The Genealogy Gems Podcast with Lisa Louise Cooke     -      Your Family History Show
The Genealogy Gems Podcast with Lisa Louise Cooke - Your Family History Show
Lisa Louise Cooke
Episode 245
1 hour 6 minutes Posted Sep 21, 2020 at 1:15 pm.
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Show notes
Telling Your Family's Story and Creating Family History Videos Don’t just gather genealogical information. Take the time to tell your ancestors’ stories! Video is the perfect medium for sharing your family’s history. It captures the interest of the eyes and the ears. In this episode my special guest is Kathy Nielsen. She’s a librarian from California who recently started creating videos. She’s going to walk you through the simple yet effective process she followed. Then I will share additional things to consider and strategies that you can use. If you’re not interested in creating a video, that’s OK. Today’s episode will make you a better storyteller and will provide you with inspiring story examples by other genealogists. Watch the companion video and read the full show notes . After listening to this episode, watch Elevenses with Lisa How to Make a Video with Adobe Spark  to learn how to make videos quickly and easily for free. Genealogy Gems Premium Members can download the handy PDF show notes for each of these Elevenses with Lisa episodes. Simply log into your membership, and then in the menu under “Video” click “.” Click the episode and scroll down to the Resources section of the show notes. Become a Genealogy Gems Premium eLearning Member Premium Members have exclusive access to: Video classes and downloadable handouts The Genealogy Gems Premium Podcast Elevenses with Lisa downloadable show notes PDF Become a member .   Getting Your Family History Digitized I use Larsen Digital and have been extremely pleased with the service and results. The folks at Larsen Digital have put together special and exclusive discounts for Genealogy Gems listeners and readers.   Genealogy Gems Podcast App Don't miss the Bonus audio for this episode. In the app, tap the gift box icon just under the media player.  .    Stay Up to Date with the Genealogy Gems Newsletter The Genealogy Gems email newsletter is the best way to stay informed about what’s available with your Premium eLearning Membership. Click below to sign up today.   Get Unlimited Photo Enhancement and Colorization at MyHeritage Get genealogy records and unlimited Enhanced and Colorized photos as a MyHeritage PremiumPlus or Complete Plan Subscriber. .   Follow Lisa and Genealogy Gems on Social Media: