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Lisa Louise Cooke
Episode 90 - News, Mail & Part 2 of Family Forensic Files with Dr. Robert Leonard
1 hour 2 minutes Posted Jun 2, 2010 at 2:39 pm.
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Show notes
Published June 2, 2010 NEWS: New images and webpages at the Canadian Genealogy Centre at the Library and Archives Canada website. Ocean Arrivals 1919-1924 have been digitized and are available online through the Microform Digitization Facebook Updates Privacy Settings Learn more about the new settings by watching their new series of blog post Happy 2nd Birthday Check out on the Genealogy Insider Blog MAILBOX: Nora wrote in looking for tips on finding records from an institution that has been closed down. Carl Mueller asks about the proper way to share sensitive family information received from newly found distant cousins.  Michelle Teague wrote "Just downloaded the on my iPhone.  I love it!  I'm only on episode 3 but what I've heard so far has been a great help."  Michelle also shares a terrific story about a connection made on Ancestry that lead to receiving a bundle of precious letters written by two sonds to their mother during WWII. about Michelle's story at the Visit Salt Lake City blog. Phil and Carol Ellis wrote in to say they discovered genealogy podcasts at my class at the OGS conference in Toronto. "You have now opened up a whole new world of genealgoical leads and tools." GEM: Forensic Linguistics with Dr. Robert Leonard PhD Part 2 Items mentioned in Part 1 included: is the author of 8 books on Forensic Linguistics. featured on the TV series The Devil's Strip Case.  A from the Discovery Channel show Solved Author Kathy Reichs, Forensic Anthropologist "You carry traces of every place you've ever lived in your speech.  They might not surface all the time, but then at the oddest times they will."  Dr. Robert Leonard Advanced Google Scholar Search TIP: Oxford English Dictionary Ask your local library if they have a subscription or talk to the Reference librarian TIP:  Dr. Leonard's approach to analyzing writing... Read it through.  Look at the words, sentence patterns, rhythms, grammar, punctuation, specific words, odditities.  Try reading the text backwards to focus on the words. TIP:  Forensic Linguistics can apply to recordings as well as the written word.   and the Library of Congress TIP: Transcription Software program called TIP:  Try a global view of the documents you have.  Lay them all out and look at them as a whole. More fun with Dr. Leonard... Short clip of very rare footage from the original 1970 documentary on Woodstock. Genealogy Gems Podcast LIVE at the Southern California Genealogy Society Jamboree.  My guests included: - Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective - Suzanne Russo Adams, and Researcher on Who Do You Think You Are? - Chris Haley, Genealogist and Artist Read more at the Southern California Genealogy Get the for your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad and check out the Bonus Content for this episode!