The Ghost Stories of E F Benson, read by Richard Crowest
The Ghost Stories of E F Benson, read by Richard Crowest
Richard Crowest
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I love EF Benson
Please keep posting these wonderful stories!
One of the great pleasures ...
of my otherwise somewhat uneventful life is listening to Richard Crowest reading the stories of Benson. His reading is the clearest on record - there’s nary a missed word - and conveys the emotions with jùst the right amount of vigor. I find myself re-listening to the great ones here - I just don’t tire of the stories, and of Mr. Crowest reading them.
Jan Zijlstra
E.F. Benson Read Extremely Well
I wish Richard would produce on a more regular basis, but as such am grateful for the work to date.
The Gentry Hotel
The stories are entertaining and the reader is superb! It’s like listening to Masterpiece Theatre in podcast form. One of the best.
Perfect readings. You couldn't ask for more.
Best voice and reader - period.
Mr. Crowest is simply the best reader you will ever have the pleasure of hearing. His readings are dramatic, insightful, nuanced and simply wonderful. He is possessed of the most mellifluous voice, such that I find myself listening to the stories repeatedly. Anything Mr. Crowest reads should be at the top of your list. AND — while we typically pay exorbitant sums to consume absolute rubbish, Mr. Crowest offers his professional productions for FREE. Thank you Mr. Crowest for these wonderful gifts. Download everything this man produces - you’ll not find better anywhere.
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Please, please, PLEASE do more stories from this author! And when you run out of stories from this author, please do some more from another classic author. You do such a great job! Thank you!!!
Wonderful storyteller
I have been enjoying the readings of Richard Crowest for months now, mainly because It seems I never tire of listening to him tell a story. He does a marvelous job on these E.F. Benson stories which I had not heard until I happened upon these podcasts. He makes them come alive. I will be watching more from this talented storyteller.
One of the most talented voice artists in the world.
Crowest's reading of Benson, and of Saki in an earlier series of recordings, are some of the very finest translations of prose to speech I've ever heard. So few people are blessed with such a perfect combination of voice and sensibility that when you stumble across them, you'd be perfectly content to hear them read the ingredients of a jar of pasta sauce. Lucky for us, we have better prose to listen to. Benson is, along with Arthur Machen and Algernon Blackwood, the greatest writer of weird tales in the first part of the last century. While, to my tastes, Crowest hasn't chosen the very best of Benson's stories, those that he has selected are very well served by his extraordinary gifts. Fans of ghost stories, horror, weird tales, and stories of the supernatural will be sure to enjoy these. I can recommend them more highly.
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Well-read, well-crafted stories
This is one of the best podcasts I have come across in the ghost story/audiobook department. Nothing beats making a fire on a gloomy afternoon, curl up on the couch, and listening to these stories!
Well done!
A very good reader. Over all really good writing the best of which includes, “The Face”. Enjoy!!! I recommend all of the other works of Mr. Crowest, he is a superb narrator.
Great podcast
These stories are so eloquently read that I find myself listening to each literary episode repeatedly without ever growing bored or becoming uninterested. This podcast also opened a new door to the works of E.F. Benson whom I was unaware of until happening upon this subscription.
great reader
great reader, good stories.
carmilla D
Erudite and Chilling
E F Benson, most deservedly known for his acidic and delightful Mapp and Lucia novels was also a master of macabre and chilling tales, ghostly and otherwise. Richard Crowest, already known for his deliciously faithful readings of the divine and dreadful Saki's stories does us all another great service with his Benson readings. Do yourself a favour and listen, whether on the way to work or school, the gym or the grocery, and be slowly achingly taken in by something so much more frightening than the schlock that passes for horror these days on the big screen or TV... I myself can't wait for more, especially the reading of Negotium Perambulans! Bravo!
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Wonderful Reading of Little Known Ghost Stories
I have enjoyed E.F. Benson's Mapp and Lucia stories for some time but somehow the fact that he wrote ghost stories escaped me. These stories are genuinely creepy and Naboth's Vineyard is one that I still think about from time to time. Richard Crowest's reading is really wonderful as anyone can attest who has heard his narration at The Chronicles of Clovis podcast. I discovered his narration here first and these ghost stories are a wonderful vehicle to display his talent. Highly recommended.
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JB Davis