening to this podcast and look forward to it every week. I have been listening for a year now but often binge listening to you’re past years podcast.
My Soul Sisters
You know when you've found that perfect dynamic with a friend? The one where you just "get" each other, can be your true selves, and laugh like kids? That's Kelsey and Erica. They're funny, smart, charming, down-to-earth, and easy on the ears. I have listened to all the episodes -- twice now! And will probably listen again for a third time during an upcoming road trip. These two brighten my day, and I only wish they recorded episodes daily. You are in for a treat!
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like a sweet conversation with friends
I started listening to this podcast because they reviewed a book I love (The Dutch House). I enjoyed that episode so much that I decided to stick around and I’ve enjoyed everything else I’ve listened to so far!
The Best
My very favorite podcast. Kelsey and Erica are such great podcast hosts. I’m constantly excited about their episode topics, their production quality is excellent, and the ease of their conversation makes me feel like a friend. They are approachable and not preach-y, yet I always learn something new. They make my Wednesdays happier and add so much value to my life!
Tait DeG
Like a phone call with friends!
Love this’s truly like having coffee with friends. I never miss an episode. Great variety of topics!
Love this show!
I am always excited when a new episode drops from The Girl Next Door. This is probably one of the only podcast I have remained a loyal listener to, and not because I have a short attention span, but because I just truly love this content! Consistently interesting topics, unique perspectives on families and life, and so relatable! I am not a mom, and I still find this podcast interesting, thoughtful and through-provoking. Kelsey and Erica have remained genuine over the last few years I have been a listener. While other podcasts have gotten sucked into the monetary appeal of heavy advertising at the expense of appearing genuine to their audience, these two have remained true. They have a few ads but they feel more like things they are truly excited about than a paid advertising which makes it so much easier to listen to. Love love love this pod, keep creating because our world needs thoughtful souls like the two of you.
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My favorite podcast
I’m a long-time listener and this is my very favorite podcast -I look forward to it every other Wednesday! I think it’s so well produced - the topics are always interesting and Kelsey and Erica have great podcast host chemistry.It’s such a bright spot in my week when I have a new girl next door to listen to :)
Jamie WL
I’ve been binging these from the beginning and laugh out loud at almost every episode! Completely obsessed with these two!
Grateful for this Podcast
Kelsey and Erica are so authentic, compassionate, helpful, and funny. I feel like they are my friends when I listen to them talk and they know how to bring joy and meaning to everyday lives. I love how intentional they are and I feel like I have improved my own life for myself and my family by listening to their advice and experiences. I have loved the Instagram live talks they have been doing and it has been just what I needed to get through covid19. Podcasts and people like this who are authentic and supportive are making the world a better place!
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My favorite podcast!
By far my favorite podcast and it’s the only one i don’t listen to in 1.5 speed. Kelsey and Erica are completely relatable and make you feel like you are sitting down and having a conversation with them. I frequently find myself laughing out loud with them. A must listen to!
So glad I was recommended this podcast
I have been enjoying new and old episodes as a new subscriber. They are very relatable and bonus* I live in Gilbert too!
Such a fun relatable duo!
Love to listen to their fun convos that are about every day topics and very relatable. Wish they were my neighbors. 💗
I binged ALL of your episodes over the last couple months, and just finished/caught up last night. I love you guys so much. Definitely one of my very favorite podcasts. ❤️ I’ve never left a podcast review, but I had to leave one for you guys. Listening to you made my days a little better. Thanks for being so great.
this podcast makes me happy
Listening to Erica and Kelsey chat makes me want to pack up my family and move to Gilbert so that I can be one of their neighbors! I love their conversations and real-life advice.
Like hanging out with friends
I love the topics that Kelsey and Erica talk about. I often feel like I am right there with them sitting around the table with a cup of coffee. I look forward to each new episode!
This podcast is so relatable and funny. They truly make you feel like you’re one of their neighbors too. Kelsey and Erica are both very different, but they get along so well. A great example of what a friendship should be. Can’t stop listening.
Andria I
Love it!
This is such a fun and funny podcast! These ladies crack me up and have such a fun rapport. I definitely recommend giving it a listen. Be neighborly!
The best podcast!
I LOVE this podcast! My absolute favorite show to listen to, I anxiously await new releases now that I have listened to all the previous episodes. Kelsey and Erica are so relatable, genuine, and funny! Great topics and conversations. Highly recommend!
Great Podcast!
This show is just the best. I found Kelsey and Erica’s podcast a few months ago and I just love it! The hosts are honest, interesting, and very funny. I would highly recommend!!
Great podcast!
Love this podcast, so much fun to listen to! I listen while running and often laugh (out loud) so hard I have to stop to catch my breath.
Love these ladies!
