The Genderqueer Crossdressing Universe
The Genderqueer Crossdressing Universe
Cami Aeris
Gender expression has expanded massively over the past few years. Society is better informed about the gender spectrum and people are getting more comfortable at expressing themselves. This is AWESOME! Cami's Crossdressing Canopy explores how this new gender world is evolving from a happy, positive perspective!
Gender Stats That Keep Me Up At Night
1. Introduction - Our collective battle through COVID-19 2. Gender Stats:- * Men Number of Close Friends - * Comfortable having an LGBT child - * Men six time more likely as women to seek divorce if partner has a major illness -          BUT THEY GOT IT WRONG. The retraction -  
Dec 4, 2022
22 min
Still Here! Still Genderqueer!
Contents: 1. Still Here amid COVID-19.   2. Returning to the Drag March   3. What is Genderqueer anyway? / Becoming "they/them"   4. Gender awareness in public - costs and benefits   5. Review of OUT and Advocate magazines.   Email:
Dec 19, 2021
13 min
Queer in COVID19
Contents: 1. The Current COVID world   2. Philosopher Alain De Botton's advice for these times on James Corden   The School of Life   3. Tips for these gender times   4. Working from Home - Queer Pitfalls   5. Eurovision 2020   Lithuania -   Russia -   Iceland - Email:
May 12, 2020
14 min
Does Gender Mature With Age?
Does Gender Mature with Age? 1. Experiences in Public 2. Introduction to Drag Makeup Comprehensive   Email:
Jul 7, 2019
18 min
When a Group Challenges Your Gender
So, what's happening over this long break? 1. What's been happening 2. When a group challenges your gender My advice: Keep your cool. If you are startled, recover to be more cool and relaxed. Your calmness and sense of self will help to control the conversation. Explain that you enjoy expressing yourself in this way. Don't feel compelled to go any further in a group setting. You are not compelled to say anything else. Email:
Jul 15, 2018
16 min
Australia's same-sex marriage vote
Australia doesn't have same-sex marriage? Well, not yet.   1. What is a plebiscite?   2. Why doesn't Australia have same-sex marriage yet?   3. The No campaign   4. The Yes campaign   5. Polling and likely result   Email:
Oct 9, 2017
22 min
Montreal Pride!
1. Pride event - Community Day   2. Pride event - Illusion   Email:
Aug 29, 2017
13 min
NYC Pride and Drag Marches with Mrs. Cami
Contents:   1. Drag March   Gothamist - Great photos!!   Outside the Stonewall in singing "Somewhere over the Rainbow"   2. Pride March   Email: 
Jul 16, 2017
21 min
Heineken #OpenYourWorld
Contents:   1. Heineken's #OpenYourWorld campaign   2. In a push for equality, IOC wants to add mixed-gender events to Olympic program   3. Poll: Transgender rights in your country   Email:
Apr 30, 2017
15 min
Seeking Gender Originality & Amanda's project
Contents:   1. Protecting transgender rights and protections   2. Guest contributor Amanda Prosser talks about her upcoming project Survivors    Discussing Amanda's work in a previous podcast   Amanda's Youtube page -   3. Seeking Gender Originality   Email:  
Mar 5, 2017
15 min
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