The Ghost Stories of E F Benson, read by Richard Crowest
The Ghost Stories of E F Benson, read by Richard Crowest
Richard Crowest
An occasional series of readings of ghost stories by a writer now better known for his social satire. Introduced and read by Richard Crowest
The Shuttered Room
“All was not well with the house: in some strange manner the shadow that had come between her closed eyes and the sun as she sat on the garden-bench had entered, and was establishing itself more firmly day by day.”
Apr 4
32 min
In the Tube
“I could not stir, I could not speak. I could only strain my ears for the inaudible and my eyes for the unseen, while the cold wind from the very valley of the shadow of death streamed over me.” (Note: this story features a suicide.)
Dec 24, 2020
35 min
Gavon’s Eve
“Then suddenly I saw something black move in the dimness in front of me, and against the grey foam rose up first the head, then the shoulders, and finally the whole figure of a woman…”
Oct 31, 2020
27 min
The Temple
“I am sure that no phantom of the dead that die not could have evoked so unnerving a terror.”
Jun 20, 2020
39 min
Mrs. Amworth
“I tell you that vampirism is by no means extinct now. An outbreak of it certainly occurred in India a year or two ago.”
Mar 22, 2020
36 min
How Fear Departed from the Long Gallery
“Every guest on his arrival in the house is told that the long gallery must not be entered after nightfall on any pretext whatever.”
Dec 24, 2019
37 min
The Thing in the Hall
“In the shadows in the corner of my room there sits something more substantial than a shadow.”
Oct 31, 2019
29 min
The Sanctuary
“Then the sense of nightmare began, for his two companions, gripping him tightly, pulled him along towards it, and he struggled with them knowing there was something terrible within.”
Jul 2, 2019
49 min
A Tale of an Empty House
“An odd uneasiness came over me, for I had been so certain that the house was uninhabited.”
Oct 31, 2018
29 min
“At that moment the memory of the séance the evening before, about which up till now I had somehow felt distrustful and suspicious, passed into the realm of sober fact…”
Dec 24, 2017
36 min
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