These ladies are so relatable, inspiring, real, and FUN! This is my go-to podcast. My only complaint is that they aren’t releasing a new episode every day 😜
Relatable and inspiring conversation
Such genuine hosts with a relatable yet inspiring approach to life. A must listen for any modern woman, especially moms of little ones who are dedicated parents but also have other interests
Feels like good friends
Kelsey and Erica legit feel like good friends. I am delighted when a new show pops up in my feed! One of my favorite go-to conversational podcasts. Also, makes me want to move to Gilbert, AZ :)
The best conversational podcast out there
I found your show a year or so ago and have since listened to almost all the episodes. The differences between the two women are so complimentary and it just works. It is a little scary how similar I am to Kelsey and after listening to her other podcast, Matrimoney, and getting more insight on her life it was downright weird! Very similar lives and thoughts on many things. Virtual kindred spirit for sure. Love your show -- thank you for striking a perfect balance that is infinitely relatable. NOT easy to do on the internet.
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Love it!
I love this podcast! It's like I get to hang out with my friends that I have never met. I love listening to them talk about their everyday routines like beauty/clothing, cooking, gift giving, etc.
Love, love, LOVE!
You know when you and your bestie get that rare uninterrupted time to have a conversation? These ladies organize that conversation while making it informative, relatable and funny! I look forward to each new episode & cant recommend these ladies enough. And, bonus—they are highly interactive on their Instagram page! Love it! 💜
Just what I needed as a busy mom!!!
I stumbled upon this podcast by accident, but I love listening to the episodes. I highly recommend diving into the archives too. Even though I have a teen and a tween, most of the content still applies. I anxiously await new episodes!!! 😊❤️👏🏻
Makes my holiday shopping easier!
I love the favorite things episode. This make holiday shopping so much less stressful. Your podcast is fantastic!
J Zelik
Love it!
This podcast is one of my absolute favorites. I recently found it and I am currently binging all of their episodes. It truly does feel like you’re hanging out with your good friends. I’m either laughing out loud at the episodes or nodding my head in solidarity with many of their parenting stories. I always look forward to my commutes when I know I have a Girls Next Door episode to listen to! Keep up the great work Kelsey and Erica!!
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Play immediately
I thoroughly enjoy their topics and conversations! I appreciate their differences and friendship despite different views. A fun and generally light hearted listen.
In love!
I love this podcast - Feels like having a chat with two close friends and I look forward to each new episode.
A Must-Listen
One of the few podcasts I never miss. Always enjoyable, helpful, and professional.
So Good
Feels like you sitting with long time friends for happy hour. Relatable and relevant mom life. Thank you for keeping it up so long! Binge listened all past episodes.
Good stuff!
I only discovered this podcast within the last year but have been binge listening to the archives lately and LOVING it but wishing I had known about it years ago! Kelsey and Erica have the perfect dynamic and the right mix of deep discussion and humor. They are so relatable and truly feel like friends. I hope they don’t quit podcasting any time soon!
One of my favorite podcasts! I wish I could go shopping at Trader Joe’s with Erica and Kelsey. I love their tips and tricks and I just love their banter. It does feel like you’re just chatting with a good friend when you listen to them.
The coziest podcast
I only wish these two ladies recorded even MORE often! This might be my very favorite podcast ever. Kelsey and Erica are fun and funny and sweet and relatable, and I get the coziest feeling listening to them chat, like I’m part of their neighborly world. Love it!
So much fun
I have to update my review with my reluctant disappointment. This used to be “destination listening” for me. I would look forward to it every other week. Lately it seems to have lost its way. Since Kelsey quit her job it seems like these two have little to talk about other than incredibly minor (sometimes ridiculously so) issues in their lives or “goals” they have. These goals tend to be things like organizing jewelry or how they specifically write to do lists...they reek of privilege and come off as a little bit clueless. I’m not sure what is going on but I’m also not sure how much longer I can listen to the aimless, blithe and saccharine chatter of stay at home moms.
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Love at first listen!
These ladies are so warm and relatable. If you are looking for a podcast that makes you feel like you’re having coffee with a friend, you’ve found the right one! I look forward to every episode! Thank you for excellent content.
Love Kelsey and Erica!
I love listening to Erica and Kelsey’s podcast. I happened across them over a year ago and their podcast was the first I’d ever listened to. I have tried to find others I love just as much as theirs but none compare. These women feel like my friends - they are genuine, fun and just seem like down to earth, good people. Keep making podcasts - I look forward to listening to you gals!
JCT mom
best podcast
i’ve been listening since the beginning. 2 girls talking about ordinary things in life. they have different world views but still are friends and respect each other’s view.
Two great different mom friends
Lucky us, Erica and Kelsey happened to be neighbors and we can hear them talk! I love how they are so different but are fun together. I love how they are open to share their private stuff and let us follow their little and big things. I enjoy following their goal settings and achieving. I learn a lot about Trader Joe’s! lol
Almost 5 years condensed into 3ish months
So I just found The Girl Next Door podcast about 3 months ago and have been feverishly listening to ALL the podcasts during my commutes and occasionally at work. I’m a wife and new mom so listening to Kelsey and Erica has been so great and often times exactly what I need to hear!
Linley V.
Like a chat with a couple of friends.
Can we be friends? Because I kind of feel like we are? Easy going, practical, fun conversation and topics.
My favorite podcast!
I’ve listened to Kelsey and Erica for months now and they are like old friends to me now. I like how there podcast is slow and steadily paced. They discuss real life struggles and are so funny and creative. I would definitely check this one out.
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